Chinese organization offers 1 million yuans relief

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Islamabad, January 18: According to a letter faxed to the chief secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan by Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador in China, a Chinese non – profit organization called China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP) has decided to contribute one million Yuan for humanitarian assistance in the disaster hit areas of Hunza valley.

The letter has requested government of GB to forward relief requirements of the region to director, Yuan Jianmin, based in Xinjiang province for further action. CCIIP has also vowed to mobilize the Xinjiang government for for assistance in the disaster situation developed due to blockade of the Hunza river.

The letter has also been addressed to the KANA division and ‘Raja Shebaz Khan’. Shebaz has played an important role in generating this support, amounting to around 1 Crore and twenty three lac Pakistani rupees, for the people affected by the landslide disaster.

Talking to Pamir Times Shebaz said that the list of requirements shall be immediately sent to CCIIP for further action. He said that it is not the time for politics and all forces of the region shall join hands to help avert the disaster.

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  1. Nice efforts from the Yuan Jiaamin. The same person also donated computers, generators, bags and other items to Sost Dry Port for distribution among communities in far flung valleys before the election. I hope while keeping his tradition Mr Shahbaz has already distributed them transparently.


  3. The sympethy goes with those who offer their helping hands in the hard times. this is the real time when the people of Hunza expect the effective role of their plotical representatives, in or out of the Govt. People will have soft cornor in their hearts for those who contribute to rescue the masses of Hunza from this trubbled situation. though it is a test time for the people of hunza but at the same time it is a real test time of the political representative and elected Govt. of GB. it will be a decisive time that how effective role the representatives and govt. gonna play in such hard times.

  4. I m also appreciating the great efforts done by Mr. Shahbaz and Yuan Jiaamin for their future endeavours. I don’t agree with Kiramat that the goods were distributed at sost dry port the same goods were distributed at shishkat and gulmit as you know better that majority of his voters are in gulmit and shiskat..

  5. Its not time to play this …. politics in Hunza valley, but i think Mr. Shabaz is just doing a Politics. Politics is parts & parcell of Mr. Shabaz’ s deeds. We do remember the Character of Yaun Jianman during the Sost Dryport Issue, Where , He is also one of the knowing or unknowing culprits involved in the corruptions. Mr. Shabaz & Yuan Jianman are partner in that asspect.

    Lets Hope that things will be go ahead transparentlly.

  6. Great effort by Mr.Shabaz .He is doing work in the difficult time .When the problem was going on the Silk Route Dry Port,at that Mr.Shabaz was played his role as a midiator.and we appreciate Mr.Shabaz at that time but ……………
    Hope for the better.

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