IJT activists assault a student of GB at Punjab University, protests on campus

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Lahore, January 22: Some activists of the Ismlami Jamiat – e – Talaba (IJT) harassed and assaulted a student of belonging to Gilgit – Baltistan at hostel number 16 of the Punjab University yesterday night.

Tens of students of GB studying at the university gathered in front of the hostel protested against the administration’s inability to nab the alleged offenders. After the administration’s silence the infuriated students blocked the Canal Road for an hour in protest. A contingent of police arrived and after negotiations an FIR was lodged against the IJT activists on charges of terrorism and murder attempt.

The students staged a protest demonstration in front of the office of PU vice chancellor and demanded immediate action against the culprits. The VC has, reportedly, assured the protesters that the culprits will be expelled from the university.

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  1. Though tensions between student bodies–mainly political-cum-sectarian are part of our overall psychology and politicised-communal life styles; but, this particular event at PU– a majour and one of the oldest educational institutions on the country needs a serious considerations. The Commmunal-cum-political orientation and inspiration of IJT is Jamat-e Islami–a communal-cum-political party working since 1940s and is one of the most organised political parties of this country witha strong ‘street/campus power’; and a faction of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan (G&B),naturally, are her members and supporters. The recent semi-political reorganization of this region by Islamabad created a ‘pseudo fifth-province image’ with a Shi’ite majority .JI-P and her student wing IJT must understand the ground realty and adapt their basics of politics by choosing and initiating plurality ,primarily, in their overall politics, exposure and format. It is unthinkable that someday the entire population of this country will stand by the communal-cum-political agendas (KSA sponsored Wahabism, one of the inspiration-cumfeeding sources of communalism and sectarianism in the country and regions of the Muslim World)–be they declared or hidden of JI. We, as Muslims of this country might support a community/party we belong to; but not at the cost of another community or party. The right to life, belonging to a Faith, to a community and to opine is universal and absolute. that is why the right of Man is a prior condition to the right of God in Islam. Islam, as revealed in the Holy Quran and preached by the Holy Prophet (PHHP), does not allow us, both in letter and spirit, to enter into a territory/premises–physical or ideological, without prior permission by the occupant /owner. You cannot teach and preach by clashes and assaults but through the ‘best-sweet-way’ as the Holy Quran and life of the Holy Prophet vividly suggest. This is a possible solution for the 1001community/ civilisations that has a single-home option– the only earth-planet.

  2. I agree with you 100 percent.Its is our unfortune that in every public sector university mosrt of the student belonging to GB are alsow working in such parties which are formed only on basis of sects simlarly we are fighitng each other which is actully not war but it is war of sheikhs of arab and Iran.But both of them have transfer this war into Pakistan and GB through petro dollars.

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