No more arrests in Hunza, complete drainage of dammed Hunza River impossible: Bilal Lodhi

Mir Ghazanfar and Attiqa present themselves for arrest; Oppose police check posts between Aliabad and Karimabad; Threaten long-march to Gilgit

Hunza, August 21: Home Secretary Gilgit – Baltistan, Asif Bilal Lodhi has said that no more arrests will be made in Hunza Valley till completion of judicial inquiry into broad day light murder of father and son in Aliabad. He accepted that the heinous murder happened due to “mismanagement” and failure on part of the administration and government.

He has said that people of Hunza Valley are very peaceful and patriotic, while also urging the people to calm down and restore the valley’s peacefulness.

He was visiting the valley to meet members of the Aman Committee, to discuss the situation after arrest of around 20 people. Lodhi has also assured that funds for rehabilitation of the people affected by Attabad Landslide and the damming of Hunza River will be fully compensated before Eid.

Meanwhile, the political heat seemed to be building up in the valley with former Chief Executive of GB, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, presenting himself for arrest along with his wife, former assembly member Attiqa Ghazanfar. “My father had acceded the State of Hunza to Pakistan with the hope that the people will be treated with justice”, he said during a press conference in Karimabad. He expressed displeasure over the arrest of ‘innocent people’ by the police.

He termed the murder of Sher Ullah Baig and his son to be part of a conspiracy to sabotage the peaceful environment in Hunza.

“We oppose the decision to establish 7 check posts between Karimabad and Aliabad”, he said. “Hunza is the most peaceful area of Pakistan and these check posts are going to make it look like a war-zone”, Ghazanfar said.

He alleged that conspiracies are afoot to destroy the peacefulness of Hunza.

“My life and death are with the people of Hunza”, son of the last Mir of Hunza said in an emotional tone.

It is pertinent to note that the state of Hunza Valley had been abolished by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1974.

Many people believe that the murder of two people in Hunza Valley during the PPP government might prove to be a final nail in coffin of the party’s popularity in the region. The party is most likely going to lose support base in Gojal Valley (Upper Hunza) where PPP has traditionally enjoyed immense popularity.

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  1. i agree with Mir.Gazanfer Ali Khan why there is a need of 7 check posts in Aliabad, its a kind of creating mental and psychological pressure on people to bring them toward voilence.
    its my suggestion for the government to build these kinds of posts in those part of the country where people die on daily bases and suicide bombing are exploded.

    oh dear Government, let Hunza to be peacefull and leave the people to live peacefully.

    dear people of Hunza dont follow politics of Larkana, zero-9 and Ri-vind. live on your own way peacefully..

  2. yes this step was very good by Mir Ghanzafar,wher is wazir sab,motabyat sab,and other chamcha of PPP,we must meet them as a yoth and the are not able to live in Hunza,,,,,,,,, and we never accept ppp governoment where is ur fool promises which you have made with gojalis,,,,,,,,,,,,,sham on Chamcha
    of PPP,()()()…..

  3. ….and also no more Hippocracy Mr. Bilal Lodhi….Thanks God that the opportunist Ghazanfer got out of slumber and hibernation…Mr. Wazir Baig and Mr. Mutabiat you have really shown how selfish you are….Wasn’t the Hunza killing incident a good opportunity for you to stand with your people and resign from your titular positions????..How shameful…..

  4. Many people believe that the murder of two people in Hunza Valley during the PPP government might prove to be a final nail in coffin of the party’s popularity in the region…………….
    ……..Well not Many people, almost every one and every sensible and educated community of hunza and particularly Gojal should learn a lesson from their mistakes now ,who they voted for, who they selected, ….the Pee Pee Pee.Government…and the diehard Jiyaleys also…may be they will never learn any lesson coz their pockets are already filled..Atleast this type of brutality never happened in the history of Hunza and during any other party in the region….therefore join me in saying Jiyey Bhatooo, zinda hey bhotoo zinda hey(iss liyey logon ko maro), zinda hey Bee Bee zinda hey

  5. ……..[line deleted because of sensitivities involved… moderator]

    This country broke the STATE OF HUNZA, once called Shangrila, and gave us Police as gift instead of institutions. This was a great insult of the people of Hunza. Hunza does not need police and other stupid government agencies. Hunza needs honor for its cooperation with Pakistan; it needs human development institutions – not POLICE. For the recent attacks and killings, the people of Hunza have a right to go International Court of Justice and such occurring will automatically lead for human rights and justice. One positive aspect of the incidents is that the people of Hunza have got together which is a good sign for future steps and analysis. Mir sahib’s voice is the voice of Hunza. Wazir sahib, Mutabiat sahib and other politicians need to be one whole to strengthen Hunza. Its awful that Governor is doing nothing. He is out of screen and no body knows where he is and what he is doing. At least he can harness the government departments. He has authority to stop building check posts in Hunza.

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