How do you like the layout change of Pamir News Blog?

The layout of Pamir News Blog has been changed. We would like to know your reactions to this change. Answer the following question, please, and help us improve the blog.


Do you like the new layout of Pamir News Blog?

1. Yes

2. No

3. Restore the previous layout

4. Choose a better layout, not this one

(You can either send your feedback by writing the numeric prefix of the answer, or by typing the entire answer of your choice)



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  2. The previous layout was easy and attractive for us. So it is suggested to replace the current one with the previous or new one.

  3. Change is life….. but i think it should be a bit user friendly. good to go on changes

    Good Luck

  4. yes the new layout iz ok ,becouz changin iz essential for betterment .keep it up



  5. change is good but lets listen to the majority’s voice. After all democracy should also be practiced on Pamir times. What do you think Noor??

  6. I agree that the the suggestions of our readers shall be important part of the elements that determine a change, major or mionr, at Pamir News Blog.

    It is for this reason that the poll is initiated. And, definitely, based on the majority views we will decide about the future of this existing layout.

    I urge all readers to vote. 🙂



  7. Regards from Kabul to all readers and the PN team
    Its true change is life…but i would suggest the layout must be user friendly and easy to access coz lots of graphics and animations sometimes make it a bit boaring and irritating and the main theme goes behind, from that prospactive the initial layout was much attractive and friendly. i agree with Muhammad Ali and Reshma.


  8. Keep on experimenting dude but please come up one with user friendly approach!


  9. i think the previous was much better and easy to excess, although this is attractive but i will prefer the previous one.

  10. I think the previous layout was user friendly.

    I will go for the previous one


  11. Dear Zulfiqar and Noor,

    Change is for the better or for the worst, depending on where you view it and it has its investment period varies on individuals. Lets measure it by the readers vote. I am in favor of change(the new system)and I really appreciate your utmost struggle to keep us in touch. My second request would be to consult an IT specialist for the advancement and to make it more much attractive for your regular readers.

    Many Thanks and Good Wishes to you all the Pamir News Representatives for your countless services.

    Shamim Ali

  12. Many Thanks and Good Wishes to you all the Pamir News Representatives for your uncountable services.

    Shamim Ali

  13. i think the previous one was much batter all user,s are familar with that….

  14. I think there is always a room for improvement so keep on improving, the previous layout was also ok, I would suggest that you guys should study the thems of other Good web community sites and come up with a new and more user-friendly layout with new features so that people get a fresh environment on the site which leaves a refreshing impact on the reader.

    Sher Karim

  15. The previous layout I think was much better, but may be you can think of a new layout besides these two..


  16. First of all I would like to thanks all the team members of Pamir News for providing us the local news and valuable information regarding the North Area. As far as the layout is concerned, I would suggest to the Pamir Team that the previous one is so good and useful. Therefore I request please restore the previous layout of Pamir News.

  17. the new layout is good but it is a bit inconvinient.
    the previous lay out was quiet convinient.

  18. dear Noor
    I would suggest to the Pamir Team that the previous one is good….

  19. I will not say i failed 1000 times, i will say that i discovered there are 1000 ways that can cause failure—

    There must b a change as per my opinion

    Love Ali

  20. I am browsing these pages after about three weeks so don’t remember the last layout. This layout is not bad and can be improved (i don’t know how) so its better to move forward instead of reverting back to the last one.

  21. Change is good but not through democratic process, becouse it is a professional work one man can take better decision then more, but the change must be user friendly.

    Best Regards

  22. first thanks for ur uncountable voulenteer services
    and i suggest u will change the layout that is must but first u listen the voice of all users.

  23. Thanks to Prime time (Team Members) for thier serivce. i would like to vote for change a new layout. b/c that’s a part of creativity. We should appreciate and encourage the creativity.


  24. Change is an essential factor, but change needs to be acceptable and user friendly.

  25. Dear Noor & team members,
    It is a well saying that beauty lies in change and I think this is very much applicable here.Offcourse it gets hard for one to accept the changes at once but everything changes with the passage of time.
    Lets be the part of the nature and comeup with changes but slower in pace and effective in formation and expression to make the access easier.

  26. Dear Readers

    Following the verdict of the majority we have changed the layout, yet again, restoring the old one.

    I am thankful to all the voters for showing interest. Your involvement gives us the vital impetus for going on.

    C_ Ed.

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