India’s doubling ‘worries’ for GB

While India has independently confirmed that the presence of Chinese troops in Gilgit and Baltistan is a bit exaggerated in terms of numbers, the real concern here is on the number of projects and works China has undertaken in those areas and in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK). And the footprint is only growing larger.

At last count, South Block had noticed at least 17 confirmed projects in PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan.

These constitute more than half the Chinese projects in areas under Pakistan’s control, making it a cause of major concern because of the disputed status of the areas. At present, according to government inputs, 122 Chinese companies are active in Pakistan, and most of them are also involved in projects in PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan areas.

China, sources said, has suddenly increased its involvement in almost every key sector, and has virtually taken upon itself the responsibility of building basic infrastructure in these areas. The list of projects range from providing mobile connectivity services to building power projects, highways and rail links.


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  1. What can the ordinary people do when the State of Pakistan has given responsibility to USA before 1970s and now to China. Nearly 100 trucks of relief and POL are coming everyday to Kashmir and people have to be thankful.Pakistan has denied permission to India to send relief directly to people of Kashmir.India has given $25 million through UN which will be used in Punjab only

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