[Pictory] Shishkat and Gulmit from Mount Matoomboon


Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Editor’s note: Kindly note that access to Shishkat and other parts of Gojal is very difficult due to unavailability of transportation. We would appreciate if volunteers from other affected villages can share photographs and other informations with Pamir Times.

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  1. It is most depressing to see our homes sunk in the lake, can the idiots sitting in the GB assembly imagine the pain and frustration of these people who have lost everything they owned. They want us to keep silence and be grateful for the blank promises of compensation which is nothing but peanuts.

    We are crying for the inaction and lack of interest shown by Mr. Mutabiat Shah for not understanding the willful inaction of his colleagues sitting in the GB assembly and the bureaucracy of GB. It was a deliberate attempt to destroy us by the sectarian bent rats.

    Wazir Baig seems to be totally insane and have lost morality because he was our elected representative, instead of saying words of sympathy and doing something substantial to save the people of his constituency, he dreams of constructing a dam inundating the whole Gojal to produce electricity for his home.

  2. nicely captured, its really hard to take pics in this condition. good job PT

  3. Zulfi Thanks for sharing nice pictures it seems you have climbed high i wish i was there with you take care bro.

  4. well done Zulfiqar for such a nice work, ur hard work makes it possible for peole of the world to see how the effected villages of Hunza looks like.

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