Committee warns to stop KKH expansion work

By Zulfiqar Ali Khan
November 21: The Hunza-Nagar committee of the affectees of KKH warned to stop the NHA-led activities on expansion of KKH, if the responsible authorities remained failed to provide compensation to the people by December 05.

Slow pace of workon KKH expansion projets irks the local community.

In a meeting held in a local hotel in Aliabad Hunza, participated by 25 members from all over Hunza and Nagar, the committee condemned NHA and responsible Government machineries for not resolving the issue despite of the lapse of three years. They have said that the Chief Minister had assured to solve the issue before September 20 but the authorities have not yet taken necessary actions taken. They have further demanded of the Government to ensure international standard compensation due to the nature of the project.

They warned to restrict the movement of the Chinese engineers and laborers working on the project. They said both Pakistan and China are engaged in international trade without considering the due rights of the local people.  They also demanded for compensation for damage of properties and crops due to the ongoing expansion project.

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  1. pulling an axe on thier own feet..hw about sitting in a dialouge nd share the problem properly,if in any way they believe the authorities are human geeks,nd not just bag of skulls..

  2. PT……
    pOWER oF the tIME
    pOWER oF the pEOPLE

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