Hunza Students Federation gets new cabinet

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Gilgit: The Hunza Students Federation (HSF) recently elected a new cabinet comprising of young leaders and activists belonging to different parts of the valley.

According to information made available to the press, Rehmat Ali has been elected as President of the Federation, Sher Ullah as Vice President, Riaz Haider as General Secretary, Israr as Information Secretary, Mujeeb as Secretary for Student Affairs, Iftikhar as Media secretary and Aziz Ali as Finance Secretary.

In addition, Raza was elected Coordintor for Shinaki region (lower Hunza), Abid as Coordinator for Gojal Valley (upper Hunza) and Zaib as coordinator for Ghizar. Other coordinators include, Gulbaz for Danyore, Sultanabad and Oshikhandas, Shehzad Barcha for Gilgit and Nomal and Barkat Ali for Central Hunza (Kanjud/Hunzu).

The cabinet comprises of members from all three parts of Hunza Valley, as well as other areas where the Hunzukuts are  settled.

The newly elected cabinet members vowed to work for resolving issues of the students community, while also acting as ambassadors of peace, harmony and intellectual development.

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  1. Dear President & members
    It is immense pleasure to know that students from all over the pockets of brosho,wakhai,shinaki stocks are gathered and have formed a joint cabinet under the umberellah of Hunza naming Hunza Students Federation that I congratulate you with depth of my heart and pray in khudawind’s hazur that Allah may give you courage,unity and health to fullfil the cause that you have determind to achieve.God bless you all.
    Thank u
    Yours an Elder well wisher


  2. Really appreciation from your side as a good social activist at our region, we have a time to unite under the umbrella of Hunza Students Federation, this cabinet is not diverse, over previous three cabinets followed the same approach. Inshallah by the guidance of our elders we make it better.

    Piyar Ali Sagi Hunzai
    (Founding member HSF)

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