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BNF rejects package for Gilgit – Baltistan


Activists of BNF (Naji) protesting against the package for Gilgit – Baltistan in front of National press club, Islamabad. Supreme leader of the front, Nawaz Khan Naji, is leading the demonstration.

Photo by Khursheed Ahmed Jan

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  1. Yap!! BNSF must reject the package…as this is what they never calculated in their analysis and solutions to North. I myself do not agree with the given staus…Remember we were more happy and satisfy with our previous status then to present one.

  2. naji is a devoted leader who is staggling for 24 years for the rights of balawristan and he protest against the nominal package given by the govt pakisatn with bnso punjab zone.and burn the copies of packge infant of national press club islamabad and show srong emotion and totaly condum this package by rising the slogan of PAKISTAN KI MUDAKELAT NAMANZOR,INDIA KI MUDAKELAT NAMANZOR.

  3. red salam for over comrade naji …cuz he has tremble indignation for every injustice ……pyf

  4. nothing is better then somethime , we know naji is great leader he should w8 for sutaible time .

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