Imamat Day Mubarak

PAMIR TIMES wishes a very Happy Imamat Day to all its Ismaili readers. This is a time to reflect on the Imamat of His Highness the Aga Khan and take inspiration from his untiring efforts for betterment of the human society.

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  1. Ya Ali Madad PT Team and to all the ISMAILI Readers,

    Khushyali Mubarak to you and your families. May Mawla, bless you with good health, happiness, peace, Imaan ki Salamati, courage, strength and mushkil asaan,

    May you have lots of Barakaat.On this auspicious occasion of Golden Jubilee Imamat Day of our Beloved Hazir Imam.

    With Best Regards,
    Shamim Ali

  2. On this Happy Occasion May Mowlana Hazar Imam
    shower his blessing On us, our family,
    our relatives, friends and Jamat Worldwide.Ameen…

    On this Happy day let we pray for peace & prosperity of all our Muslim Brothers & Sisters and the Umma

    With Regards,

    Ali Rehmat Musofer
    GIS Unit, UNMIT
    Dili, East Timor

    1. Thank you so much, same to you and your family…Khushhali Mubarak …….:):):)

  3. YA ALI MADAD and Imamat Day Muboorak too all my Ismaili brothers and sister living all around the glob and especially to the people of Huzna Gojal. May Mulana Hazir Imam bless all of us with happiness, peace and prosperity

    I am missing to be in Gojal with my family on this special day.

    with best wishes
    Javed Posh
    Dushanbe, Tajikistan

  4. Wishing all of you and your families: “Ruze Imamat Muborak”. Let us pray for peace on earth….!

  5. Salgirah Mubarak to all Ismaili brothers & sisters around the world. May you have the strength to stay on SIRAT UL MUSTAQEEM and have many many happiness in your lives. Aamin



  6. IMAMAT DAY MUBARAK..to all my brother,s and sister,s and to every one who will read this message……may mowla bless you all with your families……

    DK Islamabad

  7. Yaa Ali Madad


    On this Occasion of IMAMAT DAY Imamatday Mubarak to all of you & your families. May maula fulfill all our wishes; bless us with unity, peace, trust building, brotherhood, muskil asana and Barakat

  8. salgira mubarak to all the ismalies,may God us help to compete in this maritocratic era and be able to help the mankind.

  9. Millions of greetings, thousands of colors, hundreds of wishes, kilograms of sweets, lots of smils, that waht I wish for you all, and “Salgira Mubarak”

  10. Dear readers,
    On the occasion of IMAMAT DAY I express KHUSHALI MUBARAK to all.It is very happy moment in our community as a whole but for the pepole of NORTH $ CHITRAL celebrate more warmly as families and students rush from cities to enjoy both festivities of SALGIRAH OF imamat day$pleasant weather of their respective villages.

  11. i wish all jamat around the world a very happy imamat day. may maula grant us such happy moments in future.(amin)

  12. Ya ali madad to ismaili brother and sisters On this Happy Occasion of imamat day
    This is a day of sacrifice and to look our past were we was and now??
    This day is not for Dancing and spends lot of money for dancing and eating only
    We have to look to those people who are on trouble and the need something fro there
    Community and those community leaders are also have to thinks about the wakhi in Afghanistan and Chitral area
    Once again a very happy . imamat day mubarak to all
    Amin ullah baig
    Tokuo Japan

  13. Ya Ali Madad
    Dear Readers

    Happy Imamate Day and Khusali Mubarak to all Ismailies Muslim around the world.
    On this Occasion of Golden Jubilee years Imamate Day I pray for peace and prosperity for all world people, (Ameen).
    I am really missing the Golden Jubilee Imamate day with Gojal Jamahat and the participation of the Salgira programs, but I am lucky also to celebrate these Golden Jubilee years Imamate Day with my Afghan Wakhan Ismailies jamahat.

    Ali aman gojali

  14. YAM,
    23 oct 2008 is the day of Hppiness and blessings of Mawlana Hazir Imam to the zamat of Nothern Areas.
    on this occassion salgira mubarak to all the ismalies brothers and sisters.

    Nisar ud din Hunzai

  15. Ya Ali Madad!

    Imamat Day Mobarik to ismailies all over the world. may mola bless with his barakat and mushkil asan.

    Abeed & Asif

  16. May God give u a rainbow 4 every Storm,A smile 4 every Tear,A Promise every care & An answer to Every Prayers Imamat day Mubarak

    Imamat Day Mubarak

  17. Imamat Day Mubarak to all Iamailies brothers and sisters of PT readers and PT team.

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