RCMG leader Rehan Shah arrested, shifted to Gulmit Police Station

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Gulmit, February 20: Rehan Shah, a leader of the Rabita Committee Mutasreen Gojal, has been arrested in Gilgit and shifted to Gulmit Police Station. He was, reportedly, arrested in Gilgit city and kept at Aliabad Police Station for some days due to bad weather before being shifted to Gulmit today.

It is pertinent to note that Rehan Shah was beaten up by police during a protest in Aliabad Hunza some months back, while he was leading a procession for rights of the people affected by the Attabad landslide and damming of Hunza River.

A case had also been registered against Rehan Shah for holding an anti-government demonstration in Gulmit. Also nominated in the case were around 10 more people belonging mainly to Ghulkin and Gulmit, two villages of Gojal Valley.

Rehan Shah had refused to seek bail before arrest, terming the cases to be fake. He has, now, been arrested and shifted to Gulmit, headquarter of the Gojal Valley.

Public circles have expressed shock and anger over the arrest because only a couple of days back the Chief Secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan, Saifullah Chattha, had assured a delegation of Gojal Valley that arrangements were being made to withdraw cases registered against protesters in Gojal Valley.

The people of Gojal Valley have demanded annulment of all ‘political cases’ against the activists.

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  1. Where are the people of Gojal sleeping, their people are arrested and imprisoned at their doors and the others keep watching it silently, there is neither any political effort nor any agitation sort of thing from the people, all that is visible is hopelessness, come on my people lets rise our voices and increase our efforts to get our basic rights.

  2. salam paimertimes readers
    shame to all admistater of hunza nager if u arrest one leader of gojal next one is on protest so (tum kitny gojali band karow gay har gar say gojali nikly gaa) wazir baig morda abad madi sha murdabad

  3. Its indeed regretful news…. I personally condemn the news…… The government should protect the basic rights of people of Gilgit-Baltistan….who already suffered in many ways….The government has failed to fulfill its commitment to natural hit region of G-B.

    The guys like Singe Hassan Sering and his gang, runs fake institute for Gilgit-Baltistan studies ( and speak against Pakistan, why so far, the legislative assembly of G-B have failed to pass any resolution against Singe and his gang….who speaks anti-Pakistan…..

    Why the action is only taking against those, who legitimately ask for their rights??????

  4. Tund-ie-Baad-e-Mukhalif se na Gabra a Aqaab
    ye tou chalti hay tujay ouncha Uranay k lie

    Rehan Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii… we salute u and your devoution………. u r hero and THEY are zero……… Salllaaaammm

  5. why govt. iz arresting our youths and why are they filing cases against our youth. what they did asking the courrupt and incompitent politician to perform their responciblities iz i think not a rime. crime iz this that representatives false promises which the made during their visit to the disaster hit velly and its people. now this iz a time to organize a proper demonastration and protests against these courrupt and ignorant politicians.due to their poor governance and incompitences our houses thousands of trees and and cultivateable land sank in the water.


  6. its really bed news, it shows level of tolerence of the GB government.

    its seems to be political victimization and torture.

    Regards / Shah Zaman

  7. The so called democrats must know that democracy is not just one time activity: the voting. Rather it is a continuous way of participation through expressing one’s voices and concerns about different issues. If you stop common people from raising their voices and grievances. Then tell us, what is the difference between dictatorship and the present so called democracy? Unfortunately, the culture of political vendetta is not new to this country. We must learn that in democracies voices instead of silencing are encouraged to illuminated so that leaders are in better position to adjust governance accordingly. Even, dictatorship of different forms cannot last long as we have just observed from the experiences of recent ousting of dictatorships in African countries… now the waves turning to the Arab countries.

  8. Indeed very sad news, the youth of Gojal are with Rehan, the count down of Jiyalaz has just began.

  9. We strongly condemn this action against Mr. Rehan Shah. instead of facilitating the deprived people of Gojal, the existing government is fueling the youths of Gojal towards strike and demonstrations.

  10. Gojal ke awam road pe niklo warna ye log sir pe chaenge. Gojal ke andar jitne bhi mahfiya hai in ke khilaf awaz autaw. Kia hum siysi tor per itna yatim huwe hai ki koi hume lead karne walla nai.Nahi Nahi Nahi
    eysa nahi hai…. bus sirf jazba aur hosila rakne ki bat hai. Hum Pakistan ke sab se educated hone ki dawa karte hai to kiun apne awaz ko dabaye rakte hain.
    ek aam tahsildar aur tanedar se kiun darte ho…. Please, Gojal ke Youth hath main hath milaw aur dunya ko batado ki hum bhi apna haq magsakte hain.
    warna relife hume ek din bekari banaye ga.

    Akram Gojaliiiiiii

  11. It is really a sad news, which shows the current government’s sincerity to the people of Gojal. However, they cannot force down the voice of silent revolutionize people of the region. The government should realize there is thousands of Rehan to go Jail for their right.
    Shame on all those (thumbs up)


  12. What crime has Rehan committed? Ask the district Admin.Hunza Nagar, few activists are working for the cause of Gojal in whatsoever form they present the view of a silent majority, the deprivation and insecurity posed by Attabad Spillway.
    We observed and saw what progress was made to unlock the locked Gojal valley since Jan4,2010.The seriousness of FWO,NDMA as well Govt GB.It is considered a crime to fight for your just and basic human right a crime by the regime here, don’t forget the people power exhibited in Tunisia,Egypt,UAE and Libya .We are with you and your colleagues arrested against a false charges.

  13. ohhh dear all..lets unite the whole Hunza Region………..lets fight for our real identity…..lets fight to free the imprisioned herose………what you expect from the so called …..govt of Gilgit-Baltistan………wakeup wakeup wakeup…..the pakistani agencies will arrest one by one to all the people who have couraged to condem the injustice of corrupt pakistani govt and bUREAUCRACY………….LONG LIVE…….REHAN SHAH…….AND ALL WHO HAVE COURAGE TO SPEAKE AGAINST THE INJUSTICE……..REMEMBER REVOLUTION IS NOT A DINNER PARTY …….LEARN TO SACRIFICE…….

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