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Manager Baltit fort refused free entrance for Scouts

Hunza, June 01: Manager Baltit fort has refused the Scouts to visit the fort without paying entry fees. During the second day of adventure walk, the Scouts after arrival at Karimabad received a very warm welcome from the local Scouts and community however they were not given the permission to visit the fort.

The Scouts leaders approached Ikram ullah Baig, Manager Baltit Heritage Trust and explained objectives of the walk but he demanded at least 20 rupees per Scouts as entry fee. He said that if free entrance is allowned then it is not possible to pay the salaries of the fort employs.

The walk also aims to give the scouts exposure about the cultural heritages in the region. However, the rude behaviour of the manager deprived the Scouts to visit the historical fort.

Scouting is a non-funded youth movement thus having a narrow financial resources and the walk has been sponsored by different local and regional organisations to strengthen youth-led organisations as an effective force in the society.

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  1. Very poor show on behalf of the Fort management. This should be hilighted to the higher management that the scouts are on a noble mission and the whole world is praising them through media and the manager refuses them a free entry. Perhaps he does not know marketing.

    He has missed an opportunity of a courage worldwide through this website and other media covering the walk by the scouts and also showd a negetive and non professional gesture.

    The management of Bultit Fort need to clarify on this event and formulate a policy to accomodate such visitors to avoid any scar on the face of this national harritage.

  2. It is a well saying that attitude determines altitude.
    The attitude the manager has shown to the scouts is condemnable and this is not the right way to deal the very energentic scouts of the region who have a strong mission behind their journey of many miles.
    I must request the top authorities to kindly probe into this misconduct and misbehviour of the manager.
    Such kind of reluctancy has no place in our society and no environment ot flourish.
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. Hello,

    I’m from United States and we usually see pre-arrangement of such visits (schools, scouts or any other organization). May be if the scout had made an arrangement with Baltit fort management with advance notice and negotiation than you may have been able to avoid this issue on the spot.

    Just thinking out loud.

    Arif Ali

  4. Very un professional attitude shown by the manager of the fort. I wish he would have understand the importance of this event.

  5. I can’t believe the management of the Fort acted in such bizarre and stupid manner. Baltit fort is the property of the people of Hunza from Mayoon to Klik and hence the people of Hunza do not need to pay to visit their property.

  6. We cannot blame the Manager for all this. May be he would have let the scounts visit the fort without any fee, if he would have been infomred in advance. True that the fort if property of people of Hunza, but it pays salaries of its workers by collection of such fees.


  7. I think this should not be an issue; one has to check the BF policy for visitors, before making such allegations and using inappropriate language ( by the commentators) against fort management . I think, it will not be possible for such an organization to let visit people from one pretext to another. It seems mismanagement from organizers and the inconveniences faced by the scouts is due to ill planning.

  8. We all have to follow rules.Yes baltit fort is property of Hunza from Mayoon to Klik .If the visit had been prearranged with the fort manager, entry wouldhave been smoothed outand probably free.Keep this tip about contacting people in advance for the future,especially when you are going as a group.It is standard courtesy.

    Ghulam Ahmed

  9. The issue is neither very complicated nor is it very simple. The total number of people in the group of the scouts, as the reports on PT say, was not more than sixty. This is not such a huge number of visitors for the Baltit Fort. Much larger groups can be expertly toured through the Fort using both the doors.

    The scouts, on the other hand, shall not have expected ‘free entry’. Not all lunches are free :)… maybe the free lunch/dinner at Ahmadabad and Hyderabad had increased their apeitite for yet another ‘free’ pleasure.

    Having said that, we don’t need to make an issue out of this situation. Mr Ikram Ullah Baig must have appreciated the sentimetns of the scouts and allowed them to enter the fort. I am sure getting 20 rupees from each visitor (or a sum of 1200-1500 rupees) would neither have made the fort rich, nor poor.He should have been more considerate.

    I agree with Sher Karim that he would have won many hearts by allowing the potential customers/referrers. Refusing entry has not done him and his administration any good. No matter what the few ‘rational’ people say here, our society is irrational and people will percieve this as a biased reaction by the fort administration.

    A good manager knows the reactions of the society and acts accordingly.

    for the scouts,…. don’t worry people… work hard…. you have inspired millions across the globe by carrying the message of love and hope and cohesion. So what if a manager doesn’t have the guts to appreciate your efforts.

    wish you a safe journey up to Gilgit. Don’t forget to take this issue with the councils and the management of the AKCSP.


  10. In my opinion scouts should pay what ever the ticket is, don’t be upset we need to follow some rule……….

  11. In my view, we should follow every rule and regulation wherever we are and being a scout, it adds more to that.

    The reservations expressed is bcz of their expectations from the fort management which may have arised from sense of a ownership the scouts keep of the area. But, my dear, 20 rupees is not a big deal if it maintains rules and regulations equal for all.

    Scouts! I pray for your good, safe, and happy mission.


    ali from lahore

  12. I do not think they were expecting a free dinner there, NO way, my dears. It is disgrace of the noble cause of the Scouts and is totally un acceptable.

    I would like to thank the administration of Altit Fort for their warm wel come and thir good gesture shown to the visiting scouts.

    Bravoo scouts, keep going and forget the event at the Baltit Fort. We demand an apology by Fort management.

  13. Well I think scouting is another name of discipline and rules. Each organization has a rule and Baltit Heritage Trust (BHT) must have developed set of rules and regulations for visitoris. If there has been a precedence where such groups have been treated diffrently, then we must balme the management. Otherwise, I think the Manager has done whatever his TOR says.


  14. scouting is UN-PAID service and why should WE PAY for it its the property of the local people we must consider the aim behind this event passing through these historical areas its thier right to see these historical places being an ismaili souts from the same resgion there must be an option to entertain such groups of ismaili jamat,s i was not expecting such behavior from the fort managment….

    Dk Islamabad

  15. The statment of scout leader is having a number of mistakes accroding to my findings. We normally accept only pre-arranged complimnetry visits to the Fort, or asking for a request in writing for our records. The scouts leader had refused to put a request in writing offered made by manager of the Fort for a free entry or either to pay nominal fee of Rs. 20/- (which is chraged from childern). Despite all above the scout leader tried to put a pressure and voilate the rules of the orgnizations, which is against the disciplince of scouts. I hope scouts will keep the discipline and honour the rules of any orgnization.

    Ejaz Baig Kanjudi
    Hunza-Baltit Fort

  16. Dear All

    I have gone through your commentsand I appreciate all of you bringing this issue on Pamir News Blog. Let me clear some minds who have given thier comments without knowing the facts. First of all I honour the noble cause of Scouts whether they are from Hunza or from any part of world I have also been remained a scout when I was a student and I know laws of scouts. Whatever mentioned against my behaviour is totally baseless I dont even think to misbehave or misconduct with any one. The true story is on june 1st two young men one in Scouts uniform and other in casual dress entered my office in a hury agitating that the Tickect seller of Baltit Fort has refused for thier free entry to Fort I politely asked them to have seates and discuss the matter. I informed them about the policy of Baltit Fort that rules and policies are made by Trustees of Baltit Heritage Trust having head office in Islamabad and I gave them entry tickect information and offered them children ticket entry fee which was also not acceptable to them and rushed out angrily out of my office without further discussion and reminding me my ancestors by saying we know you are son of G.M Baig I did not know what they mean to say as my father G.M Baig did welll for this community I believe. I send a person behind them again to call them back to sovle the issue and when they were again in my office I said to them being yourself educated person you should not be emotional I gave them a plain paper and pen to put thier cause of visit so the entry of scouts could be made complimentry as I did not know why they were here they refused and left my office angrily again which I could never help. They should not blame me becuase it happend due to thier own msimanagement and their own misbehavior it was not my mistake I dont need any certificate of behavior from any one as I am well known for my good behavior not only in Hunza but all over country I get appreciations not only from Pakistani visitors but also international vistors for good conduct and pleasant tours to Fort. The responsible person who have tried to bring a bad reputation to my person and making other people astray by giving wrong and false comments on this news blog must appologize.

    Ikram Beg
    Baltit Fort Hunza.

  17. This is really nice and appreciate that Ikramulaah Baig has put forward the stituation from his end. He truely said that there are some set rules and regulations by the Board of Trustees and scouting its self means abiding by all rules and regultaions. A scout is always scout whereever he is. If things are same as mentioned by Ikram than it is very sad to know.
    Any lets be careful for the next time

  18. Very nicely and precisely explained by Mr.Ikram Beg, if that’s the truth I would request PN team to please please do investigate and go in depth of each and every situation and incident before you make it your news item and before post them online. Personally i also didn’t like the photograph you have posted related to this news by pasting two different pictures together just to “add fuel to fire”………

    Nauroze Shah
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  19. I have gone through Mr Ikram’s comment and I felt that it was also mismanaged from the other side… I would request the management of PN to please do fully investigate before posting any issue online and asking for the comments. If Mr. Ikram’s comment is true than personally I am really sorry for my initial comment – which was made rational without knowing the fact.


  20. PN needs to be very careful before posting a news, as you all have seen so many people have their comments and at the end the fact was something else and now they are apologising for their earlier comments.

    Scounts are well disciplined, it is not a question of dinner(as mentioned by Sher Karim) even if it was a 5 rupee ticket scouts should have paid before their visit. Why a well set rule should be broken for scouts? If scouts can arrange such a mega walk, they should have prepared everything well ahead, including donations to bear such expeses.


  21. Mr Ikram,
    Whatever appears on PT,we comment according to the situation created by the writer.Whatever you have mentioned seems more appropriate and on justified grounds.I would get my words back as whatever we write we think about the Jamat at primary level and individuals at secondary level.We have no personal conflicts but whatever we do we think that it will be in the very interest of the community.
    Aslam Ghalib

  22. It is realy embarresing to know that our scouts did not show humility and respect as we are tought as the scout laws. I would ask the organizers of this walk to investigate this matter and also apologise to Mr. Ikram Baig, I hope the explaination he gave is correct and the misbehavior of the scouts was totally un ethical and against the sprit of scouting movment.

    I also request those who have posted this post to PT to show responsibility on very sensitive issues which involve our institutions.

    Any ways the situation could have been handled nicely both by the Fort management and the organizers or somebody from the Social Welfare Board/ Youth and Sports Board may have intervened to resolve this issue.

  23. Lack or absence of adequate planing (visioning), miscommunication, misperception & intolarance leads towards emergence of such issues.

    I’d request all to burry such type of issue and take a fresh breath in the polution-free Hunza’s environment. Don’t pollute further your minds behind such issue, otherwise mental pollution will surround our fresh air; and we’ll suffocate.

    Wish you all the best in taking fresh and long breath.

  24. As described by Ikram sahip himself, apparently there was some level of mis-understanding between representatives of Boy Scouts and manager Baltit Fort.

    Ikram sahip says that he doesn’t need a character certificate from anybody to validate and establsih his supposedly superior behaviour. I don’t really think that anybody needs such a certificate in their day-to-day activites. It is just the impression people make of one’s overall behaviour based on their experiences and then people independently form their own opinions. In any case one would expect that manager Baltit Fort must be a person steeped in values and moral principles of Hunza valley.

    Having said this i would largely agree with manager Baltit Fort in following policies of his institution. Mr. Ikram is there to implement what he has been asked to. He is a simple person who will rather follow rules, get his salary and enjoy his life rather than demonstrate leadership, and foresight. I would agree with Sher Karim when he says that Irkam sahip has actually missed an opportunity not only to advertise the Baltit Fort but also missed a far more important oppurtunity to win the trust of the community. Anyway we can hope that he would learn from his mistakes (if he thinks it was a mistake) and would show real leadership rather than presenting an image of a die-hard manager who simply implements a set of rules.

    Now, Ikram Beg may have followed policies set by his superiors it becomes necessary to ask a very important question as to who formulates those polices. As I understand there is a seprate institution called Baltit Heritage Trust, whose headquarters are surprisingly located in Islamabad. BHT is headed by a Chairman of the Board with none of the memebers belonging to the local community. Led by Shirin Waljis, this board meets each year to set polices for the Fort. They discuss and decide about fee that must be charged for visitors, the events that should or should not be organised, the sort of research activites that should or should not be carried out.

    Now the Boy Scouts have been denied access to the Fort on the grounds that they should pay a certain amount of money to get in. I am wondering if the policy-makers of BHT wish to transform ‘our’ Baltit Fort into a money-making, profitable business enterprsie. Whether the Fort should be run as a cultural institution that takes the lead in patronising a renissance of local cultural tradtitions or run as a hotel-like business must be decided by the people belonging to Hunza. I think there must be a policy change in the election/selection of the Fort’s board of director that reflects a substantial representation from the local community. Those who have a real stake in the Baltit Fort and its history must be given the responsibility to formulate appropriate policies.

    When it comes to building cultural institutions, such as BHT, with a clear mandate of reviving a lost or supposedly loosing heritage, it is highly important that the ownenership of the cultural policy must be in the hands of its stakeholders. The simple incident of not allowing Boy Scouts highlights lack of local engagement in running of the Fort. It follows that encouraging local people to contribute input and steer the direction of their culture is an important step towards fostering a sense of clear ownership, long-term success and sustainability of such projects. Giving a stronger voice in running the affairs of the Fort woud also put positive pressure on the community to take responsibility and in the process they will celebrate success and learn from failure.

    Best regards
    ali al-Hakim

  25. Dear all, it was nice to see “both” sides of the story. The team at PT must be commended for fair and balanced reporting along with providing ample opportunities for all sides to present the facts. Mr. Ikram Beg should also be commended for participating in the dialog. My humble suggestion is for PT to offer a correction to this post after consultation with those who reported mismanagement in the first place. That would not only be a nice gesture but a transparent and ethical behavior. Regards.

    Arif Ali

  26. Mr Nauroz

    How, in what sense, does that combo – combination of pictures, ‘add feul to the fire’? Would you care to explain? It is a very strong and negative accusation agains the Pamir News Team.

  27. As i go through the openions described by the most participants, i really shocked that what we are potraying by these accusitions, IS IT OUR TRADITION? WAS IT THE SCOUTING AIM? It looks like Lobies working for a Propoganda Mohim. it is not our culture and tradition. we should be very careful when we comment on any issue. We need to be more positive because we claim we are from educated society? Although, our ancestors were not educated but they had never been part of such social abuses, they had harmony, passions and brotherhood. Creating confusions, perplexity and uncertainty in society is not our teaching. i think this will creat difference in society not welfare. Being ismaili we should utilize our energies for the unity and welfare of our society. I think if there was a misunderstading due to mismanagement from any part, both parties should sit on the table and resolve the issue. all the segments and individuals have to show responsible attitude if they will not do so this germ of evil will spread in society.

    Best wishes

    Ahmed Jamal Shah
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  28. Dear All
    I would urge you all to realize freedom of media and do not pose only your fingers on PT. The press and media has its role in highlighting the issues and making available the stories for the mass. They have done their job but just missed one part. Thanks for Mr. Ikramullah Baig Shahib for making it avaoable hence for making people to realize and understand. All the story realed that there were some misunderstanding on both sides no thing else and those can be solved. But I would request Mr. Ikram to realize that you are WORKING for a service providing insitutions as you charge people and offer them service and if you are truely from the toursim that you must know that you always need a certificate of character from your clients who ever those are….. I myself appologize
    Mr. Nourooz yes you have ur affiliation with AKCSP but please do not use a word adding feut to the flame. This is media and you must accept are respect as it covers different views and opinions

  29. Pomiiri
    Going through the explanation of Mr. Ikram it clearly shows that the news you shared with thousands of the PNT readers was unfortunately not true until you clarify it in response to what Ikram has said) which clearly shows lack of improper planning, miscommunication and mismanagement from our scouts side), as far as the picture is concerned , you have combined two different pictures together
    to prove the incident ,to show that the scouts were waiting out side but the management didn’t allow them to enter the historic building, I may be WRONG but the picture shows you trying to back that untrue news with those modified pictures and overstating the situation and making this small incident a new bulletin.
    It was nice to know both sides of the story. I don’t think the sentence i used was very strong and accusing against PNT and if so I apologize from the team as i said before it was my observation, being a regular reader I always respect and salute all your efforts and time you putting together to keep us up-to-date and have provided us this digital information centre.

    Mr. Jameel for your kind information I don’t have any direct affiliations with AKCSP, but morally yes we are all part of it. Whatever I had stated was my personal observation and opinion as a reader of PNT, not a spokesman of AKCSP.

    ba kobul jon

  30. Dear All

    I am really thankful to all of you for showing your observations, opinions, allegations and, above all, emotions with regards to this small news segment published by the Pamir News Blog.

    At the outset let me make it clear that we have taken it on ourself to play a cohesive role and bring the people together. We have had a little success in this regard, as you all have been appreciating, since the commencement of Gojal Net, Pamir Times and, relatively recently, Pamir News Blog. The hundreds of professionals from Hunza and Gojal, who did not come on a sinlge platform to think for development of their region, are, now, very actively engaged in deliberating on various issues pertaining to our region, at large.

    One must, therefore, think hundreds of times before using his/her imagination to accuse us of ‘lobbying’ or ‘initiating’ ‘propaganda mohim’, or ‘adding feul to the fire’, and the list goes on.

    Mr Ikram Baig shall also have testified the truth that Mr Zulfiqar Ali Khan of Pamir Times, himself, sent to him the link of this news, asking him to defend himself and his organization. Alas, he did not show that courage.

    The reality remains that the scouts had reached the gate of the Baltit Fort, and were waiting to get in, just like they did at the Altit Fort, but they were not allowed to enter – becuased they wanted a free entry. If they had been allowed, on whatever the conditions might have been, there would not have been any fuss at all, in this regard.

    Second, I don’t understand what policy Mr Ikran Baig is talking about when he also refers to the presence of a ‘complimentary’ [free] tour option. What is the logic of getting a written account from scouts who have walked for two days, and have been recieved warmly and appreciated by the Jamat, throughout. I am amazed to know that Mr Ikram Baig wasn’t aware of the objectives of their visit. Wasn’t it self explanatory?

    It is evident from the statement posted by Mr Ikram Baig that he did not tell the scouts that there existed the option of ‘complementary visit’ before hand. As Mr Ikram Baig says

    I informed them about the policy of Baltit Fort that rules and policies are made by Trustees of Baltit Heritage Trust]

    It is evident that Mr Ikram chose to not tell the scout leaders about all the options. For example while he claims that he informed them about ‘rules and policies’, in reality he did not tell them the policy of complementary visit, initially.

    Why did he wait for the scouts to go out of his office and then, as his statement shows, ask them to come in and opt for the “complementary visit”? Doesn’t this reflect traditional bureaucratic tactic of delaying the process and pressurising the client to give in? Was Mr Ikram trying to bargain with the scouts, despite of knowing that there existed the option of complimentary visit and that this is the option that the scouts deserved and desired?

    There is no question of apologizing from Mr Ikram Baig and his organization because the fact remains that delaying tactics were used by the management to pressurize the scout leaders who had been walking for two days, and thus tired, expecting quick processing. This is neither courteous nor inline with the principles of management and client dealing.
    However, we apologize from our readers for this entire episode.

    We have not tried to mislead our readers or defame any individual and/or organization. Neither have we tried to add fuel to the ‘cold fire’, the fire that did not exist, at all. The combination of the two picutres was used to depict the scene and we have been successful at that, it seems. The presence of fire and feul depends on our perceptions and priorities. Expecting such dishonesty from us, the volunteers of Gojal Net, Pamir Times and Pamir News Blog, is depressing.

    Instead of hatching conspiracy theories we invite our critics to come up with solid arguments. That’s the spirit of dialogue

    We have been and we shall be bridging the gaps of time and space.

    Mr Zulfiqar Ali Khan, our coordinator, is currently in Gulmit along with the scouts and, tomorrow, or tonight, he will give his side of the story.

    best regards

    Noor Muhammad
    Chief Editor

  31. Nauroz Sahab!!

    What do you mean by “the news you shared”? I ain’t part of Pamir Times. Me just a reader, just like yourself.

    You seem to have too many presumptions about people!

    Get a life man!!


  32. Pomiiri,,,
    First of all am really very sorry if you were not part of PNT because it was your nick name which creates the confusion and secondly if you were not part of PNT why did it hurt you? why do you think it was very strong and negative accusation which was not ? and why were you keen to know the details?

    better we stop it, again am sorry.


  33. socouts i do respect you guys….but we all need to pay for our tickets……. Noor Baltit Fort is a business; you can’t expect free ticket from them. if they start giving free tickets, they will get closed soon.
    amina bibi USA

  34. Dear readers, I think this forum has given us a platform to share our Ideas for the betterment of our society. we need to use our energies in that way and avoid favoritism, bcs it has been creating negativity. relating this topic yesterday i have given my openion but i don’t know why the chief editor has interpreted this as biased comments. although, on his notice i clarified that there was no single word used to accuse Pamir Times for Lobbying and also no intention to oppose any individual.(all the readers r invited to read the comments which i shared and give your suggestions) Instead of all this he has highlighted the Neutral comment in Negative portion in his detailed commentary.which is totaly unfair, I think being a media Parmir Times should keep itself Netural and give the people just information not Judements, the judgement will be acceptable when a body will hear both parties. why we are forcing our people to be part of issues which are confusing and relates to ambiguity . we should believe in justice not favoritism.

    Ahmed Jamal Shah

  35. Noor Muhammad sahib

    I am not going further into this debate as I had already mentioned the truth. If you remember what MHI said that the local people should support for the sustainablity of Fort.We all are working for some cause. If We would have been timely informed instead of showing anger and rudeness at last minute we would had difinetely entertained them. They acted that might is right but it never works some time. For such young educated people they need to be learnt, passionate and humble as they have a bright future waiting ahead. If I would had allowed them voilating some rules today definetly they would never hesitate for another tomarrow. They all are like my younger brothers any thing I did is for their betterment. They can always come again its not far from thier home but with comitments and pre arrangements we are always here to entertain them with our comlpiments. Your question of why a written was needed is simple we keep statical records of all type of entires to fort. Hope things are cleared now.

    Have a Happy Week end

    Ikram Beg

  36. updated

    @ Mr Ikram Baig Sahab

    It is a fact that they were not violating any rules by asking free entry. They were asking for the complimentary entry, that is part of your policy. But you were not really interested in giving them that type of entry, for reasons known only to your good self.

    @ Amina Bibi – Baltit Fort can not be run like any other business. Museum, forts and other spaces of historical significance have their own systems of getting finances and they don’t solely depend on the ‘entry fees’. Besides complimentary entry is part of the policy of Baltit Fort and, thus, can be granted to the scouts.

    @ Jamal Shah Sahab – Your comment was directed at the commentators and they are very much part of the Pamir Times Team. If you go through the ‘about us’ section you will come to know about this, another, reality.

    There are other parts of this story that can’t be shared on this open forum.

    We apologize from all our readers and commentators for the inconvinience and annoyance that was caused by reporting of this news item.

    We hope that the spirit of participation will remain the same.


    Noor Muhammad
    Chief Editor

  37. Dear All,
    Thanks a lot for actively commenting on this news item. I am also really thankful to Mr. Ikramullah baig for forwarding his point of view. I myself forwarded the link to him for his comment.
    I was on way with Scouts so remained unable to answer. I really respect Mr. Ikram’s ponit of view to defend his part of the story by using legal or moral points.
    It was not for the first time for me to visit Baltit fort . During last month i viisted the fort with a delegation hosted by local administartion and other NGOs. We faced the same situation as this time but at that time just a phone call changed the situation and we got a free entrance to the fort with full protocols. That time we were also asked to consult manager but just a phone call outside the office worked very well. I have many other similar experiences to share. These experinces was fresh in my mnd when this time i visited the fort with Scouts.

    I was in casual dress as Ikram has already mentioned above accampanying GSL Gulmit and a senior Scout from Karimabad. We forwarded our request in a very polite manner and asked for favour as Scouting is not a budgeted institution with the justifications that the walk participants are not only active volunteers but also school students. I myself cleared the objectives of the walk. I cleared that the Altit Fort administrators not only allowed Scouts to visit but also gave full briefing and arranged light refreshment within a short time.

    My respected brother also cleared the policies developed by the board of trustees for managemnet. He informed us that every Scouts will be charged Rs. 100 as we dont have any option for students. He was also not showing politeness towards us.Later on, after long arguments he finalised the charges Rs 20 from each Scouts.
    The senior Scout from Karimabad also requested him to allow free entrance. However, he replied us that if you can finally pay Rs. 20 we will facilitate you people.
    At that moment, i also reminded my elder brother about the services of his father G.M Baig for our institutions and we finally left the office.
    We informed Scouts that due to busy schedule it is not possible to visit the fort and we left the spot with discipline.
    After some time we were again called to the manager office but this time we refused as the Scouts were already informed to leave for Central Jamat Khana as the local community and Scouts were waiting us there.
    Later, some of the Scouts also approached me to let them to deal the manager before living. However, i reminded them the Scouts rules and regulations.

    The local Scouts were also angry for not entertaining the requests of Scouts.
    Now i request my elder brother Mr. Ikramullah baig to please
    1. Finish double standards ……giving complimentary for people having might and refusing volunteers having rights
    2. Try to develop an organisational or professional culture to properly deal clients/customers /volunteers or community members accordingly
    3. Dont use the farmans of MHI to justify your personal actions
    I hope if you started to act rationally and professionally, you will not face any problem in future.
    We are always here to support any of your rational action that can really lead towards the sustainability of the project.
    Finally, i am also thankful to Nauroze and many other commentators for finding out new dimensions out of the actual situation i myself faced.

    I am no longer part of Scouting association due to age limits in new bye-laws and was facilitating Scouts and making coverages for media.

    I take all responsibility for making this news online and i reaffirm my commitment to highlight issues in future also.

    Zulfiqar Ali Khan

  38. I am glad to see variety of comments by different participants from different angles.

    Before closing this debate, I would humbly request the participants/commentators and ask only two questions that need objective/impartical answers derived from these subjective/partial views.

    1. What conclusions we can draw out of this lengty debate on the critical issue?

    2. What lessons could be learnt out of this issue and the nice debates?

    a) Lessons for the scout leaders
    b) Lessons for the management of the Baltit Fort.
    c) Lessons for the PT reporters

    If we close this debate without any conclusions, then it may be somehow useless. I would highly appreciate if the debate is summed up briefly in bullet forms. The debate around the issue is nurturing a good document and helps produce a unique approach to address, resolve and prevent conflicts/issues.

  39. Closing the Debate (finally) & Conclusions:

    1. Pamir Times allowed space to all sorts of comments, to show netrality and objectivity. Some conclusions, based on the debate, are:

    2. We have to be proactive. The scout leaders should have talked to the management and arranged things well before they started their walk.

    3. The reporters need to get views from all parties before sending it to the editors. This has a balancing effect, required to show impartiality.

    4. The Fort Management needs to be more couteous and discourage the VIP culture that is being practiced. All visitors, be them ambessadors or volunteers, need to be treated equally.

    5. The commentators shall not react immediately to news item. They have the right to demand details, if not present, before commenting.

    Let’s close this post for comments.


  40. This whole event has brought to the readers the true faces of people, who do not deserve to be on a responsible positions, with this sort of attitude.

    PT must hilight more people who occupy such positions just because of contacts and nothing, there are dozons of people in our institutions who are just cashing the name of their fathers, uncles, grand fathers etc.

    They distroy institutions and there are maney examples of institutions having a very poor service standard headed by people who are not qualified at all.

    This is one of the reasons which is causing social unjustice in our society by putting sons of big names on big jobs, causing great frustration for those who are more qualified sons of commoners. Usually we see on selection boards with people who are there to look after their own childern and those of their collegues.

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