Role of media in GB development discussed at KIU Seminar

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Gilgit , June 16: Speakers at a seminar titled “Role of Media in the Development of Gilgit-Baltistan”, organized by the students of the Department of Media and Communication, Karakoram International University, highlighted the critical role of regional media in the development of the GB. The seminar, held at Musharf hall KIU, was participated by a large number of senior journalists from Gilgit-Baltistan, development professionals and students besides the Vice Chancellor and other faculty members of KIU.

In her keynote speech, Dr. Najma Najam, VC KIU stressed on the regional media practitioners to avoid sensationalism and practice objectivity in journalism. She said media can play a key role in educating the society on critical issues.

Senior Journalist Saadat Ali Mujahid presented his paper on the evolution of print media in GB and its role in development. He highlighted the difficult situations during which the regional media has evolved.

Mr. Aftab Mehmood, Station Director, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Gilgit-Baltistan highlighted the role of Radio Pakistan in the evolution of media in GB and overall development of the region. He said Radio Pakistan is the only media outlet which is broadcasting programmes in each regional language.

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan, a Citizen Journalist of Pamir Times delivered a presentation on the evolution, role and impact of new media on the development of Gilgit-Baltistan. He said the penetration of new information and communication technologies have created new avenues for citizen journalism in the isolated mountain areas. He shared the case study of Pamir Times which during a very short period of time developed a reputation of objective journalism in GB. He also highlighted the role of Pamir Times in the Attabad landslide triggered disaster. He thanked the organizers for the first time including new media as a theme in any of the media related conference in GB.

Professor Dr. Shafiq Jallandhry, Chairman Media and Communication Department KIU, shared a presentation on the trends and dimensions of Development Support Communication (DSC).

Mr. Farasat Ali, Conservation Officer, WWF-Pakistan delivered a presentation on role of media in disaster risk management.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Sultan Ahmed, Assistant Professor Department of Media and Communication, highlighted the huge potential to supplement and complement the development efforts through the traditional and newly emerging media.

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  1. We are really grateful to all those individuals who made it a sucess. This seminar has opened new avenues for discussion, deliberation, research and dissemination on media and communication and its role in the society. There is a long way to go and we really need to find new ways for collaborative efforts and partnerships towards creating knowledge in this field and others.


  3. Salaam to All Viewers
    Accept my congratulation for arranging such a program to highlight the role of journalist and journalism in Gilgit Baltistan, but it is surprise to me that only two media persons has shared in this seminar as I read in Pamir Time. What Iam going to share with you is very important and need attention of the professional journalist, is that still we the people of GB have shortage of experienced and professionals in the field of electronic and printed media. Although some un- professional persons are exist in the fields that are still running the electronic and printed media on sectarian basis which is most dangerous for the area. The vital role of electronic and printed media can not be expected in absence of professionals. Due to lack of professionals yellow journalism is on peak side in GB. The reporters report un necessary news and views and highlight use less material only to gain benefits from Govt and private organizations. Corruptions is also on peak side but non of any news paper highlight this malpractice to save the country they only think who is the man enveloped in corruption either sunni or shia or ismalia. which is an alarming situation for the people of GB. In my opinion, with out professional journalism and education it is use less to think to maintained peace and harmony in GB.

  4. @ Biag Ali bhai
    Thank you very much indeed for your kind words sir. It is really humbling and I do appreciate your continued moral support and guidance.
    all the best,

  5. we being the students of kiu are proud of our teachers wwho motivated us to show our abilities and we did…this seminar cleared many things which need to be cleared

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