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Chief Executive visits Morkhoon

Hunza, May 16: Chief Executive Northern Areas, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan has visited Morkhoon village to select site for the Higher Secondry School. Member NALA, Atiqa Ghazanfar, Member District Council, Shahbaz Khan and officials of education department were also accompanying him. 

 Talking to the people, Atiqa has also announced to construct a sports complex for women in Morkhoon.

In his visit to Jamalabad village, Chief Executive has announced to construct a Primary school in the village.


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  1. Seems a good progress if is not conditional with the Silk Route Dry Port, Sost.

    Site selection for the Higher Secondary School is good. I would further recommend that the CE (Khan Sahab) should officially confirm it as a higher secondary school, which is resportedly not in the confirmed list of the education department. Provide lecturers for this HSS, which is already in place and running.

    There rise a question regarding women’s sports complex. Do women really require at this stage a women sports complex or something else? I mean, should it be in early priority? I would suggest Mrs. Attiqa to look for the women enterprise develpment in the Avagarch valley (from Khyber to Sost & Khudabad) rather than confining herself only in Murkhun? The women are not rich enough like you? Therefore, they require enterprises emanting from their culutre.

    What CE and Mrs Attiqa could do for the development of Avgarch and Boybar? What they can provide to the people (including Chipursan and Misgar valleys? These two valleys are the most important valleys that make Hunza and the entire Northern Areas internalise.

    There should not be fear in mind from the people for develpment rather honest enthusiasm and benighn spirit for develpment of one’s area/region. Here it seems that CE along with his entourage are fearing Mr Hajat Muhammad of Jamalabad, Mr Abuzar Ali and Mr Qurban Muhammad of Murkhun. Therefore, they have their focus on Murkhun and have left other areas in Avgarch valley and other areas of Gojal Hunza.

  2. It is a damage control visit, to say the most. The CE and his croonies must realize that they lost the right to visit our land after calling us “miscreants” and “terrorists” and after demanding deployment of “Rangers” in the region to “save Sino-Pak trade and relations”.

    Those who were crying in the corridors of power in Islamabad, writing letters, calling the peaceful men and women of our region security risks, owe us all a public apology. We shall not accept anything below that.

    They are at the door steps of the poor people of Gojal yet again, not because their machiavelian ideologies have transformed but because they are hypocrites of the highest order.

    The MOORKHOON HSS had deliberately been kept under the carpet, for months, to divide public opinion in terms of the port. It has failed miserably thanks to the momentary unity exhibited by people of all ranks and opinion circles.

    The people of Gojal, if they have a grain of conscience left inside them, shall take the revenge in the coming elections by closing the doors of power once and for all on this power thirsty and greedy lot.


  3. GREAT MACHIAVELLIAN MOVE! It really seems Ghazanfar has finally got insight of political maneuvering, I am not sure this will be his move, but of his claver wife Mrs. Atiqa.

    Its since 1991 when Mr. Abuzar Ali contested Local body election against Ghazanfar form Morkhun, and first time in history of Hunza the shabby mass who had never before tested their free will; awaken and a great political strength was shown to the MIR, Although Ghanzafar won that election by thin margin of 195 votes; by using state machinery and cheap tactics, but that was the first and decisive blow to the 900 year old fiefdom of MIR in Hunza and twilight of Mir’s Legacy started, Never, before they faced such tough election. Once he personally commented in Burashki to one of our family member that “you set fire to our roots”

    In the next election first time Nazir sabir, and Hajat Muhammad become the non-Mir elected members of the local bodies, Science then Ghazanfar never won election for m Avgerch constituency and that area became center of his political enmity. Ghazanfar was wiped from the political arena of Hunza, consecutively for two terms that provided a great opportunity to the young and new generation to take the lead.

    Unfortunately the opportunity was not grasped personal interest of Hippocrates, Bootlickers, turncoats prevailed an Economic and political (SDPT and wining of election) dagger was stabbed in the back of the people of Hunza and specially people of Gojal, The people of Morkhun throughout the period paid a heavy price for this enmity of Ghazanfar, they were political maligned, Economic and socially marginalized.

    It should be clear to every one that Village and personal interest, of the people of Morkhun, as was practice in the area, never prevailed beyond the greater interest of the people of Hunza.

    It’s the political right of the people of Morkhun to ask public representatives for their social and economic upliftment and I am sure and will expect from people of the area and Ghazanfar that this activity is not part of any political maneuvering.

    I firmly believe the people of Morkhun have good political sense, and they will use their greater political sense in great interest of the people of Hunza, apart from associating one with current happenings and riding bandwagon marathon.

  4. It seems pretty interesting game as very well written by dear Noor.
    Now it is perhaps thought that that the visit would pave a way for something fruitful for retaining the then political identity and provoking the mind to tilt towards them regardless of what had been in the last few weeks.Giving packages in my view is not the ultimate to win the hearts which have aroused orgies of hatred as per the past experieces.Yes apparantly things seem very favourable but what lies behind is a horrible storm that once emerges would engulf all the machiavelian ideologies and would give a way for more energetic and really heartful and caring leadership.

  5. Good or Bad
    let the people go to the result. Its not the people of Gojal but Morkhun call at such time a person to their village.

    Going to the history its the villagers of morkhun who showed the people that we can fight . They were the first to go for Aslam Shah, they were the first to go for KNP, and the first to give the concept of girls college at Gojal level, they were to introduce for the first time to introduce The Gojal librairy services . they fought at many front . Let me add more the to give the concept of Self help school standing up till today giving eduction to many since1977. they are the pioneeres in many but most of the time with people stdning in opposition and still alone on many front. Giving all the above toughts and views are much to bear. But belive me Morkhun can built and has the power to go against anything.

    Coming to the recent issues of SDP no one from Morkhun was involved only few who ahve been involved with self incentives. Why becaus of the past situation that they faced ,at the SDP.

  6. Very true Noor, Taj, Musofir and Aslam. This person has lost the rights to visit the land of the people whom he termed miscreants and terrorists and I am astounded how shamelessly he has stepped on the threshold of our land. This is another fake sleight strategy and dirty political tool of this charlatan to again fool and oppress the people by classically conditioning it with churning of the dry port situation and to satisfy his lust for power. But I hope the people are now more prone to the ground realities of how this deprave person along with his family and his cohort used the public mandate to oppress the public and attempted to sabotage and jeopardize the Pak – China relationship. Through this counterfeit and bogus pledge he wants to create a fuss so that he and his cronies divide and rule. But, let me tell this so called mir and his cohorts that they no more can trap and fool the people by their monkeyshine.

    The public should not forget Ghazanfer’s handling of the Dry Port as his family jackpot, his malevolent actions and behavior towards the public and his shrewd words for the people of Hunza. What are the mind – forged manacles that are compelling the people to bring into power the one who always suppresses them. Why is it so that the people despite the bitter lessons from the past, still cast their votes in his favor? May, Allah grant us the serenity to learn from our past, leave the conventional way and break the status quo of bringing him into power.

    The future demands an escape from the bondage of the past and that is possible only and only through the optimal casting of our votes. In the coming elections, through the power of their votes, the people must bump this suppressor down and prove that he is no more then a lame duck who has used the public mandate as a mean to an end aligned with his personal and family interests.

    Ghazanfar should mind that the people now view him and his family as typical oppressors who flouted the wishes of the people. His way is now the most old fashioned of political maneuvers. Poor desperate Ghazanfar had no option other than endorsing his wife to attract the attention of the women by speaking about sports complex for women. Ghazanfar and his puppets should mind that they are offering a wrong product to a wrong target market through a very wrong endorsement and in a very wrong fashion at a very wrong time. The mass society is now not a matter of one man’s foot on another man’s neck and I am sure the public will turn this person down along with his semanticaly associated cults.

  7. Noor has sumed up the situation quite well. We in Hunza never stop bragging about our area having a very high literacy rate, being a society of highly educated and skilled people and having a society based on intellect and meritocracy. But when it comes to politics we have proved no better than the (so called) non developed, illiterate and backward constituency in rural Punjab or Sind. What these people have being doing is electing a wealthy and uneducated wadera or chaudry who promises to build for them roads and schools and channels and so have the people in Hunza.
    In the last election which I was able to vote in, major arguments of supporters of Ghazanfar was that the incumbent (Wazir Baig) is not a wealthy person and travels using public transport, wasn’t able to get even a vehicle for himself from the government (from public funds), hasn’t got enough connections in Islamabad, was not able to enough fund for developmental activities in Hunza. But when it comes to Statesmanship, none argued against him. Every one holds him in high esteem, he is and was a Man of principles, honest and non corruptible and has a clear and understanding of the issues and problems of the area and can elaborate on it in a clear and eloquent manner. When it comes to political conscience Ghanzafar probably is as lame as the most illiterate person in Hunza.
    We in Hunza need to elect a person who well and truly represents us. The person should epitomise out moral, social and cultural values. We compromised values in favour of fund and are now stuck with nut that is hard to swallow and difficult to chew.

  8. Continuing from my last post we should be electing representatives to the (so called) legislative council capable of initiating, deliberating and pencilling legislations however insignificant these laws may be. Second they should be capable of communicating both in writing and speech, the issues related to the area in a wide array of forms like in the Council, in Seminars, and through print and non media. Third and importantly they should have a clear vision on the constitutional status of the area and should be able to hold their own on this issue at national and international level. Clearly at present there is no person with the right abilities who could represent the people of Gilgit-Baltistan at international forums. But unfortunately the form which should be the breeding ground for such leadership is awash with person with dubious qualities.
    The politics of funds should be best left to the district councillors. People should understand that a lot of planning goes before funds are made available for projects. A project goes through P-1 to P-4 before it is built and this takes years. To say that one person can make funds available for different projects at will, like drawing it from an ATM, is foolish at best. Hence the people of Gulmit would not appreciate it if the funds for renovating the polo ground have come at the expense of a primary school or a dispensary in a lesser developed part of Gilgit-Baltistan, just because our representative has the connections to divert the flow of funds. We of all people should and must forsake the “politics of funds”.

  9. If Morkhon was such as narrated by ZEEQLU, who invited Ghazanfar to visit Morkhon while the whole area is in protest against him for the last few months. If he had no support locally, was he there with his audiance travelling with him from south (means anything south of Moorkhon)?????

    Why the people of Avgarch entered into partnership with Mir on the Sost Dry Port Project and gifted their land and belongings unconditionally despite knowing their nature. If they claim that they are his staunch oponents, how come they entered into a business deal with him

    It seems still there are people who want him as their master because we still like to be ruled/governed by others instead of developing our indegenous leaders.

    Our people still beleive that they have a right to rule us while they have kept us isolated and ignorant for more then 9 centuries. Thanks to the couragious people who started their struggle in Karachi in the late sixties and to the soul of those who took part in the struggle to liberate us from the opressive rule. Thanks to the able leadership of Shaheed ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO and Pakistan Peoples Party and all democratic powers who joined hands with the people of Hunza, Gojal and Shinaki who secrifised their time for the sack of the liberation of their next generation (US) who are now spread all over the world.

    Those who still support MIrs are the real hipocrates as they know even their childern were free to go and get educated only because of the abolition of the Mirs’ rule as a result of that great sturggle of our elders in Karachi.

  10. If you can’t be a pencil to write anyone’s happiness Then try atleast not be a nice rubber to erase everyone’s happiness… Mr. G.A.K

  11. Apropos to karimjon’s comments, Dear, if a looser come to you, its your moral and cultural obligation to treat him well, By the way Ghazanfar is chief executive of Northern Area, elected by the grace of thousands of voter of Hunza who voted him in the last Election, of course Morkhunic didn’t vote him. and nor we had share in SDP for which we cry.

    Ttoday if Ghazanfar booted his voter sympathizers and share holders out, what we can do for that, we booted him out 18 year ago, and sure we will definitely not vote him again as we did in the past.

  12. In Avagarch valley the HSS building will never complete, no any sports complex will be build, no any primary school will be established. YES all of these projects will come in NAPWD documents but the funds will be transferred to someone’s account.

    It would be a real disappointment if these projects don’t complete, as promised by two powerful members of the weak NALA. In my humble opinion inviting or not inviting the CE and his wife, the MNALA – a technocrat representing Hunza, is not the real issue. If they can play politics with us we shall also be flexible and pragmatic enough to turn the corners wisely.

    We have to understand the fact that if funds are allocated for the HSS or for the, not-so-essential, Women Sports Complex, it will be in the strategic advantage of the entire region. We, the so-called learned segment of the society, shall make sure that these promises are fulfilled. Whether or not we want to vote for them in the next election is an entirely different phenomenon, altogether. It is our own prerogative, based on our own comprehension of the society and its power structures, to vote for one or the other party (or personality).

  13. well nice arguments with ego n pride involved abit.never mind coming to the topic what we see in this visit of G.A.K is political goal in the back ground.never the less its good if a hssc is built there as in many parts of pak where there r no teachers n lectures. or at least he (gak)will hv some income from this project .what our ppl woked for in 60s was to make us politically aware of such ppl who rules over us. what we hv done to these ppl i dont wana go in detail but still we r kissing his(GAK) hands n giving him free hands to act as according to his will (guided by his wife) we r proud that we hv better literacy rate than any where in pak but why r we not producing good leaders is it thesymbol of literacy that anyone can fool us or abduct our will the fact is that we r not united cuz of our own stupid interests.what we heared few months ago abt gulmit polo ground project was 45 lakes of money is involved but now what we see is only 8 lakes . there is no one to ask him werr they money is invoved cuz he has power n he can call us what ever he want to . we hv to b united n work on it we r miles behind what our pioneers hv initiated in 60s(proud of them all) we r still in the age of paki stupid politics n jungle rule is still prevailing in our area

  14. Pamir time is a noble place for the wakhi. In addition, both NOOR and ZULFI have come a long way to get up to this stage . So both of you are requested to please give this massage to readers who directly use words as comment without opening their eyes. Please NOOR and Zulfi , make some rules that need to be followed.
    It will be of great help for your and our cause
    Nazeer Ali Khan

  15. Dear Nazir Ali Khan (Zeeqlu)

    I appreciate the feedback that you have provided, both, the one above this post and the one that isn’t allowed space. You are speaking the truth.

    However, we need to be ready to get harsh comments if we ourselves are making similar harsh comments about others. It is a general rule that applies for all of us. As stated earlier in my post calling the CE was a pragmatic move by the people of Avgarch. It was a wise step. Now if there are people who think that it did not serve the “collective” purpose very well then they have the right to hold such opinions. And we shall treat the comments as opinions that are not inline with our own opinions/analysis.

    Arguing, counter arguing and making our points heard is part and parcel of the process of deliberation. It is the spirit that counts, and not the words that we use. It is the direction that matters and not the tumbling steps toward the destination that we are taking!!

    I have deleted two comments posted with ambigous names/nicks and email addresses.

    I would request Kareemjon and Jamal ( to come up with their original names if they want their comments to appear on Pamir News Blog in the future.

    Looking forward for your cooperation and participation


  16. Kareem Jon is quite a clear name and I have made my point loud and clear to all that I am not against any personality or area, but I am agaist those who play dirty politics with th innocent people of Gojal, Hunza and Shinaki. I feel it is my duty to criticise those who have looted us for centuries and people still facilitate them by virtue of voting for them, kissing their hands, calling them their “DAMAN” (master) and play double game with the emotions of the people who have waked up and protesting and endangouring their life, spending their time, efforts and money to have people understand the real face of those who have been betraying our trust for a long long time.


  17. Mr. Noor

    It is a common practice on the worldwide web that people may come up with different names as they wish to. If our comments do not meet your policy standard, do not publish them and if you want to block us only because I was harsh on some real issues.

    My dear Khiryan your policy should be clear and strict. As far as I am on the objective and with all ethical values respected even if i do not come up with my real name as there may be solid reasons for hiding it

  18. I am quite surprised that not a single comment has been posted that can be termed favouring Gazanfar or the people related or associated with him. There can be three reasons, first, the owner/moderator does not allow such post, second there are genuinely no body who favours/likes them or thirdly those who like and favour him are unable to or do not want to use these pages and this medium.

  19. Dear Krimjon that was a nice comment but ………… any how closely look around …… but In the end the said so Mir or what ever has some hoe ruled us fro many years but cant go further. and as a Wakhi or if you call me Vagarchic I can assure that we were fighting aginst him and we will . But as you say the we are against teh SDP , belive me people involve are those whome I do not trust personaly and will all after sometinm. I personaly know each and everyone of them….
    Remember one thing If anyone who cant do good to his family he can never be good to others ,,,,
    that is my reason and until these people are here we cannot move hope fro the best ………

  20. It is really great to express there feelings and thoughts but we need to understand the facts and ground realities of the royal family. If Mir announced to construct the school or any things else,He is not doing any thing by his own .He should have to do because he carries our valuable votes.Good and bad are every where Let take the good site of it and if ther is some thing bad make it good

  21. Dear Mr Sajjad

    We have been waiting for any comment defending/favoring them. It will be really nice if they can come forth and participate in these healthy debates. Censorship of comments is not for oppressing voices, it is just to keep the decorum.

    The words that we write here are being read with great detail by the powerful circles but they aren’t participating yet. They, instead, are busy defaming the volunteers of GOJAL NET by telling elders in the village that we all, here at Pamir News Blog, are verbally abusing (scolding) elders of the so-called ‘royal’ family.


  22. My dear Nazeer

    It is my strong belief that these healthy debates will prompt people to come forward and produce constructive united thoughts which will lead us to the future where the people of whole Hnuza including Shinaki and Gojal will produce indegenous leadership, who will replace those who have been there for elections and never to see again till next elections. But we need to create an atmosphere of trust and respect amongst us, otherwise the oportunists will continue to benefit deviding us on petty issues.

    We should be proud of our people wether we are Chipursanic, Shimshalic, Avgarchic, Virchic or xik

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