[Event Report] Eid in Karachi

Photo Courtsy: HT

by Safdar Ali Shah

A group of student organizations, representing different villages of Gojal valley arranged an Eid Milan gathering on third day of Eid in Karimabad, Karachi.

The gathering brought together students, families and leaders of various village organizations, providing them an opportunity to mingle up and celebrate Eid collectively.

Chief guests of the program were Aman Ullah  &  Muhammad Qazi. A large number of Gojal’s people living in Karachi also participated in the event, including Murad Khan, President of Ghulkin Students Association, Ezat Ullah, President of Students Aid Society and Asad Ullah, President of Passu Students Association, among others. Also prominent were Mehboob Ali, Taj Hussain and Rumi.

The program consisted of cultural items, including songs, dance and music. Songs were sung in Wakhi, Burushaski and Shina languages. A number of skits and tableau were also presented by groups of students.

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  1. THIS is not good!!

    although we talk of removing discrimination withing HUNZA on the geographical and ethinical basis,, BUT we practice these discriminations!!!!!!!!!!!

    why only GOJALI gather for a milan party??? Why only SHINAKI people??? why Only BRUSHO pple gather to celebrate an event???

    Basically you are telling your people that you have common interests because you speak the same language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very BAD!!!

  2. I really miss the Eid celebrations held in Karachi. Good effort by the youth to organize such event.

    In Rawlpindi / Islamabad, we dont have any opportunity of get together.

    Happy Eid Mubarak to all at Karachi.

    Sher Ahmad Posh

  3. No invitation to people from Khairabad Raminjee living in karachi (a promintent village of Gojal) I really do not understand how an event for the people of Gojal it was??

  4. Dear Noor.

    this is very unfortunate that you give a miss understanding among the peoples of Gojal. you should have to give the clear introduction of the program. this program was not arranged by allover Gojal but it was arranged by the student organizations from Glapen To Sost.

    as my brother Basher from Raminij Gojal expressed as fell that we havnt informed the peoples of Raminj in the program of Gojal. My brother this program was Arranged by only seven villages of gojal not overall gojal. Inshalla we will do so through the platform of Gojal Ismaili Student Association Karachi (GISAK).

    We have got the appointment of new cabinet of GISAK who have the aims to arrange such like events for the peoples of Gojal From Siskut to chuparson and Misger.


    hameed jan

  5. It was not the event of Gojal but u can say that it was an event of Wakhi speaking people.

    No invitation for the people of gojal speaking language other then Wakhi.. is that was really the event of Gojal???

  6. Dear Hameed Jan

    We have never, at any place, mentioned that it was a program for entire Gojal. “Different villages” of Gojal was the term used, and so it was.

    I don’t agree with you that PT has created any misunderstanding in Gojal. On the contrary you would appreciate the fact that Pamir Times is the only platform where the educated elders and youth of Gojal and Hunza meet each, from across the globe.



  7. zaburdust baqi village walee is reyh gayee manane se k un ko auditorium nae mila aur ap loogon ne eid bi mana li

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