“Technocrat and Woman seat for Hunza, if I win” Wazir Baig


by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, October 27:  The future GB assembly has been empowered to decide about additional seat for Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly. This was stated by Wazir Baig, the PPP candidate,  while addressing a public gathering in Aliabad Hunza on Tuesday.  He said Hunza will get one each of Technocrats and Women seat in the assembly, if he won the election. The government of PPP was the first to declare Hunza as Additional district in 1974 which was later dissolved in Zia Regime but the then representatives of Hunza not opposed it, he said. He said the Shinaki parts of Hunza was given a combined seat  with the Shinaki Hunza but we refused it by ourselves so blaming government for injustices are just to gain political benefits. He said the people of Hunza are more patriotic and loyal to Pakistan. He warned the people to not allow politics of violence in the peaceful Hunza valley.  He said that he has a list of allegations against the former representative but he wants to avoid the politics of blame-game.

Addressing the gathering, Nazir Sabir requested the youth to project the educated and civilised face of Hunza to the world. “I am proud that as a native of a small village in Hunza I am projecting the liberal image of Pakistan all over the world”, he added.  He said Wazir Baig has the capacity to not only lead the people of Hunza but the entire Gilgit-Baltistan. He condemned the Kashmiri leaders for opposing the Gilgit-Baltistan package and demanded provincial status for the region. 

Sadia Danish, President of Women Wing of PPP Gilgit-Baltistan said the sacrifices of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto for the nation are a path to follow by the entire women.

Zulfiqar Ali Murad, candidate from Nagar 5, requested the people of Hunza to vote for Wazir Baig. He said after winning of the election they will play their role to harmonise the issues of mutual mistrust between Hunza and Nagar.

Representing the women of Hunza, Labiza Parveen said that the women of Hunza will vote PPP because they cannot ignore the sacrifices of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Those who addressed the gathering also included Nambardar Aslam, Fida Karim, Javed, Hajat Muhammad, Ghadir Shah and Aziz Jan.

Later addressing the youth in a local hotel Wazir Baig said Gojal deserves the new seat in all aspect. He said the youth should play their role to disseminate the philosophy of PPP at ever doorstep.

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  1. If I win then I will do this n that I have heard this with Nazir n wazir in past.Now being as a educated hunzukutz we should know our interests and not sale ourself on name of this n that. Nazir did nothing only he was a good symbol of unity in his tenure but wazir did nothing n also a symbol of divide among youth as in his whole tenure he never try to mobilize or meet with youth n discuss the issues.other options then wazir n sheryar are much more better than to repeat the same mistake which we did with wazir last time.

    1. Amaj, yes, they are a federal party and in power, but remember, they were in power back in 1994 when youth requested for a boycott, Nazir said, he will get us the extra seat which unfortunately till today we are deprived off. After that, Wazir came in power, following his colleague’s footprints, he too did nothing for the seat. Besides, Wazir has grown old now, and, of course has become weaker, he won’t be able to walk to the offices where he would be required to work for us.

    2. IN 1974 Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto empowered the people of hunza to have their on decision and practics. I didnt heared in a single speech of him to become puppet of his son in law or grandson nat even his daughter . No one is gona do any thing for u till that u ur self havent started. So dont rely on other that he ll do this n that for us…no one s gona do nathing for us …There should be a new face n that he should be independent well presentative educated…..

  2. Wazir Baig sahib, don’t fool yourself, we the people of Hunza are educated, and we know how the techno and women seats work. Nagar has 2 votes whereas we have one so, technically both seats are going to them. And for your information, PPP condidates are troubled already there, so, they are not going to win. I’m sorry even if you win, forget getting both seats.

    As far as having an extra seat for Hunza is considered, technically, Nazir Sabir and you haven’t done for us. During 1994 elections Nazir Sabir assured of talking to center high command to get the seat he failed and later when you were elected on PPP’s ticket, you could have done which you didn’t. We have zero expectations because he’s not representative of people of Hunza. He represents his Mirship. So, you and Nazir Sabir are culprits of this failure of people of Hunza.

  3. Jab EK hi Uloo kafi tha Barbad Gulistan karne ko ,
    Har shak pe uloo bhaie hai , anjam gulista kya hoga?

  4. talking all about wazir baig when they the 1994 electiion did nothing 4 us and than he was not even able to win frm his village Aliabad and how is he expecting to win.

  5. Well said Haron,

    I am hopeless for the political future of Hunza, until we have our our indigenous political party which has our own vision, mission and agenda for our future.

    We all know the PPPs, PML(A to Z) their leaderships and their motives and characters. They have achieved tremendously for themselves in terms of wealth while on the other hand what they have achieved for the country as its leaders, is the present situation in the country which is on the verge of civil war. What good can we expect of them.

    I think we should get rid of all Mirs, Wazirs, Peers and all those who have made millions from smuggling, corruption, drugs and any other unknown means.

  6. Noor Mohd, Kamil jan and Other Candidates are respectable for us but we need a Honest, Experienced, Well Educated and Having Leadership Qualities Leader,
    Wazir Baig has all Qualites in Whole Gilgit-Baltistan. So he will be the First Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan.
    So Plese Vote for Wazir Baig.

    Wazir Aala……….Wazir Baig

  7. @ Gilgiti, much appreciated for putting our thoughts nicely. But the problem is that this honest gentleman you are speaking about his good for nothing sir. See, we have experimented him with zero good results. I’m no one can question his character. He’s become old and doesn’t have access to resources.

    As far as Kamil Jan is concerned, he comes from a party which is of poor and medal class. The incredible work they’ve done in Karachi is incomparable, they are far above the religious extremism. And their special contribution to Ismaili community in Karachi is full of praises. I wonder if you have even a single idea of protection given to our community.

    So, no Wazir, no Nazir, no Mir, ONLY KAMIL JAN!

    1. Dear you are saying that MQM is party of poor and middle class people then why mqm had given ticket to Kamil jan (Crore pati) and other two RAjas from Baltistan ? there were no any poor candidate s?
      your r saying that they are far above the religious extremists and contribution for ismaili community. dear if dont know they are paing Pata from jamat khanas and institutions of ismaili community in karachi…..

  8. @Kareemjon, I absolutely agree with you my dear friend. We need a leader who has guts to leader our youth.

    @Gilgiti, I forgot to add that we need a leader, who has to live a life, not the one who’s one leg is in grave and other is living heart. Cheers

  9. hav faith in my dad he is an honest man hes a need of the day i know people of hunza loves him lot and its a pleasure 4 him 2 serve u lets work 2gether 4 the best without ur help ur prayers ur faith hes al alone and not easy to bring succes

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