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Naib – Tehsildar Aliabad harassing boat commuters

PT Report

Hunza, July 15: Naib – Tehsilar of Ailabad, Jan Alam, has reportedly started harassing boat commuters in vengeance to a presumed act of ‘insult’.

According to details the revenue department official forced dozens of boat commuters to stay for hours at the lake barrier by refusing to provide fuel for the boats. He also took the help of some local youth to harass the commuters. A commuter was physically assaulted at the lake barrier today by the youth backed by Naib – Tehsildar Jan Alam.

According to details yesterday the Naib-Tehsildar accidentally slipped and fell at the lake barrier while supervising the boat operations. He blamed the commuters for ‘pushing him’ and threatened them of harsh consequences.

Today some local youth, including a son of the Naib – Tehsildar, identified as Masood, came to the lake barrier and started teasing the commuters by hooting on them and purposelessly demanding to travel to upstream area. They later physically assaulted a youth belonging to Gojal valley, identified as Farman Karim.

The local people have demanded an investigation into the event and action against the Naib-Tehsildar for harassing innocent commuters through different tactics.

Gojal Youth Organization has said that the Tehsildar is trying to create regional disharmony through violence. They have demanded strong action against him for inciting violence in the peaceful region. They have also asked the youth to remain united in these harsh times and work for betterment of the region instead of acting like gangsters.

12 thoughts on “Naib – Tehsildar Aliabad harassing boat commuters

  1. Our bureaucracy, in times of desparation is a tool to further sufferings of masses. After all he is a tool of a regional bureaucracy which has nothing to do with the resolution of problems rather they have to prove themselves ” shah say ziyada shah k wafadar”

  2. Naib Tehsildar it looks like is in-sensitive. He should be helpful rather than becoming a big bad bully

  3. Tehsildar of Gulmit Gojal has started the same tactics and harassment with affactees of Gojal and he registered FIR against five youth from Hussaini, we demand to withdraw the FIR otherwise he will responsible for the consequences. the people demanded for boat service on 13th July 2010 and he not considered their request when they reached in his office to ask him to open the boat service he blamed them to attack on his office and registered FIR on innocent people. we condemn such activities to destroy the peace of the region.

    Local authorities are there to solve their problem not to create difficulties to the affected communities.

  4. i am son of Jan alam Naib tasildar. kon khta hey ki main na hamala kiya hey ya tou sara sar ilzam hey muj pa,,,, i am ready to face all action againts me,,,,

  5. It seems like this.
    Hamari Bheli (Cat) aur amhay hi miau (voice)

    Very sad and unfortunate moments, days will change and I am sure this man would not be able to face public sentiments and arguments, even in the jurisdiction of Hunza, our youth will not tolerate this (Nata) man here in Gulmit tehsil.

    Lets wait and see, time is also a good medicine

  6. Dear PT representavies i have an objection about the article related to the “Naib Tehsildar-Ali Abad” the article looks like its a complete wordings of the person who is claiming of harrasment, named Farman Karim and his gang who were involved for creating a trouble and abusing the Government Officials, you are representing a part of media from that effected area and the News /articles should be given under proper investigation with both parties and the report should contains the facts and ground realities, you are including the YOUTH OF GOJAL but that is not true, being a victum of the disaster myslef i strictly disagree that those were not YOUTH OF GOJAL they were some political activists youngsters who are creating propeganda’s among the public and they are trying to spoil the name of Gojal Youth. The way how they are demonstrating that is not the solution, being a educated people they should learn how to tackle the situation, bluntly hitting and fighting with the Government Officials and using the slang language among the public doesn’t suite for us, we have seen the result of such type of protests, anti government slogans as well, your articles are being viewed by all over the world and we GOJAL YOUTH dont want to spoil the degnity of our region by these type of activites. At the end i would like to suggest that please publish the articles by doing complete investigations, i can understand that the P.T team moslty belongs to the Gojal you will try to raise the issues of your homeland at the otherhand you are MEDIA. and you know better then me the policies and procedures for a journalist.

  7. These guys have always been acting like the king and their sons as well as far relatives have been thinking as princes and princesses.

    It is not something in their bloods, as these guys are all corrupt from head to toe and everyone know that.

    In the first place, what is their role to supervise the boats? it is a normal transportation mean in this circumstances, were they supervising the van and bus service before? I think they have a new source of income in the aftermath of this clamity and in a few days time they will start charging people who wants to travel by boat.

    The people of Hunza and Gojal are generally peace loving and gentle people, normally they do not react but once they feel it is necessary, they are quite capable of teaching a lesson to such elements. One day or the other, someone will definitely have to enjoy the sweet music if they do not change their attitude.

    All we need to do is be united and keep our eyes open as who is doing what. These are public servents and in Pakistan they pretend to be masters if not treated adequately.

  8. If it could be established that he slipped accidently and purposely annoyed the commuters, then he can be tried in the court of law or better yet his act should be reported to his superiors so that they issue him a show cause notice?

  9. this is an unfortunate act on the part of government official n this has become a trend in gojal. this is an act that should b properly investigated n his son masood alam giving such comments like anti-state slogans. is there any anti-state person in gojal i think not. we all love pakistan as a citezen n we hv sacrificed our blood n soul for this cause. coming to this act, i would say that its the fault of our elders as well as leaders locally that we hv given such people free hands. a policeman or tehsildar is not less then a king in gojal unfortunately. all our fault. the solution is unity among all gojali people. this is a fact we all know . at least we should morally support our youth to b united n show these officals their real face.

  10. lets give those a clear message who hv given our youth anti-state title. we all love pakistan and some ppl may hv difference politically with government thats is their right as pakistan is democratic state. dont give it the name of anti-state. we gojal youth r united and no one can dare to enforce their ill deeds on us. farman karim we r with u n we hope such things dont happens in gojal again.

  11. repoter should describe the ground realities the reporter has shown not responsiblity media should be neutral .every body knows that jan alam is pushed into water .any how Masood dont worry we all are with you i have write this comment behalf of all our friendz.MEER Rawal pindi

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