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[PT Exclusive] Inteview with Wazir Baig, member GBLA from Hunza valley

Wazir Baig is the recently elected representative of Hunza valley. He has contested four elections in the past, winning two of them, both as candidate of Pakistan People’s Party.  He is currently staying at Gilgit – Baltistan House, Islamabad.

Noor Muhammad of Pamir Times arranged a meeting with him for an exclusive interview. Following is content of his first ever interview to any news medium, after winning the elections.

PT: Congratulations on winning the elections. What are your feelings as winner of a toughly contested election?

Wazir Baig (WB): I am thankful to my voters for again expressing their confidence in my leadership capabilities. This is not the first time I am winning, so the feelings are mixed. I know that leadership brings responsibility. Nevertheless, I am fully prepared to make sure that we fulfill all our promises with the people of Hunza.

PT: Opponents are accusing that massive use of government machinery and resources resulted in your victory. They are also accusing that votes of the people of Gojal were bought by PPP. What do you have to say about this?

WB: I think this was the fairest election of our region. All accusations of buying votes are unfortunate and ill intentioned. I am thankful to the people of Gojal for yet again voting for PPP. Those who accuse the people of Gojal valley are not aware of history of the region. The people of Gojal valley played a very important role in dissolution of the tyrannical state of Hunza. PPP lives in the heart of majority of Gojal’s people and they have always voted for PPP, overwhelmingly.

I would urge the opponents to respect verdict of the people and stop the blame game. We all need to join hands and work for betterment of the people. The election process is over.

PT: Noor Muhammad of the Hunza Action Committee has expressed similar cordial sentiments in a televised speech, broadcast through Sujju Hunzu. He said that the Action Committee accepts results of the election and would like to join hands with you for resolution of longstanding issues of Hunza.

WB: I welcome his offer and appreciate his sentiments. Indeed that is the only way forward. We all need to forget and forgive, in the true spirit of democracy.

PT: Which designation are you going to get in the cabinet?

WB: My name is being considered for a number of positions, including speaker of the house. However, a final decision in this regard will be taken by co – chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party. There are a number of positions for ministers also.

We requested President Zardari in our meeting last night to increase the number of GB cabinet ministers from six to seven. The president has given positive signals in this regard so we will be able to compensate each district of Gilgit – Baltistan.

PT: Would Hunza get the technocrat seat?

WB: Yes. Hunza would get the technocrat seat. Mr Mutabiat Shah, a renowned development professional belonging to Gojal valley, is our candidate for the technocrat seat from Hunza. We will make sure that he wins. His name has been recommended by the party itself.

PT: What about the promised reserved seat for women?

WB: Good news in this regard is expected shortly.

PT: Did you distribute BISP forms to win votes in Hunza valley?

WB: This accusation is baseless. The people of Hunza vote for their ideals, not for money. MQM distributed a lot of money in Hunza valley. If money was the deciding factor, they could easily have won. But they did not.

PT: Why is the compensation issue of KKH expansion not being decided yet?

WB: It is an unfortunate truth that no final compensation plan has yet reached Islamabad. The last government did not do anything to pressurize the bureaucracy in Gilgit to decide land compensation rates.

Wazir Baig. File Photo

We have picked the issue on priority basis and the director of NHA and communications minister have assured us that once they get the compensation plan, the issue would be resolved within three days. We are working to make sure that a compensation formula is devised and delivered to the authorities for speedy action.

Further, NHA is working on feasibility of taking over the work on Chipursan and Shimshal truck-able roads.

PT: Who would be the governor of Gilgit – Baltistan?

WB: A number of names are being considered, in my information, including Afzal Shigri and Nasir Sabir, among others. Let’s hope for the best.

PT: Who would you support in your personal capacity?

WB: The decision would be taken by the head of the state. However, in my opinion, since Mehdi Shah is the prime candidate for CM slot, I think the governor should be from some other part of Gilgit – Baltistan. Nazir Sabir, as a global figure, is an ideal candidate for the slot of Governor, Gilgit – Baltistan.

PT: Thank you Mr Wazir Baig for your time and patience. Hope to remain in touch with you in the future as well.

WB: It is my pleasure and honor to meet and talk to youth of the region. Pamir Times has emerged as the most important news medium in Hunza valley, as well as other parts of Gilgit – Baltistan. I wish you more success. Don’t ever stop supporting the truth, even if that means opposing the most powerful.

PT: Thank you sir, for the kind words.

WB: You are most welcome.

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  1. We should not b trapped again between Wazir and Nazir while we got rid of Mir.
    Is the history repeating itself in Hunza so quickly.???

  2. I am surprised to see comment about Noor Muhammad. He met Kamil Jan on Nov 13 and suggested to start an agitation against government but Kamil refused to do so telling him that he did not want to bring people of Hunza on roads. I think noor muhammad had no way but to accept result.

  3. Congratulations tor wazir baig for being elected as the member of GBLA. Wazir Baig has a vast experience in politics but here i would like to point out some realities. As Mr Wazir baig has said that the election was the fairest election ever held in GB.The words fairest is too heavy and indigestable even the word fair can’t be used over here. The time has gone when people were made fools by giving different statements. I would request pamir times to publish the interviews of the journalists who are unbiased about the elections that were they fair or unfair and had PPP used the forms of BISP to get the votes or not.

    Amjad Ali

    1. Amjed
      We know the fairness of local journalists during the elections. One was reporting 200 vehicles for one candidate and u were claiming big gatherings for Arif hussain ur neighbour. Keep up the good work and now wait that Wazir baig will build a press club for u. 🙂

  4. Congatulations… PT should arrange such kind of interviews with the elected members of GBLA to discuss the problems faced by the youth of the region and to join hands with the Govt. for peace and prosperity.

  5. Congratulations to PT for this timely interview. As WB is a sober and thoughtfull man; we the people of Hunza and specialy the people of Glt-Blt expact a lot from his vision and courage.

  6. Congratulations to Wazir Baig. We hope that Wazir Baig will be a Senior Minister.He will try to get Extra Seat for Hunza.
    Congratulations to Pamir Times also for your efforts……

  7. A very good interview to begin with, but there are so many issues that still remain outstanding. One of the most important and fundamental issues is the whole question of the constitutional status of GB. While the recent elections have taken place under an improvised constitutional package but our representation in Pakistan’s National Assembly and Senate is still in the clouds.
    Wazir Beg may be a sincere leader, as most of his constituents but he needs to be more proactive, and politically versatile to grapple with the problems of development, representation, and social justice in GB. If he adopts a docile attitude as he seems to be suggesting in his endorsement and uncritical acceptence of PPP policies in our region then we risk drowning our voices and oursleves in the murky politics of Pakistani estbalishment.

  8. PPP is the only party who encouraged educated and common people on leadership positions. I highly recommend Mr Mutabiat Shah for the Technocrat seat. He deserves the post and have the ability to deliver.

  9. congergulate to Wazir baig and we hope that he will work for the betterment of our Area, PPP Zindabad

  10. Congratulations to Wazir Baig for winning election from Hunza and we hope for the best. i also falicitate the Pamir Times for the interview. For the seat of the technocrat, Mr. Mutabiat Shah can be a candidate recommanded by a section of people as there can be others in the contast, because the spirit of democracy should never be diminshed at any level in politics. One must look at options.

  11. gppost agree with you 200%

    There are many other Candidates eligible for the mentioned post for Gojal. Mr.Wazir should not stick to one name

    Nothing can be done by the said members,,,,,,,,,,,

    They have just opened their eyes to the outside world
    No.Mir ,No Pir ,No Nazri, No Wazir????????????????

    All are usless…………… We the Youth Of GB have to struggle for our Freedom

    GB belongs to Pakistan, nothingwill be done by Wazir, Another 4-5 yrs time will pass the same way….

    Could PT give us details and Education Level of Mr.Nazir sabir Whats the level of Educaton hes got????
    How does Wazir suggests Nazir sabir, such an illeterate person to become to the level of Governor
    and in my opinion nazir sabir isthe most Laziest person to do any social work for the bettermnt and for the future of GB at large, He do not know how to talk even..

    Better take Mr. Afzar shigri a man of courage

    I salute all my folks who can bring changes to GB only.

    Long live GB

  12. Hey Ask yourself….

    Mind your language…. if dont know the educational level of Nazir, than keep yourslef shut. To my knowledge and every body know he is far better educated than you….

  13. Nice to hear the good comments from Wazir Sb and Noor Mohd Sb hope same will be from Kamil Sb.

  14. @Aslam

    Mutabiat was not recommended by a section of people but the PPP Hunza has recommended him. There might be many candidates but Mutabiat is the most deserving one.

  15. Nazir Sabir, a world class intellectual, in any sense of the word, and a trained political activist of PPP can deliver as Governer of GB.
    Equally strong candidate is the Finance Master, a political genius Mutabiat Shah. We must not measure people in terms of formal qualifications only. We do not need ‘KAGHAZI SHER’ RATHER WE NEED PEOPLE OF CAPACITIES who can speak the world and the people of GB with respect,confidence and in an understandable language of plurality and elightenment. THERE MUST BE OTHER TALENTED INDIVIDUALS IN THE REGIONS OF GB. We must respect every talented and clean individuals of GB.

  16. congratulations mr.wazir baig for an overwhelming victory. the worst elections in the history of GBLA6 full of rigging…. i being the election day observer has witnessed the actual scene… i think i should not probe further and it is enough…… enough is enough ppp and mr wazir baig.

  17. Winners vs. Losers

    The Winner is part of the answer;
    The Loser always a part of the problem.

    The Winner has a plan;
    The Loser always has an excuse.

    The Winner says “Let me do it for you”;
    The Loser says “that’s not my job”.

    The Winner sees an answer in every problem;
    The Loser sees a problem in every answer.

    The Winner sees a green near every sand trap;
    The Loser sees a sand trap near every green.

    The Winner says “It may be difficult but it’s possible”;
    The Loser says “It may be possible but it’s difficult”.

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