Anti – drugs protest in Yasin valley

by Liaqat Ali Baigal

Yasin, December 14: Hundreds of students and teachers marched in streets of Yasin valley, holding placards and banners, expressing concern over the growing trend of drug abuse in the valley. The students belonged to different classes of DJ and government schools. A large number of community members also joined the students and teachers in this protest.

The protestors demanded strict governance mechanism in the region. Talking to a Pamir Times a protestor blamed the government for ‘negligence in checking movement of drugs in the region. ‘One can easily obtain Alcohol and other drugs in the region’, he said.

Parents and community elder has also demanded that ban on under age sale of Tobacco products shall be strictly imposed in the region to save the health of children and teenagers.

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One Comment

  1. Dear Brother and Sister,

    We all with you for this nobe cause with the SOLOGAN of No DRUG of any type or kinds. Following the basic education of our great relion Islam and being the follower of the Great Human of this Globe. Keep it up and the cause is noble YOU will win____

    A lot of very sweet wishes to every individuals who are working for this noble cause-

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