When you are a child …..

Complete the sentence. “When you are a child…….”.

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  1. you are free from Everything,Independent,Free of Worries, You can do anything you want,but once you grow up your responsibilities grow and you can not do what you can do during you child hood, You are fearless and without Worry.

  2. they wont be held responsible if they went aganst the law or did something worng.
    they are free to do many things they get alot of love and attention they get what they wont.
    they don’t get screamed at or hit
    ther are handled gently and carefully.
    they fill people with laughter. joy exitement,fun and happiness.

  3. When you are a child …..

    ……. you are you.

    Nothing changes from within, like a butterfly formed from a caterpillar. Not a tabula rasa (blank slate) as u have feelings, desires, hopes and dreams.
    Looking back the child of then is the teacher of now , learn to be happy like you were when you had nothing, and still everything was fine.

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