GB youth celebrate Naji's victory

Sami Barcha, PYF, administering oath to the BNSO cabinet

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Rawalpindi, May 1: The victory of Nawaz Khan Naji, BNF leader, seems to have inspired the youth of Gilgit – Baltistan residing in the twin cities. This was evident today at a program titled “an evening for the nationalists’ victory”, jointly held at a local marriage hall by Balawaristan National Students Organization (BNSO), Karakuram Students Organization (KSO) and Progressive Youth Front.

The evening saw speakers congratulating Nawaz Khan Naji and his party for a

Young artists performing traditional music

‘revolutionary change’ in the politics of Gilgit – Baltistan. The energized youth also vowed to popularize the messages of nationalism in other parts of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Rich tributes were also paid to the ‘martyrs’ of the nationalistic movements, mainly KNM and BNF.

New cabinet of BNSO Punjab Zone was also sworn in at the occasion.

The evening ended with a musical program in which youth from all parts of GB danced to the tune to traditional music, celebrating the victory of a nationalist leader who promises change.

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  1. Congratulation Mr Naji and for the new cabinet of BNSO .. now we realize that the government is not giving us our right in the real sense.. The Pakistani government has issued us a legal thing illegally… We are all nationalist but the problem is if we get a separate state, there will we face more probelms.. now we are fighting for our rights and may be we will get it but when we will have a seperate state , we will not get our rights in the real meaning..

  2. my hearty congrats to the new cabinet of BNSO,,hope we the youth of nation will move forward for a positive change in the region,beyond the boundaries ,beyond the regional,,religious differences, we need to become a nation first,,then we will decide what we wants

  3. i congratulate to all Balawar nation on the great victory of Quaid e Tehreek and also congratulate to the new cabnit members..hope this cabnit will follow Quaid’s vision and work hard for betterment of Balawaristan…..
    jeye Naji
    jeye BNSO

  4. The government failed in giving all rights. now nationalist leader have won. nationalist or not people should get rights. if not then people and northern state feel betrayed by merging with pakistan. it is time we need to give these hopes of allam & quaid. they want freedom of rights as citizens. pakistan should remember jklf. government should give all rights if asked by people or nationalist for their loyality to motherland. if this nationalist could have positive impact it should be welcome. at least this person can change the state thru power not by armed rebellion. pakistan should look at sixty years at least we should give justice to people who had as much patience.

  5. It is indeed a historic occasion that a true representative of the people of the area is elected. This is indeed the beginning of a good change. We must not compel and expect of him to “appoint a peon” or even other positions as the chief Minister thinks. There are reliable information available about the prevailing malpractice amongst the GBLA members, including the CM are promoting sifarishi culture by appointing undeserving people against different positions. Rather, we need to strengthen Naji’s hand for the demand of representation in the National Assembly and Senate and turning the Gilgit-Baltistan into a real and constitutional province.

  6. Now the Flag of BNSO is in the cabinet.. The Vision of BNSO is in the cabinet.. now we have to wait then when will Mr Naji force the cabinet to give us our rights.. But one thing still not clear, Is this BNSO just for Punyal and Ghizer.. we came to know about this organization now and if its working in the real meaning then we all should work with Mr Naji, If its just like They are fighting for a free state like Azad Jamuh Kashmir then we are happy in the Gilgit Baltistan.. In Pakistan Politics a family rules the party and we hope this party will be a sacrifising party, a revolutionary party, a nationalist party and hope will be doing good for the people of Gilgit Baltistan….

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