A disaster in the making at Miachar, Nagar

Satellite image of the Miachar landslide cluster, spread from Miachar to Hakuchar. The cluster comprises of multiple active landslide areas. Cracks are also visible in the mountain below Phakar, close to Hakuchar.

PT Report| Image: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza – Nagar, September 17: A mountain slope in Miachar village of Nagar valley, located above the Hunza River, has become active, posing serious threats to life and property of around 380 households living in the village.

A massive slope failure may also result in damming of the Hunza River, according to local people.

Miachir is located opposite of Chikus, an unstable sliding area between Murtazabad and Nasirabad

The local people told this reporter that a massive slope failure had resulted in blockade of the Hunza River somewhere in 1908.

The blockade failed within a couple of days, the people reportedly heard from their ancestors. “But that failure took place in June or July, when the Hunza River was at peak flow”, a local man told this scribe.

There are also reports about blockade of the Hunza River at a place called Hakuchar somewhere around 1937, in vicinity of Miachar.

It is pertinent to note that the Hunza River is already blocked in the upstream valley, near Attabad, due to the famous landslide of January 4, 2010.

There is a need to conduct complete scientific study of Miachar, Hakuchar and other active sites in the vicinity to assess the situation at hand and take preparatory measures.

The Geographical Survey of Pakistan, NESPAK and other relevant government and other organizations shall mobilize their resources and help avert losses to human lives and property.

The Hakuchar landslide area of 1937 which blocked the Hunza river and lake formed up to Ganish bridge
The recent cracks have damaged 5 houses and 35 have been evacuated as a precautionary measure

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  1. May God save our paradise! yea the reporter is indeed ri8 by demanding to conduct scientific study of the affected area, it is also important 2 conduct such scientific studies in other areas also, because v r living in highly risky areas and there is need of to take vital measures before any catastrophe. The attabadd catastrophe is an example for all of us, as the Pakistan FOCUS have had startled the people of Attabad before the 4th Jan’s catastrophe, but regrettably no measures were taken by any concerned people, consequently v lost precious lives, properties and the lake formed on the river submerged many villages…


  2. We request GBDMA, NDMA ,GSP,NESPAK and FOCUS to please urgently undertake an URGENT analysis of the potential landslide.
    This once again brings into focus need for an urgent international conference to study and recommend mitigation measures on Landslides,avalanches,GLOF in GB province
    Thank you

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