“Twelve PPP men hurt in clash with MQM”

GILGIT, Oct 23: At least 12 workers of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) were injured when activists of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) tried to stop them from wall-chalking in Shigar.

Police said the workers of both parties clashed after exchange of hot words. The injured were shifted to hospitals where they were being treated. Police have stated investigation.

Meanwhile, an eminent political leader of Gilgit-Baltistan has accused the government of using the Benazir Income Support Programme as a political kickback to rig the forthcoming elections in the region.

“The government is trying to rig the polls,” Nawaz Khan Naji said while talking to this scribe. He claimed that the PPP was using the income scheme as a bribe to get votes for the PPP-backed candidates.

Mr Naji, who is also contesting the elections, said that the politically aware people of Ghizer district would reject the ‘anti-democracy’ elements in the area and would support the ‘real’ leadership. He alleged “pre-poll rigging is being planned in different parts of the region by the government backed candidates”.

TREMORS FELT: A strong earthquake of 6.4 magnitude on the Richter scale jolted Gilgit-Baltistan on Friday.

The epicentre of the earthquake was reported 180 kilometres deep in the Hindukush range while its radius was about 600 kilometres.

Tremors were felt in Ghizer, Astore, Skardu, Diamer and other parts of the mountainous region. However, no causality or loss of property was reported. SOURCE

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  1. the educated people of gilgit baltistan should reject both these thug parties in the upcomming polls…all they want to do is pollute our society

  2. badmashi tou MQM ka manshoor hai Mr suhail ne bilkul munasib alfaz muntakhib kia hai PAKHTOON kaha kartay thay k TOPUK ZAMA QANON DE. ub MUHAJIR yahi alfaz istimal kar rahay hain

  3. good job guys,Keep it up!!!!

    As i said its just the start, Good Luck with all your crap Pakistani Politcal parites all the [word deleted_Ed.]and all the non sense,political parties What more can we expect more than all these parties to spoil the Enviroment of Gilgit & Baltista.For God sack……………Will You stop hatered with one another.You are one..Now try to finding some good solutions for Your cause the all Pakistan parites,better find a way that there is no more bloodshed……………Please Stop it.

    Thanks Warm Wishes to all the local Public and Good luck to the Unknown non-sense JAHIL Leaders…….

    With due request to all the Gilgit & Baltistan Public. Please Think wise before you can cast your vote.

    Make sure to give your valueable votes only to the person Whose Geniune right Candidate for You?

    Best of Luck to everyone………….Ganda Politics of Pakistan.No future for the cause why Election is really held.

    No to all the Carrupt Politicians?????????????????

  4. the tussle has wrongly been reported as PPP VS MQM as it is personal feud between Imran Nadeem of PPP and Raja Azam of MQM. both the contesttants have records of personal feuds and tussles in Shigar but names of parties reported only make headlines. clashes did also occur when Imran was a PMLQ candidate and Raja Azam was independent in 2004 elections. I think it will help readers if position is clarified.

  5. God!!! these parties are emotionally blackmailing the innocent voters…the voters can only see the local candidates who belong to a certain sect,region or a certain clan…agar wo hamara rishtadar,apney FIRQA ka ya phir apney apney ILAAQEY ka hai to hum bhool jayengey ki woh kis tarah ke platform aur party ke ticket pe election ladh raha hai…aap sirf CANDIDATE ko mat dekhain…and remember “A STICH ON TIME SAVES NINE”…aaj aap ke firqey aur ilaaqey ka rishtedaar election jeet bhi jata hai to waqti faida zaati tor pe aapko zaroor hoga laikin LONG RUN main ye sarasar ghaatey ka sodha hai…aap log na janey kion apni hasiyat,identity hamesha hamesha ke liye ghanwaney ke chakar main hain!!!

  6. keya wall chalking koye achi cheez hai ? ke ham ppp ka sat da. jo b kiya hai MQM na sahi kiya hai….

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