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SAP schools handed over to national education foundation

By Gohar Abbas

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Northern Areas Kamar Zaman Kaira has approved to handle the schools functioning under Social Action Programme (SAP) to National Education Foundation. Due to lack of funds it was feared that the schools may be closed and the northern areas administration had submitted application to the chairman requesting to save the schools from shutting down.

The formal legal requirements however will be penned in the coming few days.

He has also ordered the Northern Areas Administration to ensure that all the agreements are properly adopted while handling the schools to NEF. In lights of the agreement it is obligatory for every school to have building the repair of which however will be the duty of the Northern Areas Administration before handling to the NEF besides the teachers will be retained except those having a qualification below metric that will not be eligible to continue their duty under the new administration. The teacher student ratio has been fixed to one ratio ten.

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