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Imamat Day celebrated across Gilgit – Baltistan

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Ghizar, Skardu,  Gilgit, Hunza – July 12: Ismaili Muslims celebrated Imamat day of H.H the Aga Khan on 11th July with traditional religious zeal and fervor. Festivals were held across Gilgit, Hunza and Ghizar Districts, at all Jamat Khanas.

According to details tens of thousands of people in Punial, Yasin, Gupis and Ishkoman regions of Ghizar district gathered at designated places, to commemorate the day when His Highness the Aga Khan had become Imam of the Ismailis, 52 years ago. Local dance, music and games were organized and participated by young and old, men and women, in their traditional roles.

Skardu – Ismailies living in Skardu district of Baltistan held simple and small events to mark Imamat Day. The number of Ismailis in Skardu is very low and comprises mostly of government officials and businessmen or people serving the Army. 

Gilgit – Festivity also prevailed among the Ismaili communities of Gilgit in Jutial, Sonikot, Central Jamat Khana, Zulfiqarabad, Danyore, Oshkandas, Sultanabad and Rahimabad localities of Gilgit city. 

Hunza – All three parts of Hunza valley; Shinaki, Central Hunza and Gojal also celebrated Imamat Day of His Highness. Programs were held at all Jamat Khanas of the region, participated by thousands of people.

In Shinaki region Khana Abad, Nasir Abad and Mayoon villages were specially decorated for the celebrations.

Colorful events were also reported in Aliabad, Hyderabad, Karimabad, Hassanabad, Altit, Ahmedabad and other villages of central Hunza, details of which couldn’t reach PT.

In Gojal valley, upper Hunza, events were held in all villages. The biggest event was held in Gulmit Gojal, participated by people of all six Jamat Khanas of the village. Jamat from other parts of the country also attended, besides some non-Ismaili guest from different parts of the world, the highly colorful event, which lasted for more than eight hours, including tableaus, speeches, flag hoisting, Mushairas, sktis, singing and traditional dance. Over three thousand people participated in the event, according to conservative estimates.

Similar events were also held in other villages of Gojal valley, including Shishkat, Ghulkin, Hussaini, Passu, Shimshal, Khyber, Moorkhoon, Jamalabad, Khudabad, Sost Misgar and the Chipursan valley.

Mountains in many parts of the region illuminated with fireworks as Ismaili scouts lit fire to celebrate the leadership of their Imam.

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