Urdu Poetry (Click to open and read)

by Ali Qurban and Sharif Khan

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  1. The prominent fugures of Wakhi language it is a good move to prove their mettle in Urdu as well.Very touching poetry by both of you

  2. Aap ne Urdu Poetry ko “Urdu Pottery” bana ke rakh diya. Mirza ki rohh tadap rahi ho gi. Tazkir-o-tanis ki isqadar galtian itni mukhtasar nazm me???? Kya PDCN me ayesi hi Urdu chalti hey????

  3. @ Attaullah
    Man urdu is not our mother language, If u observe our language origin, it is from Central Asia not from South Asia.
    No one is perfect in this world even you, You may be xpert in your mother tongue but weak in others language. This is world guy where you learn till your last breath. LEARN FROM CREDAL TO GRAVE

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