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GBLA can decide Hunza’s demand for additional seat

PT Report

Gilgit, September 30: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani addressed a press conference here in Gilgit. Responding to a question about the additioanl seat demanded by people of Hunza valley he said that the newly elected assembly is empowered to legislate in this regard.

“We have given you autonomy. Now it is the time for you to take decisions about your own people,” he said.

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  1. Pakistani PM is right. We need to snatch our rights from the aggressors. No one is going to present them in golden plates!!

  2. The resolutions of the GBLA are just a piece of waste paper for the Secretary KANA division. because G-B is no where in the Article 1 of the constitution of Pakistan which defines the territory of Pakistan. To test this, let’s pass a unanimous resolution on the inaugural session of the up-comming GBLA on the royalty of Diamer Bhasha Dam and see how they treat the resolution.

    Similarly, G-B will not get a penny as royalty on the hydro-electricity that will be produced from (Diamer) Bhasha Dam because The Constitution of Pakistan does not recognize Gilgit-Baltistan as territories of Pakistan.

    Should we stand up and oppose strongly the construction of this controversial Dam which is disaster but nothing for the people of Gilgit Baltistan. If the Government of Pakistan is keen to solve its energy problems, it should build Bunji Dam because Pakistan does not need water reservoirs as they oppose to build Kalabagh Dam and millions of cubic feed of water is wasted into the Arabian sea every year.

    I can bet on this that they will not honor it at all.

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