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Thaghm (Bafao) celebrated in lower Gojal

Duruksh posing during Thaghm Festival in Gulmit

By: Zulfiqar

Hunza, March 9: The traditional Thaghm (Bafao) festival was celebrated yesterday in lower Gojal (Shishkat to Passu) to formally start cultivation activities in the locality. The main events were comprised of two days. The first day event is called “Pirkithn” and the second day “Tumung”.

The festival will be celebrated in other parts of Gojal as the weather becomes favorable for cultivation.

Click for complete Album:  Thaghm 2009

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  1. Kul Xikmurdum
    Saver Thaghm Muborak humith
    Lucky people have a reaches cultural so you people are one of them,
    (Congratulations lucky people and community keep it up).

    Ali aman gojali
    Wakhan cultural

  2. Ooo……. me missing alot these moments ……. but I really thank Pamir Time for all these !

  3. cholak oshku, cholak oshku……tum tang,….

    Thagham bara e hama bisyor bisyor tabreek boshad…..

    Nauroze SHAH
    as Kabul

  4. i missed dis taghm bt i hpe i ll attend all the historical moments in future,
    kukhtar taghm moborak
    cholok oshkiw,,,, hahahahahahahah

    It is really pleasing and satisfying that after a passivises for decades we are on the natural-cultural-track. The festivity belongs to the agrarian memories of the Wakhi people for thousands of years. It reflects the human belongingness to agrculture as a prime source of food provision. The name ‘TAGHM’ in Wakhi needs to be bracketed with its’ English meaning as “seeding” not ‘bafao’ in fact bo-phow’ in Brushaski for the same.

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