Dr. Aziz Ali Najam delivered a lecture on ‘God, Man, and Nature’ in Berlin

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan 

Berlin – Dr. Aziz Ali Najam, the Vice Chancellor of Karakoram International University (KIU) delivered a lecture on ‘God, Man and Nature’ in Institute of Development Studies, Freie University Berlin. A large number of students and faculty members attended the lecture. The lecture was based on the famous lectures of Allama Muhammad Iqbal known as “The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam”. Dr. Najam said, Allama Iqbal is the foremost thinker of the modern Muslim world, who not only played a great role in reawakening the Muslims all over the world, but at the same time he has contributed towards Islamic resurgence in the light of the modern philosophical concepts. He said that Allama Iqbal was highly conscious during 1920s of the fact that the Muslim world is passing through the same process of readjustment that the West had passed through some centuries earlier.

Through different verses from Holy Quran Dr. Najam explained the philosophy of Iqbal to promote struggle towards progress of science and technology and exploration and utilisation of nature in the service of human progress. At the end of the lecture, he answered different questions from the participants.

Before starting the lecture, he also delivered a brief presentation on KIU and presented university momentou to Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann, Professor Institute of Development Studies in recognition of his research works in Northern Areas of Pakistan. At the end, Dr. Hermann Kreutzmann said that such illuminating and thought-provoking lectures will contribute towards understanding different religious thoughts and interpretations.

Dr. Aziz Ali Najam is on a visit to different universities and other institutions of Italy, Berlin, Paris and London to develop a partnership for different educational programmes in KIU. During his stay in Berlin, he also had a meeting with the Pakistani Ambassador in Berlin.

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  1. I am being the faculty member of KIU realize that i have never meet such a robust and perfect personality in terms of Knowledge and its practicle impementing like Dr.Aziz ali Najam.
    He is actually the lover of Iqbaliate and Roomi (idealogy) as well as true scholar of Holy Quran.
    I m regret to state that Some of ignorants of our northern society could not recognize/witness such legands.
    I hope God forgive us for our missdeeds.

    Lecturer KIU

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