Asif Zardari is Asian Nelson Mandela and hero of Pakistan, writes CM of Gilgit – Baltistan

Published in Daily Badd-e-Shimal

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  1. waw, really an interesting article. Suprprised to read all the praising words, how people think and what they observe. Mahdi Shah please think before you speak.

    1. This kind of sycophancy has stopped the progress of democracy in Pakistan. It was done in the Moghal era. Unfortunately, we have been running even democracy like a monarchy and this national trait is not going to end as sycophancy is very lucrative business.
      Nelson Mandella is a world statsman who spend 25 years in jail so that his people will be liberated. He did not go to jail for corruption or crimes.

  2. I agreed with Dr. Sabit Rahim and would also like to add that Nelson’s Mission was not to stick with power rather he achieved his objetive and returned the power to the people and opted to stay in his village and spend his rest of life there. I wonder will Asif Ali Zardari do the same???

  3. It seems that Mr.Mehdi Shah belong to the same category to which his reknown president belongs.I hope you will get reward for this article and have a percentage share of at least around 10% in every project in GB.

  4. its really amazing statements, one of the reason beyond is the fact that appointment of our CM-GB is a decision and gift from Aiwan-e-Sadar otherwise He is not entitled and does not deserve for it.

    it also look like this “Shah Say ziada Shah ki wafadari”.

    I would also agree with Dr. Sabit Rahim and Aafiyat Nazar.

  5. A deeply disappointing and discouraging statement by Mr. Mehdi Shah, CM of GB. This shows that what a big toady he is. He might have some political reason such as to gave out impressions of loyalty to Mr. Zardari. But at least he should not have exaggerated the praise for AZ and disparage the stature of Mr. Nelson Mendala.

    When the old Nelson Mundela will know about the statement of CM/GB, i tell you he will cry and die instantly with shame.

  6. The statement of CM GB reflects the level of his thinking & vision for the country in general. I feel so bad that i hate to comment on what has been said by CM/GB. I wonder why Mehdi Shah is inclined to expose himself. My sincere suggestion for Mehdi Shah would be think ,analyze & say somthing if neccessory

  7. لگتا ہے کہ کھانے پینے میں چیف منسٹر بھی زرداری صاحب کے پارٹنر ہیں جبھی تو وہ ان کے مسیحا ہیں۔کیا چیف منسٹر کو یہ بیان دیتے ہوۓ شرم نہیں آیٔ ہے؟ کل کو اپنے آپ کوشمال کا قاید اعظم کہلاۓ گا۔ا

  8. Embarrassment for GilgitBaltistan, because of this statement by nashukar CM.
    And why PT publishes these stupid statements?

    1. For a very simple and obvious reason………funnnnnnnnnnnnn, It is a great joke of the day.

      If you look around in the federal government, you will see similar personalities all around. The same applies to GB. The best matching lot is also there, Look at Mehdi Shah, Wazir Baig, Mohammad Ali Akhtar and each and every one of his cabinet member.

      Guys, I don’t know where are we heading to, with these type of guys.

      May Allah be with the people of Pakistan and GB against these jokers.

    2. @ Saba … I think we must appreciate PT for showing us the true face of our so-called leaders, and giving us the opportunity to analyse and express our thoughts. I also think that PT has been very unbiased on any issue and any incident and we should salute them for their efforts. Although on a very small scale, but we can see a sign of democracy and freedom of speech in our society through PT.

  9. A thief vs a great great personality like Nelson Mandela ?
    Is the writer of article gone nuts?

  10. this is very ridiculous that our governor compare asif ali zordari with mendalla.
    no doubt that ppp work for our area. but now the leadership of ppp under the
    crept man asif ali zardari is worst for our country and as well as for their party.

  11. “Makhmal mei taat ka paiwand.” I truly believe that this comparison is an insult for a Hero like Mr. Nelson Mandela.

    One suggestion for Mr. Mehdi Shah, “if you honestly believe in democracy, let the people of the country decide what do they think about their president?” Being part of the government I think your thoughts and comments would be biased.

    Since you have thought about this comparison I pray that you and your so-called hero learn from the life of Mr. Mandela so that the people of your country can benefit from your leadership.

    God save Pakistan! (Aameen)

  12. Pitty on naive CM’s mediocre political intelligence. I feel ashamed that people like him are represnting the area to which I have my roots. It’s my humble request to PT to refrain from publicizing worthless articles like the one the foolish CM has wrote and immediately remove the page to avoid further embarrasment.

  13. I am sure that our CM (CHEAP MINISTER!) just knows that Nelson Mandela was once in jail but he does not know why Nelson Mandela was in jail and for how long. Before making such a comparison of two extremely different contexts, he should have at least looked at the history. I know that CM sahib is not able to read what is written about Nelson Mandela in English but at the same time, there is much literature available in Urdu also and he could have consulted that and even if Urdu is difficult for him he could have got help from someone from his native language to be able to understand what Nelson Mandela stood for.
    One can never compare two individuals where one was in jail to his eternal shame due to his career as a thief and the other was in jail to the pride of his nation and humanity at large.

  14. well………..what should i add..every one is righteous , he is proving that we R educated but not patriot to ur land. that a person like him can do what ever he wants to do..but we will still keep silence because we don’t have the guts to challenge him of how to run a government esp. the government of 99% educated people!!! my statement is not against ppp .. we have true leader in ppp and in all our political parties who can come forward and represent our true image to the world.

  15. Yes we admit that PT is doing wonderful job but some time they stands for PPP.
    After this foolish statement by CM the peoples of GB starts to doubt about the Degrees of the GB cabinet members.

    1. PT has been maintaining an unbiased position throughout its life and have published everyones point of view but I don’t know why some people still feel that they are more biased towards the PPP.

      While we have seen instances where the volunteers of PT were subjected to criticism and morally assaulted by the ministers and advisors of the PPP government for nothing but bringing the truth to the people. PT has very effectively been putting pressure on the current regime of PPP for the will full negligence the past six months of the on-going Attabad disaster has been phenomenal.

      For me, the allegations of biasedness on PT for taking PPP’s side is not true and rather an attempt to disgrace their spirit of volunteerism.

      Please do not doubt their spirits as these guys put in tremendous efforts in bringing these information through to all the readers worldwide. The efforts involve physical, financial, intellectual inputs and we are enjoying first hand information without any cost.

      I salute Team PT for their outstanding hard work and high standards of neutrality and morality throughout the past three years. I also urge everyone to contribute in what ever way you can to develop a true democratic, enlightened, responsible and caring civil society in our homeland Gojal, Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan

  16. after reading the articals, it remind me the history we read about the mughal Empire, when the king had DARBARI,s around him, and there job were to praise the King and propagate his kindness and wisdom ( which were actually not there ),

    Nelson Mandela has change the social and political system of South America, and he was in prison becouse he struggled for the rights of his people, and with our hero ( zardari ) it different story. Mr. CM may be for you, rehman malik, babar Awan it is a hero,,,,, but for the people, he is unfortunately ………..

    1. Everyone know when the Moghal Empire was in that stage of the “Darbaries” and “Rangeelas”, it was the start of their decline in such a way that even their signs have vanished. While there were some great emperors in Mughal who had their marks for a long time in history.

      PPP too, seems to be in its final round and will be eliminated from the hearts of the people after the assassination of their popular leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

      It has already washed away from the hearts of the people of Gojal, I am quite sure about it due to the people like Mehdi Shah and Wazir Baig.

      Nelson Mandala struggled for South Africa, not for South America, I think it was a mistake.

  17. Small people always talks foolish things…….at last he proved that he is not suitable for this work…he should do his own work as his forefathers done,,,,,,,,

  18. Personalities like Mondella are not bornevery day They come once in a century. Look at our own history. Why we don’t have people like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal now.. Mondella’s autobiography is available in English and urdu in Pakistan. It is must reading for people in active public affairs. He was sentenced to Jail with rigorous punishment for demanding end to the aparthied System. He was detained in a small cell as an ordinary prisoner and did hard work like breaking stone along with other prisoners. He was offered freedom several times by the White regime of S.A provided he gives up the demand of end of aparthied. I don’t know our CM knows about aparthied or not. Sometimes I feel that our rulers practice disguised aparthied of regionalism, prejudice and discrimination.
    Nelson Mondella was an African Prince and head of his tribe. He spent 25 years in rigorous imprisonment and unlike our CM’s so called Mondella never spent the time of punishement in Hospital VIP rooms by submitting fake medical certificate.

  19. Guys AOA to you all and please cool down!

    We respect all of you for sharing your comments with all of us. We can’t blame Pamir Times for publishing CM’s statement. First, it was published by our Daily Newspaper ‘Baad-e-Shimal’. PT only reproduced it in its website. We have democracy and everyone has right to express his/her views.

    Secondly, we poor people are not angry or annoyed with our honourable President/CM of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is said that in this poor country, Honourable President has net deposits of 144 billion Pak-rupees in different banks with different names in the accounts. Hundreds of hactares of agriculture land has been transferred in his name in the Sindh Province and the income of Honourable President is increasing day by day. The shopping malls at Dubai, Holiday Inn in the US and Surray Mahal in the UK, millions of US dollars in Swiss Banks and many more property in the Europe is an addition to the wealth of honourable Prisident.

    My last and simple REQUEST to our Honourable Presidnet/CM is; please…..please took pity on the poor Pakistani nation and return some of your wealth to us, thus the fate of the poor people could be changed into hope, because on daily basis, poor people are committing suicide due to non-availability of their basic needs. It is said that in democratic Islamic republic of Pakistan, 50% population is living below extreme poverty level, and are living in a miserable state. We all know that ‘QAROON’ had much more wealth as compared to our President, but at last he was burried with his whole wealth by Almighty God, because he was greedy and didn’t spent a single penny on poor people, despite several warnings from the Holy Prophet of God at that time.

    In the last I dare to share a story. Hope that it might be a lesson for all of us.


  20. A disappointing statement. So called the CM of GB is trying to import a kind of culture where hypocrisy is considered to be a kind of diplomacy & chamchagari. This needs to be discouraged in GB where people are relatively simple & straightforward. Mehdi Shah needs to understand that in the process of pleasing his boss, he is losing his credibility (If any)

  21. pardon my language but I can’t offend anyone with my following remark more than CM has offended Nelson Mandela and his fans.

    “What a ‘…….’ joke!!”

  22. Great joke of the century,weldome CM GB.We expect like these statements in future also.Jiyala Khapay

  23. Mola ali ka qool hey bawqoof (wagtool) ki bat ko seh jana aqal ki zakat hey. not more comments

  24. Zardari ====> Nelson Mandela???????????????? Wat a Joke man…….:-) keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
    People use to say love is blind but in this case I must say POLITICS is blind……………

  25. I never laughed this much in my Life ahahhahahahahahahahahah

    Zardari………………. Nelson Mandela hahahahahah

    Please Do not tell Nelson Mandela.. bechara wo ye sadma bardasht nai kar sakayga… hahahhaha

  26. CM of GB is a fool of sorts. I am not sure if Zardari will ever have a chance to read this crap article, even if he does, Zardari himself will laugh at the false comparison that has been made.

  27. Indeed we expect such rubbish and shamful statement from the illiterate CM of GB. To compare zardari with Nelson Mendala is probably the insult of a great leader like Nelson who secrificed his whole life for his nation and achived his goal. I suggest this Cheap Monster to get back to school and rejoin politics after he became mature.

  28. What a comparison!!!!!!!!!!! Dear CM, as a president of Islamic Republic of Pakistan we must respect Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and we do, but the leaders like you have lost your roots within the public by giving so stupid statements. We know that you are there to support Mr. Zardari but it doesn’t mean that you compare Mr. Zardari with Qaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, because Mr. Nelson is an international figure like our QAID. He has fought for the independence of his nation for more than 35 years and moreover he was kept in prison not for corruption allegations, he is a hero of his nation.

    Dear CM, please define your position first. As a CM why you were not invited in the very important meeting regarding construction of Diamar-Bhasha dam some four days before? If you want to prove yourself as a political leader of GB then it is the best time to do something.

    Regards and with best hope,


  29. ahahahahaha……………lol.. Zamin or Hasman ka farq hai donu may..
    amazing statement may be our CM only know the name of Nelson Mandela he dont know what he did???

  30. The author is sick mentally, and was not a good idea of Pamir Times to publish such a article on the web. Who got the most benifit from the murder of BB?
    Why during the government of PPP Mir Murtaza Bhotto was murdered using the Government machinery, and the investigation never been carried out.
    Many time Mr. 10 which is now much more keep on saying that he knows who has murdered BB, why not say it?
    He has no formal education and did not own a business till early ninties is amongs the richest people on earth?
    People think, specially a person who is reporting wrong news is corrupt too. Better kill such person to control the corruption.

  31. Pamir Times has done a good job by publishing this article, because people of GB should know about literate and illiterate. They should know about the vision of their leaders. We are on a right path to elect the leaders. Very soon time will come when the successor Mehdi Shah declare that Medhi Shah is the great thinker of this nation…..
    My request to Mr. CM please forgive Nelson Mandela, if you don’t know about him, don’t say anything, atleast please don’t compare him with Zordari.

  32. فکر و نظر کے تضادات کا بیان ہمہ وقت نظر سے گزرتا ہے مگر الفاظ کی شعبدہ بازی اس قدر ہرزہ سرائی پر مبنی ہوتی ہے کہ کوئی ذی شعور انسان محض سر ہی پیٹ سکتا ہے۔ سچ ہے کہ وزیر اعلیٰ محترم، زرداری صاحب کی دریا دلی سے استفادہ کر رہے ہیں اور یہ امر بھی روز روشن ہے کہ محترم وزیر اعلیٰ اور اس کے حواری ہرگز عوام کے بل بوتے پر اتنی اونچی اڑان نہیں بھر سکتے۔
    موصوف کے اس شرمناک بیان سے کہ زرداری صاحب پاکستان کے نیلسن منڈیلا ہیں، دل کو بہت چوٹ پہنچی ہے۔کہاں وہ صاحب نظر عظیم المرتبت راہنما اور کہاں یہ عوام کا خون چوستے اور ہڈیاں چچوڑتے سگان آوارہ۔۔۔کہاں وہ بے کسوں کا نجات دہندہ اور کہاں یہ حرام پر جھپٹتے کرگس۔۔۔ان کا بیان ہرگز انصاف کی آواز نہیں۔۔۔
    یہ مہدی شاہ صاحب کی نمک حلالی کا کرشمہ ہے کہ انہیں جوہڑ میں کنول نظر آیا۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  33. Mehdi Shah
    You are right to the extend that Mr Zardari spent years in jail.
    He was jailed for plundering national wealth while Nelson Mandela was for his historic struggle to liberate his homeland. Zardari and likes created an aparthied society where rich, corrupt and thieves will enjoy the rights to usurp the national spoils while N Mendela proved throgh his actions that race and wealth based societies can be replaced with egalitarian systems.
    Mehdi Shah you should not speak in public because I do not want to be blamed as an ignorant for your follies

  34. Actually there is a shortage of jobs in Pakistan and Mehdi shah loves his job so he wants to save it :D.
    shah say ziada shah ka wafadaar 😛

  35. the newly created provience is the Gift of Asif Ali Zardari to the natives of GB,Zardari has a credential of giving a separat recognition to gilgit baltistan.otherwise we were called pathan in different regions of pakistan.Since the inception of new proviance i feel some phsycological change in my self and now we gilgiti and balties are the fifth nation of pakistan.CM has responsibility to monitor the people who are enemies of GB living in the area.merit is the main piller of the development of any segment of society plz see it CM.
    Sanabar hussain sakwar gilgit

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