“PPP planning large scale rigging in GBLA elections”, Hafiz Hafeez

PT Report

Gilgit, October 15: Pakistan Peoples Party has appointed a corrupt and notorious chief election commissioner in Gilgit – Baltistan who rigged elections in Punjab to engineer election results. These views were expressed by Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman, president PML – N, addressing  a press conference at the Gilgit Press Club.

He said that kickbacks and nepotism was the only rule followed by PPP while awarding tickets to its candidates. “Seasoned ideological supporters of PPP were ignored because they lacked wealth”, he accused the PPP central leadership. He said that turncoat religious leaders who a couple of years back wanted to implement “Islamic law” in Pakistan were awarded tickets by the so-called secular Pakistan Peoples Party. He said that the slogans painted on walls of Gilgit, urging people to vote for “the book” and the “Islamic system” are testimony of how secular the party ticket holder in ward 1 of Gilgit was.

Hafiz also criticized transfer of government employees carried out across Gilgit – Baltistan and termed it an effort to engineer the election results.

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  1. ppp’s days are numbered…even if they succeed in rigging the elections…their stint in power will be short..this is the last time they will come into power…after this stint in power they will be marginalized to sindh…after benazir’s death they don’t have a leader to garner votes…so all the people allying with them will have short political careers
    the media should play a role to expose this pre poll rigging in order to give the people of gilgit baltistan a chance to chose their representatives in a transparent manner.

  2. Dear PT/HT,
    If possible for HT/PT to publish “GBLA Constituency map”, it would be very informative regarding forth coming election 2009. I have’t seen such e-informion yet.

    thanks for updating people of Hunza in particular and GB in general about the emerging political scenario of our region.

  3. Dear Readers
    PPP is the only national party of pakistan where it has rooots in masses. PPP does not revolve arround personalities and its Idealogy leads us a progressive and tension free Pakistan. You will see that PPP will be winner in next elections and I can’t forsee a bright future of De-facto Ameer-ul-Momoneen Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

    Shahab Hunzai

  4. @ Shahab Hunzai
    ppp was a national party when led by zab and it has become a sindhi party.ppp has evolved around ZAB and then BB and now we have young Bilawal and Mr. 90 percent trying to fill in the shoes.the only reason they came into power is due to the sympathy vote they got after BB’s death and the deal they did with Musharaf in return for the NRO.Mr. Zardaris constituency is the west not pakistan because that is where all his money is.all major ministries have also been given to mr. zardaris business associates and front men.according to a recent survery mR. Zardaris popularity stands at around 20 percent.that is dismal to say the least.what happened to the ideology of roti,kapra, and makan?all i can see is people in misery with price of electircity sky rocketing thru the roof,no electricity for 14 hours a day,food shortages like aata and sugar,the economy in shambles due to their inefficiencies, price of gas expected to increase in the winter,dollar has gone from 60 to 83,they are fleecing the people with high oil prices whereas world wide oil prices have come down drastically,their handling of the cj issue was dismal,they have forgot the charter of democracy once comming into power,the power plants scandal, all they are concerned with is the NRO and nothing else.once the nro goes so will they.
    if the ppp does win in the next elections it will be due to massive rigging because their performance has been dismal to say the least and all they are concerned with is filling their pockets.

  5. if the elections are free and fair the ppp would not win more then a handful of seats…i doubt they will be free and fair because their governor is going to be overseeing the elections…they have already made their pre-poll rigging strategy by changing the ig and appointing a biased election comissioner to do their bidding.

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