Another video on Attabad disaster and Gojal lake formation


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  1. Dear Ali Rehmat, just one thing to clear, the red marking of shisket, gulmit, hussaini and passu has been done on the basis of current height of the Dam or the first day as FWO has done some work and i think the reduced the height a little….anyways nice work done by Ali Rehmat,

  2. Dear bro, I think 40 ft of excavation in 3 months is nothing so far, everyone is aware of their past performance in the history of KKH, as we all are witnessed where they can remove a snow avalanche from the KKH near Gulmit every year in more than two months and the same avalanche Chinese company removed in four days last year, so how we can expect FWO will manage this huge disaster. they are the fuel sealers not sincere with people suffering in the valley, if they ware able to work, why not the KKH expansion given to them, this was very unfair that this project was given to them, where already chinese workong on KKH expension, otherwise they mast did this work very fast with their advanced technology and equipped machines.

  3. Dear Leeramat

    For your information, let me tell you that 57 ft height of the laker barrier has been reduced so far. The target has been increased to 30 meter (100 ft) and work is in progress.

    Instead of criticizing blindly, you should also recognize the fact that the maps you have drawn is flawed. It shows the impact area for height of 414 ft and not 354 ft (the current height). Lake water has increased to 250 ft already so the remaining height of the saddle is 104 ft at maximum. This means that if the intended height reduction of 100 ft (43 additional) is attained during the given date, the total height remaining would not be more than 60 feet. In that case even Gulmit would not be affected, let alone Passu and Hussaini.

    Instead of mongering fear, as a son of the soil, you should tell the truth.


  4. The time and situation will let you clear how much FWO has done, you are waiting for the third human induced disaster, 2nd is continue and the villages are sinking at evry second, FWO has created tarrces nothng more, very clear in the picture.

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