Gilgit - Baltistan

Historical photograph

(L-R) Wazir Humayou Baig and Mir Nazeem Khan in Dehli Darbar
(L-R) Wazir Humayou Baig and Mir Nazeem Khan in Dehli Darbar

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  1. Both were chicks in the hands of foreigners and never defended local populations of hunza, always being played in the hand of so-called Mirs of Hunza…..

    well said devils…..

  2. A dare devil & his “CHAMCHA” , Nazim Khan known as the worse ruller of the state, thanks Z.A.Bhutto for disolvation of the so called Hunza state. We could remember these people as pumpkins penaroya.

  3. offcourse they are the Devils and we no more want to remind our past time with these Devils… they are no more MIR in our time.

  4. I think we all should ask to our elders how the system works in that time.

    MY grand sons would be stupid enough if they comment or negate Pervez Musharf era (a big Mir) rather than me.

    Relative biasness shows the inferiority complex of individuals and Nation.

  5. @Masaid

    Ur post shows silent favour for these two “FUNKS”, history teaches many things, so our comments in on the right way.

  6. Mirs and Wazirs were the nightmare of poor Hunzukuts, perhaps more then that for the people of Gojal and Shinaki because the the common language was sort of blessing for the Brusho speaking population while the Wakhis were treated as their hurds (milk their cattle, shave them for their rugs, skin them for their clothing, eat them for food, use their God knows what else…….

    Thanks God those dark and sinful days are long gone. But do we know how this was possible for people like me were able to get educated and live at par with the others.

    I personally witnessed the last few years of the Mirs rule, I do not remember much because I was in my early teens but I still remember cleaning the playground (Shavaran) and waiting in ques to welcome him along with dozens of his Chamchas visiting Gulmit when there was nothing to eat in the ‘capital’ (Baltit).

    Should not we remember those who struggled for us sacrificing their time, money and faced harsh treatments like staying in their private jails and other inhuman treatments.

  7. Yes they kept wholem power with them but today,Hunza is the only place on the Planet where no murder occured for the last 100 years .It was our Kings who brought descipline in our lives.It would be desasterous if we would also be like Tribal kind of people.So I am not favouring all of their deeds but in that time they made the people well desciplined.

  8. Dear All!
    when i see at the comments like here, it seems like U are facing upward, and giving a deep through of saliva up in the sky, what happens is, that comes back on ur own face!

    now, the point is what so ever these people were, and what so ever u call them, they can’t be changed, neither the past could be.
    they influence us or our ancestors in one way or the other.

    the reality is people learned and they have the guts to live a happy life whosoever ruled them.
    Y should we sour our tongue n throw dirt at others when that doesn’t mean anything now?

  9. Abid & Naseemullah@
    Sour pleasure for you both atleast you could cry behind the destop of your PC. Peolple of Hunza were, are & will be the king forever. how could we forget there notorious & neferious acts of the past. Remember people had pulled-out there rule, and even if we could buldoze there reminents at all.

  10. Dear PT Readers

    when i read comments on PT. I alwas think that we people have sufficient time to criticies each others comments. why we people are not looking forward and think for beterment of our future. I think that PT is a politicale web site. Please dont discuess basless topics. why we are not dicussing for the betterment of our area. why we are not joining hands with our leaders. Be always neutral. You all know the political status of Northren Areas. We are live under the kingdom of blind division. so please dont become part of any party.


  11. @,,,

    1. Would any one please suggest any alternate system of rule for that time??
    2. Have v asked or try to know from our elders how they view or percevie that system?? coz they are victims not you and me??
    3. Have you checked the records of Police stations and their previous DEEDS for people of Hunza?
    4. Do any one is ashmed of his Identity as a HUNZUKUZ?
    5. Do any one Know what happens to Nations when they have no rulers (have to seen Kohistanis, Africans , Afghans and other ruler less nations,
    6. Any one know or tell me how a cultured nation evolves…or any one have seen a CULTURED nation without a ruler.
    7. Was it possible to creat life in HUNZA for survival (water channals and cultivated fields) without a ruler…??

  12. @ MBPK

    Gentleman have you read your below comments before submittion??? and I hope you will maintain the ethetics of discussion next time.

    “Remember people had pulled-out there rule, and even if we could buldoze there reminents at all”.

  13. This website or portal is becoming more and more politicize and Website owner / Group is playing in some one hands.

  14. Dear All,


    Great minds discuss IDEAS, average minds discuss EVENTS, and Small minds discuss PEOPLE,

    (Don’t Mind)


    Shahid Ali

  15. The evil standing in this picture was the one who invited and supported british army to invade our Hunza.

  16. I am totallly agreed with mr. saya, we the people of gilgit-baltistan need to think and should be well awared about the political and strategical importance of our region. we should study our history and make our future keeping our past experiences in mind. we are the third generation of Glt-Bln and whether someone admits or not we got a responsibility on our shoulders. our coming generation rely on our efforts. so, my requst to all the people of Glt-Bln is to think, make your own identity, fill yourselves with patriotism. inshallah a day will come when we’ll be among the most developed nations of the world.

  17. @MBPK! n SAYA!

    let me clear here 2 simple things:
    1. you said a “SOUR PLEASURE”. it equally kills me as u think u r hurted from the past..It could never ever be changed.
    2. You also said “how could we forget there notorious & neferious acts of the past.”
    its not about “FORGETTING”,..its about “FORGIVING”

    what saya said is looking ahead for bright future, u r correct. the comments here or the criticism here doesnt mean a distrctive, but we need a constrctive outcome in terms of “ideas”

  18. Salaam My dear Bro & Sisters.
    Here we go again & again.
    I am NOT here to Defend any system nor any personality. The reason to show up here is to find out Answer from my dear brothers & sisters.
    By discussing this non-issue topic, will it brings prosperity to Hunza & How it will increase our living stander?
    If yes then we have to discus it else it is a turning friends into enemies.
    I respect each & every one point of view, what they are saying & how they are saying. Minimum that, any one can aspect from others is litter bit respect and know that my dear brothers & Sisters will never let me down.
    I leave with a lot prays & with best of wishes.
    Note:: Dear NOOR, i had experience that you are quite eager to highlight this non-issue to create a issue again & again on the Internet. it also reminds me the Orkut Discussion in Hunza Community back in 2005. However Noor, my support is all way with you and u will be in my pray.
    Sher Ulla Baig
    MS Software Engineering
    University Bradford

  19. Dear all

    Reading and approving, or rejecting, comments on PT is a tedious and thankless job that we have been doing happily for more than 20 months. At times we post topics with clear intentions but the comments recieved on the posts are quite opposite to our expectations. This current episode of comments on the hisotircal photograph pushed me to form this not-so-nice opinion about our collective social psyche, “we are disillusioned by and pre-occupied with our past”. By saying “we” i might be committing blasphemy, by bringing at par the “rulers” and the “awam” of the past.

    Neither of us are ready to come out of the shells that we have curved out for ourselves out of the vast expanses of history. Some are happy thinking “pidarram sultan buwad”, as they say in Persian or “my father was the ruler” some are frustrated thinking “my father wasn’t the king”. And, of course, i am very much a part o this viscious cycle of disillusions.

    I posted this photograph because it is a part of our history, so the caption and the title. It wasn’t meant to eulogize or demean the personalities present in the photograph. I think that is crisp, clear and evident to the rational minds. If majority of the people don’t want to remember these noble personalities in good words and express the same in their comments, that’s not my or PT’s fault, at all.

    Prudence tells me that both, the Mir’s familiy and the wazir’s families – many of whom Hunza keeps in great reverance, including Brig (r) Sher Ullah Baig, Brig (r) Hissamullah Baig, Col Rashid Ullah Baig, Sharista Baig, and many others, need to make serious efforts to brigde the gaps of perception and realities.

    Meanwhile the rest of us, the awam of the past and the equal citizens of today, also need to shun the bad old habit of exclusive criticism of everything related to the former rulers and administrators of the state of Hunza.

    It is in our collective interest that we, all, as followers of a leader who works above the lines of race, lineage and other social identities, shall also be more moderate and pragmatic in our views, considerate in our actions and wise in our deeds. That’s the least that can be expected from educated people.

    @ Sher Ullah Baig: Trust me Sher Kaku i didn’t post this photograph to ‘create an issue out of the non-issue”. I frankly didn’t know that even a photograph can be so divisive in our part of the world. This is a lesson learnt for me.

    Thank you for the prayers and your moral support. As human beings we all grow with time and 2005 was four years ago. If I have not been able to change during this period it is a matter of great disappointment for me, personally.


  20. NON ISSUE TOPIC said by Sher Ullah.
    Though it is not a non issue but our past and whoever forgets his past can not move ahead. We all know our dark past made by the so called traitors and rulers. If he is ashamed of his ancestors for their crimes then he deseve it. These r the mir Jaffars and mir sadiques of Hunza and we should never ingore them.
    Noor u did nothing wrong by posting that picture. We should always discuss our past and correct our future and make those realize their crimes and ask them to apologize from the nation for their misconduct and crimes.
    Salute to u Noor.

  21. @ Noor,
    We have lot of respect for you all and I appreciate your contribution of knowledge to Hunza and particularly your area. You are a role model for youngsters.
    I would agree to all comments if all below show their identities and mentioned their ages to consider their comments as a sound of a standard trustworthy plate form.
    Such disguise proxy comments have no value and you call it Ba Ba of … sheeps.
    It was the great people of Hunza who nominated some of their eligible brother and elders for the leadership of Hunza state.
    I salute to all Hunza People (who are still remember as Brave, honorable, courageous, full of self esteem) who still regard their great leaders and inshallah we all Hunza people try our best to Keep Hunza proved till our last breath to continue the past dignity keeping without any concern to identity less people who always been part of every society.

  22. i wish i could find ma comment here.
    that was not that much sick……….this blog needs to be nuetral i think, but sadly m feeling the harsh smell of baisness the same was happening at the ruling period of MIrs n Nawabs.
    u must publish all that the viziters write about not what u think or ur likes n dislikes.

  23. Dear Dee Jay

    If every comment is approved on PT, I am sure one day you will also complain against people (with hidden identities) using abusive or derogatory terms against your or others’ families and personalities.

    We, at PT, have agreed on the comments ettiquets and are determined to go ahead with it.


  24. Dear Tariq Baig

    Would you like quote examples of ‘biasness’ to illustrate your allegation? I wouldn’t ask the same from Dee Jay, coz s/he is not using her/his original name. You at least have the courage to be original.


  25. Mosaid@
    you agressively defending the post nightmare of Mirs, ur idea. I am freelace for posting my own.

    Shahi ali skahi (Great mind)
    world discussing Hitler, Binladin, Mulla ummar,Zia-ul-Haq the damn yankees of the past, why not we discuss our yahoo?
    halfheart tilt toward ?
    MBPK(small mind)

    and at the end PT (Noor)
    I could only say.

    um ah bhi karthe tu ho jatey hai badnaam
    woh katal bhi kartey tu charcha nahi hotah.

  26. Mosaid@

    You always asking about the indentity! good you working for NADRA? lolz
    you say”people of are not regarding these Yahoos, may they shoeslute them”

  27. potlicital awareness is rising every persons can share their views by through this fastest electronic media.this credit goes to all educated young generations

  28. hai dears why are u so tensed of looking just at the picture of mirs , i think it is just a pic of the past mirs and its no need to fight on it, its useless , u all as an educated youth must not give that much importanc to to the pic here just look at it if some body likes it he will be happy if not ignore it
    i also dont want to see them, but others do so let them see him, what they were was in the past, they have nothing to us now
    their time has gone they were good or bad was a past
    we need to think for the future, a bright future past has gone .
    we must live in our present and plan for our future. why would we critcize each other here
    be positive think positive

  29. My Dear P.T,
    I am not a regular P.T reader but what you are doing is a out standing Job. and we all know that it is a hard job to do & its takes a-lot of Time & Effort. i don;t know about others but my support is with you cause your efforts gave us direction towards positive development.
    There is no any harm to acknowledge that, i am really impressed by Noor & other fallows who showed us a path towards positive development rather then sitting in-front of computer and criticizing & abusing. indeed this is a path towards prosperity.
    As a individual i will stand with those who think & willing to act for betterment of Hunza. I wish that if we (Young generation) put all our time & Energy for positive development. we will counter all our individual & collective problems.
    With Best wishes & apologies if any one is offended.

    Sher Ullah Baig
    Ms Software Eng.
    University of Bradford

  30. dear Noor Bhai..
    if people are not using their real names instead they are criticising with hidden identities, then why are you approving comment with their nicks?? as i had made a comment on this hidden identity before but no importance has been given to it.. it can create personal biasness in this regard.

  31. Dear PT,

    We are not fear of people political views about past political elders but we are concern the language, the wordings which is not acceptable in standard media platforms and discussion ethics.

    Because some people are having masks and are showing their mental sickness and personal complexes.

    I expect from PT to be presented (as it has built to extent in short time) as a trustworthy reliable plate form. PT should have strong moderation to allow or disallow the writings to maintain PT reputation.

  32. LE HUNZUKUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Dear all

    Past is gone, NO comments please, it will give u pain nothing else
    Work hard in present, and make the future bright

  34. Dear PT!!
    In the light of all the comments i conclude:
    1. the issue is non-sense. just to show their ego defensiveness, ppl try to blame others for their inferiority.that’s the new generation thinking..awful.
    2. our ancestors worked as a labor, imprisoned, and punished but still when u ask them abt the time they spent in MIR HOOD, they very happily tell the stories of their good times instead of blaming someone..that’s their attitude, we need to learn.
    3. last but not the least, its a common dialogue in our community, and its very true, “in today’s world every buddy is MIR” lol
    in short who cares for MIRS now!!!!

  35. we apolosize for our elders wrong doings and we realize that people are not happy with our past but we can not change it now. we realizing that and suffering now every where as people are rejecting u in all aspects even they do not vote for us in elections. please accept my apologise from being the part of that family

  36. I would like to know who the Person ASAD BAIG. Could you explain your self.
    I am wondering about your comments Specailly the Word ‘WE’ that you used in your openning statement.
    I would like to Contact with you.
    Sher Ullah Baig
    University of Bradford.

  37. Dear Bradfordian,
    Why you are so cruel against the family you think were cruel.We should accept their apology,May be he is Mir Ghazanfar Sahab Sahab himself with a nickname.So lets forget it and respect them as the King Family as they do in UK.


  38. I think sher is bit confuse of the political ironic apology from Asad saying “people do not vote us in elections” hahha because since 1974 except twice someone is still winning the elections.

  39. My dear friends

    I request my colleagues from Hunza to extend heartiest respect to Mr. Ghazanfar as long as he conducts himself in a way commensurate with our traditions – honesty, integrity, bravery. But unfortunately, he has comited himself to worst cases of corruption – his son is known to have stolen 50 million rupees from NBP, Ghazanfer himself is famous for taking commissions in Govt Contracts, transfers , appointments and exhibiting himself as ruler/king of Hunza which of course he is not. His presence in Hunza with the kind of attributes he is known for, is shame for all of us – the Hunzakuts. May God guide him to be a gentleman worthy of the respect we would love to accord him!!!!!

    Regarding Wazir Hamayun Baig and his disciples as against Mr Ghazafar & his family we should acknowledge their up-rightness, progress, abilities. Otherwise, I request PT visitors to write me what they have against Hamayun Baig and his family???? I will change my opinion about them or try to convince the critics otherwise

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