NEF director moves court against employees

Obaid Abbasi
ISLAMABAD: Director National Education Foundation (NEF) of Gilgit Baltistan, Yasmin Ali, moved the Islamabad trial court to register an FIR against some NEF officials who forced her to approve “false allegations” against the foundations’ managing director.

Additional Session Judge Muhammad Rafat Sultan directed Station House Officer (SHO) Margalla Police station Fiaz Tanoli to submit a report on the matter on May 26.

In an application submitted before the court, she alleged that she was forced by NEF Project Director Sirajud Din, along with other employees Shabazullah, Haji Irfan, Muhammad Noor, Munir, Tanveer and others, to approve fabricated embezzlements against the foundation’s Managing Director Kamran Zafar and an employee Waqar Gilani. She said she reported the incident to Margalla police but they kept delaying registration of an FIR against the NEF employees.

She said Din had called her to the NEF head office in Islamabad on May 18 on an emergency basis and forced her to sign some company documents to forge an embezzlement case against the two NEF officials. She alleged that Din, along with the named employees, locked her in a room for 10 hours and threatened to depose her from her post if she failed to comply. “They even snatched my mobile phone from me and put me in a room for over 10 hours,” she wrote. She said after she signed the papers, they allowed her to leave the office building late at night.

Ali said she reported the incident with the Margalla police soon after she was released but the police kept delaying registration of an FIR against the NEF officials and asked her to leave an application with the department assuring her that the FIR will be filed soon.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 22nd, 2011.

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  1. we strongly regret and condem the incident . we extend our gratitude and sympathy to her, people of Gb should take serious notice of this issue and should protest and raise voice for such happenings.

  2. very disappointment, it shows high level of corruption and mismanagement, we extend our gratitude and sympathy to yasmin ali, our prayers and good wishes are always with her.


  3. these all are the impact of a corrupted administration in Pakistan where we feel there is no low where one can protect himself or herself. i am still wounder that why no any step has been taken against those currepted people as we saw a nurse has been killed and now this is another case done with yasmeen ali. we all should have to raise our vioces and turn the corrupt to a civilized society. this might be no the final case there may be some girls or women facing same situation. so wake up and do something

  4. Its so disappointing, definitely it’s evidence of high level of corruption in Pakistan. I think its a very bold step from Yasmin to file an FIR!!

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