Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Scouts reach Nomal village

By Zeeshan vis Telephone

Hunza, June 03: The Scouts have arrived Nomal village on 8 pm,  after a long walk from Hussainabad, Hunza. The Scouts will stay at Nomal for 2 nights before proceeding to the final destination Gilgit City on June 05. 

The scouts have received warm reception from the local community. On way Scouts also paid honour to martyrs.

Akhtar Karim, who is serving Pakistan Army and is also taking part in this walk briefed Scouts on different techniques of climbing and walking.


1 thought on “Scouts reach Nomal village

  1. Dear Noor,
    Can you clarify a confusion?The scouts have reached to Nomal which is very nearer to Gilgit city but why are they going back to chalt?If they are going to chalit will they return on the same route?Why didn’t they stay in chalt for two nights prior to leaving for Chalt.If the programme is according to the news you have brought forward then it seems little complicated and tiresome.Isn’t it dear?

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