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The ‘White Ribbon Day’ in Gilgit city calls for end to violence againsgt women

Men pledgeing to work for ending violence against women, outside Gilgit Press Club

by Asghar Khan

Gilgit, November 24: The globally celebrate White Ribbon Day was celebrated at Gilgit Press Club through collaborative effots of  Publishing Extension Network (PEN), Himalayan Grassroots Women’s natural Resource Management Association (HIMAQANTI  and the Agah Walidain (Informed Parents) program initiated by Rupani  Foundation. The White Ribbon Campaign is celebrated globally to highlight the need to eliminate physical, psychological and economic violence against women of the world.

Chief Guest of the event was  Momin Jan, Assistant Commissioner of  Gilgit sub-division. He asked all stakeholders to play their due role in eradication of violence against women, through spreading awareness.

Addressing the gathering Mrs. Safida Ayub stressed on creation of a society that is gender – just and sensitive towards the suffering of women folk.

The White Ribbon Day is being celebrated in over fifty districts of Pakistan simultaneously through a nationwide consortium called “Friends of White Ribbon”.

Banners with messages on ending violence against women were displayed at the press club. The gathering was followed by a candle light vigil, held outside the press club and attended by a significant number of men as well, to express their pledge for ending violence against women. Representatives of NGOs, Media, Bar Councils, Police, Local Administration, Students and Teachers, Trade Unions and Market committees, and Boys Scouts participated in this event.

candle light vigil outside Gilgit Press Club, Kashrote.

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  1. Its important that the private and public sector join hands in bringing about the change. NGO’s have gone a long way in creating awareness. Now the Govt needs to come ahead and take practical steps with all its available resources!!

  2. Glad to see such a beautiful celebration in gilgit city but women of gilgit are lucky in this regard.

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