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ECC approves establishment of 16-20 hydel projects on River Gilgit

ISLAMABAD (Online): The Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet (ECC), which met under the chairmanship of Mr. Shaukat Tarin, Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance at the Prime Minister Secretariat here today, accorded permission for the establishment of 16-20 hydel projects on River Gilgit as IPP.

The ECC also considered the tabled items of making amendment in the 1995 Hydel Policy and decided that all actions thereto may be completed within a period of one month, besides approving the summary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources relating to fixation of CNG prices recommended by OGRA.

The ECC accorded its approval to the proposal relating to financial support for the Bank of Punjab under Credit Guarantee Scheme for small banks, and recommended that the proposal for improving conventional farming practices through provision of farm machinery to farmers/service providers may be considered afresh and brought back to the ECC after further diligence and observing the prescribed procedure.

The summary of Ministry of Food and Agriculture relating to Pakistan Accelerating Economic Transformation Programme of Asian Development Bank was approved by the ECC, besides floating the proposal for hedging of oil prices to be finalized at the earliest. In this regard a full-fledged presentation was directed within two weeks time.

The ECC reviewed the key economic indicators and expressed satisfaction that the consumer price index has come down by 14.39%, expressing its satisfaction on the availability of food stock in the country which stood at, 3,842.6 (ooo tones), sugar-2.445 (million tones) and fertilizer-237, 066 m/tons.

It also further considered the proposal for monthly and quarterly review of gas prices but did not find it feasible for adoption.

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  1. Congratulation to all for progress and development , Is it true
    Water the only thing left untouched, good jobs, all the power that will be generated will it benefit the whole area. What will happen to the whole are what will be left.
    The whole of Hunza is just a valley, Starting form Sosth to the last of Danyour(Gilgit) non of the villages are bigger the few kilometer, rest is all rock and Rock.
    While we are having to facilitate the rest of our beloved home land by
    (1)Road of friendship between China and Pakistan (30 to 40 feet) width
    (2)Railway line project (20 to 30 feet) width
    (3)Gas or crude oil pipe- line Project (20 to 30 feet) width
    (4) National Parke restrictions (60 percent of the whole area)
    (5) China trade and its complications (futuristic results )
    (6) The power project on the river banks
    Well in the end let just imagine the valley with all these development and project. Rivers with power project stations, with all electric pools, and lines to star the sceneries of nature. With mountains and green land drilled and shattered for railways tracks, and road. Giving way for noise, air, water population. Making our world modern and high tech.
    But will we be able to handle it all, has anyone ever thought of all the consequences. We at the moment have place to be able to live but will their be space left to call it HOME.
    I will talk about the environmental effect, effect on glaciers, water, heat global worming.

  2. establishment of 16-20 hydel projects on River Gilgit as IPP…………………………itz amaizing.pakistani politics

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