Al Amyn looking for Physics & Maths teachers

Public Service Message

Al Amyn Model School, Gulmit, needs B.Sc/M.Sc qualified candidates for teaching Math & Physics at secondary level classes.

Call 05822-650293 if you are interested.

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  1. to sjjad baig:
    Zahir hey saray gojali taleeyafta loug shehrun main hotelun main waiter bun gaye hain tu koon ustaad banayga udher? 10 salun m bhee teacher nahi milayga

  2. HEY .
    it s nat a stage of joke. IT S WT IT S; Al amyn need science teacher and IA AMYN s our , we ve to go there.

  3. @ jamal baig

    r u a waiter as well?

    @ Kashroti

    At the moment i have to intentions of changing professions. I am happy doing what i do

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