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Scouts reach Nomal village

By Zeeshan vis Telephone Hunza, June 03: The Scouts have arrived Nomal village on 8 pm,  after a long walk from Hussainabad, Hunza. The Scouts will stay at Nomal for 2 nights before proceeding to the final destination Gilgit City on June 05.  The scouts have received warm reception from the local...

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Federal Govt. to end monopoly of SCO in telecom sector

Islamabad, June 03: Minister for Information & Technology, Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira, who is also the Chairman Northern Areas Legislative Assembly has said that “Pakistan wants to give access to China and the central Asian states to our ports, better provision of communication across country would help this process,” . He waas...

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Pictory Two: Gender & Equality

  Our socieities, across Hunza and Gojal, under various influences and inspirations have behaved very positively towards reducing discrminiation based on gender and sex. Let’s discuss how such a behavior has changed various fabrics of our society. Noor_.

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