Opposition MLAs demand judicial inquiry of Hunza Lake disaster

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Gilgit, June 3: Opposition leaders in the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) thrashed the government for ‘negligence’ on resolution of the Hunza Lake disaster.

On first day of the assembly’s fresh session the opposition leaders demanded judicial inquiry against the government of GB, FWO, NDMA and other responsible organizations for not being able to attain the planned 30 meter reduction in height of the lake barrier. Delays in resolution of the issues being faced by displaced people of Attabad Hunza have also been criticized by the members of GBLA.

The government’s moment of embarrassment was speech of education minister Dr. Ali Madad Sher, a PPP Jiyala, in which he said that all decisions are made by the bureaucracy but the government is made accountable for mishandling of the situation. He also demanded judicial inquiry into the matter to expose the ‘real” culprits, meaning bureaucracy.

Two resolutions about making the jobs of contractual staff permanent and creation of two new magistracies (Tehsils) in Gilgit district were also passed during the session.

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  1. 5 months, is a long long period to make a spillway through a landslide, so that the valuable assets like roads, bridges, houses, shops, hotels, mills, tree, cultivable and uncultivable lands forests etc could have been saved. whereas FWO/NDMA with PPP government has just wasted time and money in the name of spillway….. result of spillway is in front of us, Ayeenabad 100% gone, more than 70% of Shishkat is part of the lake, lower part of Gulmit has submerged in the lake, some part of Ghulkin and Hussaini is also affected by the lake.

    This surely needs judicial inquiry as huge amount was wasted in the name of spillway and nothing has been done which caused destroying the properities and livelihood of the poor people.

    Inquiry must haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Its very important at this stage that an inquiry should be made and all the culprits should be brought to justice weather he is from GB or some federal minister… i would also like to specify some names in this regard.. 1st come the water and power minister Pervaiz Ashraf, Qammar uzaman Kaira, Mehdi Shah, Wazir Baig, Gen Retd Farooq Ex Chairman NDMA, Mohd Ali Akhtar finance minister GB, Ex Home Secretary Usman Younis and Secretary Health Nazeem Khan. All these are the culprits of the public.

  3. the inquiry must be made under the full bench of supreme court of Pakistan. and all the culprits must be brought to justice. top to bottom the corrupt officials and ministers including Kaira and ex-NDMA head. FWO must be interrogated for making it late too.

    All compensation should be given directly to the affected households not to the pockets of officials.

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