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The Story teller
The Story teller
Nazir Ahmad Bulbul (NAB)
Nazir Ahmad Bulbul (NAB)

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  1. Great personality, great work. We all love you Bulbul sir for your fantastic contribution in Wakhi poetry and presentation of our culture through your creative work…. Art. The real inspirational character for our your generation, keep it up sir jiii.


  2. Nazir Ahmed Bulbul is a very talented personality, excellent poet, outstanding painter, a dedicated teacher, a consistent hard worker in farming, a committed social worker and many more dimension of his personality, I hope his students can narrate what else he is.

    To me he is a younger brother (cousin), whom I know from his childhood. He has an outstanding ability to express his thoughts in the form of poetry, paintings, plays, etc.etc.

    I wish him all the best for his contributions to the society. I hope he is a role model for many of our youth.

    Sher Karim

  3. hamare saqafat ko zinda rakhne mei sir Nazir ke kirdar kisi tareef k muhtaj nage… well done sir Nazir

  4. Dear Readers Of PT,
    Nazir Ahmed Bulbul is an out standing and out ranked intellectual fully equiped with all the utensils which ensure his balanced life.
    His ideas and their beautiful expression in the form of words or drawings has put a long lasting effects on the exceptional nerves.

    He is a good speaker, a professional teacher, a dynamic leader, an effective narrator, a fantastic story writer, a visionary artist, an out ranked poet, a marvellous painter, a matchless imitator, and many more. Moreover he is a very good human being having a soft corner for every human being.

    I salute him for being a nice human being possessing exceptional traits which aggradize his personality and make him superb.

    De Bulbulay durunash say bayd khand yowi kuy, ye loy yo sado kushuy

    Ye khushroy sozi giratk woz skam zu roway rabob
    Narma zaqiq jald me rech, Narma zaqiq jald may rech
    Aslam Ghlib
    An inspirant of Bulbul

  5. Youe work is praise dall over the world.Here in London your photo is considered as the best photoe from Mountain area.

  6. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!!!
    Nazir has always amazed us by his art and poetry, which truly is the expression of his inner self.
    We are proud of you.

  7. Sir Nazir has got the unique potential beside being good teacher and human being, that is his artistic expression….though it is in the form of poetry or painting but it always reveals classical as well as postmodernist approch. The images of his paintings have always been so strong and contains a huge message and history elements of the native area. He always use symbolls of hope and unity in his images and his brush strokes always show the love and affection he owes for the area and its people.
    As his student i have learned the artistic lifestyle from him and his art and crafts are always valuable for me and for the entire area.


  8. I am going to make some recommendations to include this art in our text books for the local culture in NCA.

    Anwar Hunzai

  9. “There is one thing one has to have: either a soul that is cheerful by nature, or
    a soul made cheerful by work, love, art, and knowledge.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  10. Thank you PT for posting these portraits.

    We may term Bulbul as a ‘Realist’ painter, a ‘ romanticist’ poet and a ‘constructivist’ teacher.

    Nazir’s portraiture work including the ones, both single and group portrait, posted on this blog, is using brush stroke, costumes, colours and light in an eye-catching manner to set the scene for ‘story-telling’ in a typical wakhi house, ‘dildongben’. The facial expressions, eyes and body postures, literary was a ‘flashback’ for me, as if i was sitting there as listening to the story. I can feel, the warmth of sitting close to the fireplace in midnight and the kindness of the patronising giant poop, the height of pride, shock, happiness and sorrow in the story and the general darkness, and shades around in the house.

    Probably he needs to be interviewed and posted on this blog about his techniques, materials used, philosophy of life and how he looks at things, mortal, immortal.

    Amin Beg

  11. Dear Amin Beg Sahb,

    The way you narrated the painting of Nazir Sir, “I seized the same expressions. It brings back our blurred memory of our past, the warmth affection of our great poops and winter days of deldungban”, added great value to this photograph of Nazir’s painting.

    I would suggest if the WTCA could arrange a painting competition every year among the youth describing our culture.

    Ali Sarwar

  12. Nazir Bulbul is perhaps one of the pioneers among those who have choosen to express, relate and compprehend the realites of our cultural life in Hunza through the medium of art and paintings. The act of story telling has been around in our culture for centuries and it has always revitalised and reinforced the idea of brotherhood and family, and provided us with values that seek respect for the elders, love for the childern and fratenrity across all divides.

    Lately there has been a slow shift taking place in our society with our younger generation drifting apart from our celebrated heritage. By portraying and reflecting on our traditions through the prism of artists like Bulbul we may hope to enhance confidence and pride in our own cultural values, and systems of thought and action.

  13. Tʉṣ̌ ki ṣ̌ʉreγ̌ taleb bor hʉn rang yo mey tayn
    kʉk yupke lacer x̌e nodon tre deryo mey tayn
    Bad nefasi hʉsne deryo waxte termoyi Kʉṣ̌uy
    Išqe obodi hatn nodon ter deryo me tayn

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