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11 students ousted from Karakuram International University for hooliganism

Gilgit – The registrar of KIU has issued orders for deregistering eleven students who were involved in a fight that took sectarian colors, last week. The brawl started on a petty matter involving two students who were at odds on whether to lodge a complaint against a particular teacher or not. The difference soon converted into an unfortunate violent brawl as various students, belonging to the sects of these two students, clashed.  

Various political leaders, including Ata Ullah Shahab of the JUI (Gilgit), Chairman Muhammad Hussain Advocate and vice chairman Eman Shah of the Gilgit District Council, are reportedly trying to resolve the issue and asking the KIU administration to forgive the students and allow them to continue their studies 

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  1. Whom ever the Students- from any sects should be sacked for ever from the KIU. this will be lesson learning for the existing and comming students. We always support ur policy for good governence and displine worth owner VC and administration of KIU.

    We all want a peaceful circumstances in KIU one and oly University of GILGIT_BALTISTAN

  2. Great job done by registrar of KIU to streamline the situation, according to me there is no need for leaders to influence the administration. It is need of the time to organize the Holy Institution like KIU…
    With best Expectations

  3. The University administration must set a standard and not accept any excuses as we need a strong and disciplined university with high standards for our coming generations. If it is bent before the idiot politicians who have only one driving force behind them and that is sectarianism, this will set a very wrong precedence for the existing and future students.

    Dirty politics should never be allowed to ruin this University at any cost.

    Serious leadership (if exists) in the region should come forward to save this University.

    Sher Karim

  4. Politics are part of Education to produce good leader in the region, students should take part in students politic, but not sectarian politics, those leaders who belongs to the sectrain clubs should discurage by the university administration as well as the tiny population of NAs

  5. one who doesn’t abit by the rule of an institution must treated the way the registrar did, i must say decipline must be maintained followed ,to prove ourselves a civilized society, no doubt untill and unless we have no student politics we can’t produce good politicians but we must know ,where we are in the politics, being sawyed or utilized for some individuals interests or we are learning for ourselves and for community. to make a stable and developed society. and yes those politicians should have not come on the scene,,,
    by large we should stand united and come for common goals ,that is our right,we need to fight for that ,what so ever we are,,student .politicians or anyyyy.

  6. We are thankful to the Vice Chancellor and the dedicated administration of the KIU for his good governance and providing a standard discipline towards the esteemed educational institution. Using negative politics is not the job of such a civilized society of that mountainous region. We are known as united society within and beyond the country. We are expecting that KIU will bring change and will give an educated leaders to run the administrative system of that remote area in the best way.

    We like peace and Unity in that region.

    Shamim Ali

  7. I pay thanks to KIU administration for taking strict and disciplinary action, no body will accept politics and grouping in KIU premises, such kind of politics has greatly damaged the standard of educational institutions all over the country, I don’t understand that why we allow students union in college and university premises, they are not sincere with quality education, attendance, ethical values rather they create law and order situation.
    We expect KIU administration to act like Abdul Wahab (Former VC) did in KU in late 90s.

    Shah Zaman

  8. Dear Readers of PT,
    It is a well saying that discipline is the back bone of life and it is the only tool that can regulate our day to day affairs according to a set pattern.
    It is quite unfortunate that we are still bound in a restricted environment where sectarian clashes dominate and deteriorate the peaceful environment.
    I spent approximately five years in Gilgit city during my studies and the most devastating and perturbing thig was the sectarian clashes.
    No one can express himself open heartedly as the barriers developed are deep rooted and rigid in terms of different communites of interpretation in Islam.
    I am surprized and worried that still we are not coming out of this sectarian barriers and this the root cause towards the violences around the city.
    Karakuram Univiersity is an effective plateform where such ill will and wrong perceptions can be modified. We need an enlightened and full of knowledge society.
    Aslam Ghalib

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