Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

[Pictory] The Jalawans’ Quest for Gold

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, September 30: Gold-washers, known as Jalawan in local languages,  have been extracting gold dust from differen rivers and torrents of Gilgit – Baltistan for  decades.

According to a survey the local gold-washers rpughly extract around 15 Kilograms of gold, worth PKR 63 million, in Gilgit-Baltistan by using primitive techniques.

The average daily income of a gold-washer is said to be  between PKR 2,500 to 3,000. Surveys have also confirmed presence of gold deposits at 11 locations in GB and another 168 target areas have been identified as potential desposit sites.

The following images explain the process of Gold extraction from Hunza River at a place near Sikandarabad – Nagar.

4 thoughts on “[Pictory] The Jalawans’ Quest for Gold

  1. The fact that the shores of Hunza River are filled with gold and a jalawan can earn rougly Rs. 3000 which amounts to approximately $40 per day or $1200 per month; all the people of the area should go for the ‘Gold Rush ‘ and extract as much gold as possible from the shores of the Hunza river.

    After all, why go elsewhere when the gold is abandunt on your shores.

  2. I personally participated in a ‘recreational gold panning’ workshop in France in an attempt to promote gold panning in my region (GB) since it is one of the most exciting places for recreational as well as professional gold panners or let say gold-hunters. Back in the village, I tried to mobilize people particularly unemployed ones but no one showed any interest for.
    As every one of you are very well aware that in our part of the world, this profession is considered a bias job due to the (psycho-socio-brainwash) by the rulers of that era. Another proffession that was parallel to gold panning was Black-smithing. Why this hype was created? the answer is very simple:
    1. No feudal wants his subjects to become prosperious. (gold-panning)
    2. No feudal ever wants his subjects to be technically powerfull. (Black-smithing).

    What needs to be done now is to link our environment with the classroom. Banana theories are not conformed to our environment.

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