C’neer Festival celebrated in Gulmit, Gojal

C`neer festival, declaring the arrival of harvesting season, was celebrated today, in Gulmit, Gojal. People gathered at the community center and celebrated the day by offering prayers for a good harvest and eating a special dish prepared using grains of Barley crop.

While people in the village greeted each other physically, sharing the beautiful summer day, those lviing outside the region congratulated each other on the occasion through emails, sms and phone calls.

PAMIR TIMES offers a very warm C`neer Muborak to all of its readers. Let’s resolve on this important day to work for progress, prosperity and justice in our region, our country and the entire global human community.

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  1. A moment that really makes me happy and develops in me the sense of belongingness.
    Many many congratulations to my Ahlay watan for celebrating this beautiful mutual and ritual and I think the ones who are in village will enjoy such an alluring and gleeful moment with true spirits
    Aslam Ghalib

  2. Dear PT
    all the best from the new season.
    just an idea, PT has know become most notice one on the net regarding HUnza or Gojal. So to make it more attractive and knowledge light . Do give a little back flash of all the importent days , like Chheeneer, Kethddeth, Tagham, Nourouze. what ever practise that we do perform , everone reading should know the meaning.

  3. kul khick murdumer c’neer muborak, moulo hamish sak khuckthein da amon chater desth qoyeem leserth. khudo yor.


    It is celebrated in the month of July, usually in the first week of July in Lower Gojal and in the 2nd or 3rd week of July in Upper Gojal, when barley crops is ready to be harvested, the cutting of barley is a men’s affair so they go out in the fields carrying Khamali, the bread, ghee, the migraine and Spandur, tiny herb grain the smoke of which is used as air freshener. They all gather by the field. A small rite takes place before the start of the crop cutting which is that the oldest man puts Spander on fire so smoke comes out and he cuts some barley and gives it to the men who bring them to their homes where the house wife cooks a delicious dish and put the barley grain in it. When the food is cooked then every man brings the food to a decided place of summoning, where they all take the food, and pray to God for good yield, after this the harvesting takes place.

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