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Shehbaz Khan meets high dignitaries in Islamabad, highlights issues of hotel industry

by Nur

“The government should extend Swat like package for the hotel industry of Gilgit – Baltistan, because arrival of tourists in the region has dwindled due to wrong policies of the governments regarding naming of Gilgit – Baltistan. Confusion regarding name of Gilgit-Baltistan and the ignorance of national media has projected Gilgit-Baltistan as a volatile and unsafe region, discouraging tourists, contrary to the face that it is one of the most peaceful regions of Pakistan”.  

These remarks were , reprtedly, made by Shehbaz Khan, member district council Gilgit, an elected representative of Gojal valley, during a meeting with Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan, state minister for foreign affairs. The state minister was also briefed about other problems faced by people of Hunza valley in particular and Gilgit-Baltistan in general.  

Talking to this reporter on phone Shehbaz Khan said that the minister assured swift action in this regard. Shehbaz also told PT that he has demanded creation of opportunities for arrival of tourists from across the world, through China. He demanded that tourist facilitation centers be established in the region to attract and support tourists coming through China.  

Another point raised by Shehbaz during the meeting, as reported, was regarding the ‘negative impact of NATCO’s decision to launch direct bus service, between Rawalpindi and Kashghar”, on hotel industry, tour operators and other related”. Shehbaz told Pamir Times that the local people are only left with ‘smoke of the buses crossing the valleys, while all opportunities of income generation have been reduced. 

Shehbaz, reportedly, also raised the issue of Hunza – Nagar district and additional seat for Hunza region during the meeting with Malik Amad Khan. The minister, reportedly, assured Shehbaz that his doors are always open for the people of Hunza valley, because “he is also a farzand of Hunza”. The minister has assured Shehbaz Khan that he will make special efforts to resolve issues of Hunza valley.  

Shehbaz Khan, talking to this reporter, also said that he has met additional secretary for foreign affairs, Ali Sher Orakzai and Nawabzada Amin Ullah Khan Raiisani, state ambassador, presenting the same demands.

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  1. i just say it is good photo session nothing eals, he thought that why not me in PT, he tries to convence the people that he have strong relation with in the PPP fold, though he belongs to PMLQ,

  2. Nice pictures, Shabaz looks like a Punjabi film star like” Dakoo Punjab da!!!” may be this is a bit expensive p.session. I think it would be cheaper for him if he arranged a session with Malik Miskeen here in Gilgit…instead at Islamabad.
    Keep it up Janab

  3. Representatives of the area are duty bound and obliged both morally and politically to effectively raise problems of the common people at the appropriate highest levels and protect their genuine interests across the board. Currently the ex Mir family members are the elected representatives of Hunza; they do have right connections at all appropriate levels in the federal capital and can do tremendous job for the collective benefit of the people. But the general popular complaint is that they simply don’t deliver what they are potentially capable of doing, perhaps mainly because of the mindset of – ruling people rather than benefiting them, this still is a dilemma.

    Shehbaz seems to have taken right steps now, should have taken such actions during the entire period of his 5 years incumbency which is about to end in 3-4 months time; it seems too little too late, now.

  4. of course, the new portion of his hotel is recently completed, so he being worried about the Hotels in NAs is valid, and we can understand. after all that is his only sorce of income, and everyone has to right to try increasing their income. All the best Mr. Shehbaz.


  5. Good discussion. A very good election campaign for PPP. Keep it up. Come o folks be neutral the photo graph of Aziz Jan is good effort, while other are Punjabi film stars.

  6. Oh my God! What a great political strategy Shabaz Khan and Aziz has started. Both are now showing us their political references and indeed impressing the Gojali youths by their illiterate, immature and showoff tactics.

    Do PT Bolg visitors know about the eductional qualifications of these three ‘leaders’?

    Shabaz Khan seems very close to Nawab Amed Khan because of Ghazanfar Ali Khan and what Shabaz brought for Gojal Hunza when President Mussaraf with his party leader Shujat Hussain , Mushahid Husain and his 12 ministers were invited at Sost port …..
    Yes Shabaz Khan and Salim Khan got 50,000,000/- but not just single penny for the Gojali and Hunzai?

    Now please Nur don’t let these kind of illiterate political activist to become the political figure again.

    We expect Nur & Zulfiqar to avoid Shahbaz , Aziz Jan or Farman Razi’s political compaigning. Or PT is being committed to make Shahbaz and Aziz jan a political figure than we might be sorry that most of this Blog visitor are regretful to visit PT any more.

  7. Your time is over now go to another photo shop and capture some smart pictures , if you want to be become gojal model.

  8. Excellent work…..we all must appreciate the effort of Mr shahbaz khan.especially the youth of gojal must understand that we have to work for the mutual benefit of gojal and appreciate the one whos doing so ……..great job

  9. Mr Aziz ” the slides downhill, let the muderous political conditions of Sahah khan to the way……out? The prognose of his political future grow grimmer by the day. Some one tilt towards him in this forum????

  10. Its a nice joke , again a foolish drama. why don’t this man understands ??
    U know he might be on his personal vizit but sadly got media atention. ANALYZE what he did for the community and for the whole Gojal????
    Nothing, just abolishing the beauty of Gulmit and spoiling the youth.

  11. Dear Gojal lover
    i dont know who are you and whats the countibution you done for gojal by the way if you are lover of gojal please write your name because you are ceriating miss understanding between some peoples i think may be yourare the worker of shabaz or aziz because you knows every things and plans of these two guys before.

    you asked about the education i know about aziz he is Bcom and master in ecnomics from karachi and he was very social in his student life every student form karachi well knows his effort for GISAK ,SAS , Hunza walfear
    not knows about other two

  12. Mr. Shabaz what ever you are doing here is no matter for me , but don’t think about sost port economy. Now we are in a status to say that yu are nothing as a two sided coin.
    Kindly hand over the newly established hotel to the stakeholders of SDP which you built from the money of the local community.This Trousim activity is not your job we have plenty of expert. So, do what is in your sphere?

  13. Raja Shahbaz khan in are buzy in Islamabad. but you are working to our Gojal Area. Specially i thanks.

  14. I would like to appreciate the efforts of Shahbaz regarding the hoteling package in Gilgit-Baltistan.
    All those efforts are appreciable which do not revolve around individuals rather are meant to failitate the deserving ones at large in the region.

    We need to take some strong measure for the betterment and prosperity of the people of the mountains who have been kept deprived of all the basic rights which a citizen is to be given to ensure his various day to day activities running in a smooth manner without the element of external interventions.

    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

  15. This minister has nothing to do with NA issues. why he is meeting him anyhow wasting people’s money

  16. What wonderful superize Mr.Shabaz that you are so popular in robbering and fruad now you meet with your friends!

  17. mr/miss gojal lover who ever u r. .if u are real lover of gojal u can have to not give comments on the personal affairs . because it is not our culture espicaly wakhi people.also mr firdous we know u well……………
    u have the right to give comment on politicial affairs but not someone,s personal life.
    PT is not only for gojali but it is for all over the world who knows it.

  18. yam dear gojalis
    i dont want to indulge in any argument but i just want to know that whether these too guys Raja and Aziz sahab hav taken the people of gojal in confidence while meeting these high figures or had the people of gojal hav given these guys any agenda for meeting the political leaders of pakistan?????

  19. @ameen saif, Ghulam N wow ur posts, it looks u school goining kids….sorry madrassa . Dont be personalise, Shahbaz khan is a public figure and ill-will reputations or a funny-conspirator. he always trying to glorify himself but in this forum not accpeted to anybody, I guess.

  20. yap dear gojalis
    MR shehbaz what a name sugested to u by ejaz (hahaha) u in photo u look like punjabi dakoo but u are dakoo gojal da.

    in winter u forget to be gojali but as winter ends u are gojali and its your time to come back to gojal season ah gaya ha per now u are finished

    U talking about the smoke and dust given by NATCO buses what about the smoke and dust u have given ???

  21. come on guys i think we are talking rubbish…..this not the right way to talk about someone doesn’t matter he is a political leader, social figure or etc…at the end of the day they are human……..what did the previous leaders did for us…..what did Hajat Muhammad, Abuzer Ali and others did for us…..we(me/you) have elected him , he was not fallen from the sky……and the people who have commented all these rubbish their background is also crystal clear to the public…….why don’t you people come forward and lead and serve the community instead of just talks….when PPP leaders Aziz Jan and Farman Razi take picture with someone that is nice and important effort, when shabaz takes a snap its a joke…..

    THINK AND CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE RIGHT LEADER NEXT TIME……. BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAST FOR A PPP…nice campaign…isn’t the PPP leader ZORDARI himself a JOKE with the nation?….


  22. Dear PT readers
    Why u people are wasting your precious time. by discussing some ones photo graphs names and titels. plz discuss about problems of the area and development. but it seems that we had started election Campaign. is PT is a platform of a certain party?

  23. thanx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    dear sir the great …………………….mehboob PK ………

  24. Dear All

    Please be positive when you comment on someone, no matter if he is your opponent, if you claim to be an educated and moderate young Gojali, show it in your words.

    I suggest you should promote positive politics in our region as more and more educated youth are coming up to participate in blogs. I believe that if we (public) are well informed and positive we can guide our leaders (doesn’t matter) who) towards bringing positive change in our region. Our task should be highlighting problems and issues, suggest best solutions and support our political leaders.

    I think the time demands of us to be more positive towards all segments of our society, forget differences and do not be personal with someone. Let good spirits prevail and flourish in our society as it is really very tough challenges ahead of us.

    I suggest to all my youth to show respect for everyone because our religion and culture is all about respect.

    Sher Karim

  25. raja to chaa gaya par govt to zardari ka hai……..hahahahahahah..geo aawam…….

  26. Habib Jalib nai kiya khub kaha hai…..

    Khet waderon se le lo
    Milen luteron se le lo
    Mulk andheron se le lo
    Rahe na koi Alijah

  27. Raja Saab to Cha Gaye Per Applog wai ke wai regaye,!!!

    Akhir kar, Ap wai Pakistani,Or Wai, WAkhi Qoum jo ho!

    Its so rediculous that people like Ejaz and other Educated personality are showing off their actual menatality,What more can you guys teach the society, where you can call names like Dakoo and insult peopleetc.You are so immature and ill characters.Please grow up Guys!! you live in USA and else where,Studying abroad does not teach you manners what a shame
    If you all are Thinking That shabaz is not a suitble candiate for your Gojals Leadership Right, Than Why the Hell did you people choose him for this position

    Becouse we are out of The country, and we do not vote and cast any vote,so if you are talking things which do not make senses, Please Stop your stupid Characterless Comments and Think something positive and progressive for the upliftment of our Gojal Society,,, You are the one Who have to bear him or leaders whom you choose yourself and than your are the one who cry later on the same.
    Its not you guys Gojalis who are making livings inside Pakistan,Its the all matter of your Nonsense Mentality where have you are grown up inside Pakistani society and You are there to select such leaders and than you are the First one to Complaint about the “SAME issues”
    I can tell you,You Dont have the WILL POWER and neither you are Gojalis are powered with anything.

    Keep up the Good Work and Always be Positive Minded,

    Don not loose Hope Keep the Faith in yourself.

    Do not spoil the Enviroment , the name and Image of our Society.Due request Plz Guys, Wake up….. Dont make our socity more of painful and Frustrated,Already all over our home land Pakistan is full of Frustrations and pains from strating A-Z,
    Please STOP it.
    Thanks God Bless you all And May Allah give your more sense of Civic Life.Please stop to trouble People and let people live a Personal life,Do not induldge someone personal lfe and let the people make a living.PT and Gojal net,You must start Spreading friend ship and brotherhood instead of spreading pains and worries all over.Thanks for reading me,

    Author un knows from across the Oceans .Out of Pakistan.


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