[Photo Story] Warm reception for Peace Walk activists in Islamabad

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Islamabad, October 26: On 22nd day of the Khunjrav – Karachi Peace Walk Asghar and Ejaz Rumi, two peace activists from Gojal – Hunza, Gilgit – Baltistan, reached Islamabad today from Taxila, having covered more than 900 kilometers of distance starting at 16, 500 feet high Khunjrav national park.

They were received by a group of youth belonging to Gojal Students Federation and Gojal Educational and Cultural Association at Tarnol, Islamabad.

In the evening GECA hosted a reception in honor of the two student peace activists who plan to walk up to Karachi. They plan to place two ordinary stones, picked from Khunjrav National Park, at the mausoleum of father of the nation, as token of the messages of peace, harmony and tolerance.

Farman Ali, Chairman of GECA, briefed participants of the reception about objectives of the peace walk and its significance in the times of apparent chaos. He appreciated the peace walkers’ role as an important step towards creation of a more engaged and thinking society.

Talking at the reception renowned young scholars, Aziz Ali Dad and Amir Hussain, applauded the positive initiative taken by the two young students. Aziz said that walking on foot has great cultural and historical significance in the context of Gilgit – Baltistan, as during the times of compulsive foot walk people were connected through organic social relations. He observed that due to communication ease people have lost sight of the importance of such organic links which at times results in deterioration of social fabrics, giving vent to friction rather than coherence in the society.  He also applauded the visionary step taken by Ejaz and Asghar.

Najeeb, a lecturer at Karakurm International University, belonging to Chilas – Diamir paid glowing tributes to the initiative taken by the two youngsters. “Historically all important decisions have been taken by the elders but those have led our society towards feuds and violence”, he quipped. “However, this call for peace, initiated by the youth, is a positive change”, he said. Also speaking at the occasion was Waseem Ahmed, a young social activist from Gilgit city.

Engineer Baig Ali, Fayaz Ahmed Dewan, Engineer Jabbar and Azam Tajik also spoke at the reception. These speakers appreciated the positive step and emphasized importance of peace in Gilgit – Baltistan, Pakistan and rest of the world. They also offered moral and technical support for the two peace activists.

Towards the end Tayib Jan, vice – chairman of GECA, thanked all the people gathered for the reception. He said that the message of peace is universal and it can’t be limited to a region or a country and the peace walkers, in essence, are universal ambassadors of peace.

A delegation of young professionals and social activists also met the peace walkers and expressed solidarity for the cause.

Ejaz and Asghar would be addressing a press conference at the National Press Club, Islamabad today at 3 O’clock.

AAJ TV is exclusively covering updates of the walk on daily basis  in a program called “AAJ Subh”, broadcast between 9 and 11, every morning.

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  1. Nice to know that these young peace walkers have reached Islamabad safe and sound. Well recieved by GECA team. Interesting to know that they are carrrying stones to be placed at the Mazar-e-Quaid.

    Wish all the best for the youngsters.



  2. Dear Asgher and Ejaz Rumi,
    Today’s local social issues are interconnected with many global issues such as racism,sexism,relegious intolerance,natural disasters,environment,health, war, crime,poverty,drug and all over the world people are fighting for land and life and looking for the pathway to peace.” Khunjerav to Karachi, peace walk” is an initiative to give hope for us all to continue to thrive and remain vitally alive because of the insight and selfless efforts of dedicated persons like Asghar and Ejaz Rumi.

    On behalf of all paki students in Australia, i ask you to convey throughout the nation our wish of peace and we pray that may yor physical and spiritual journey in pursuit of peace inspire our national and the world’s leaders.(ameen).

    Ambassodors of peace! please keep up developing a comprehensive culture of peace.

    best of luck!!!

    Wajid Rumi
    Sydney, Australia.

  3. It was really a big achievement to walk from khunjareb to Rawalpindi unbelievable surprise to us and my pray is with you your peace journey should successfully end to Karachi. thanks to GSF for nice welcome to our brother

    Tahir Gilgit

  4. great job dear asghar and ejaz……i also appreciate GSF rawalpindi unit for the reception of the two gys…….hope GSF lahore unit will try to recieve the gys here in lahore as the other units at abotabad ,gilgit and gulmit units have recieved,,,,,,,,,,,i also appreciate the members of GECA…… of luck for the further journey of ejaz rumi and asghar rumi……….thanx

  5. I appriciate all the efforts you people are doing. it is really encouraging………………..
    In Islamabad gathering for me it looks gender baised and also exclusion of other communities. I think we are in peace by the blessing of our Immam, our message should goes to other communities, ethnic groups, minorities. it is the way we can fulfill the concept of plurilism……………………..

    all the best
    be in PEACE, let others in peace too

  6. great guys that u had covered a lot of distance and we appriciate ur effort for the walk of peace and hope thar God will help u in ur mission and best of luck
    with regard
    karim rumi

  7. its a great job done by the two gys and on behalf of the cabinet and members of GSF i pray for their further journey……the reception by GSF and GECA is appreciatable….to appreciate such energetic youth of gojal is very important.i hope the same from the youth of gojal in rawalpindi/islamabad and expect that the trend of ignorance of the youth should be removed so that every student and youth should work properly for the benefits of our area…..
    vice president GSF rawalpindi

  8. Great effort by our two bros……………. i appreciate GSF and GECA for the reception of our bros……. i wish u bst of luck for your further journey

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