Secretary Health GB visits DHQ Hospital in Gilgit

By Naweed-e-Sahar
Gilgit, September 2          Zafar Lodhi, Secratary Health Gilgit Baltistan has said that more doctors in  hospitals of Gilgit-Baltistan would be appointed on contract basis in near future as the number of working physicians in various Govenment hospitals of GB is not sufficient to fulfill the requirement of increasing number of patients.

Talking to media during his visit to District Hospital (DHQ) Gilgit, Zafar Lodhi said that an inquiry will be done regarding  mismanagement and dilatoriness in the construction of DHQ’s women wing. He ordered the hospital management to present a report regarding the absence of employees. He urged them to take strong action against the careless employees.

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  1. Who should be appointed Governor Gilgit Baltistan? Our homeland is patently suffering from Good Governance issues. Economic and Financial mismanagementhas been the main theme of governance. In our opinion the Governor should be a person of high moral values and integrity besides his capability by virtue of his administrative education and experience of good governace . This person is either GM Sikandar or Mohammed Khan. GM Sikandar has retired as a federal Secretary and was a DMG Officer, whereas Mohammed Anwar Khan has retired as Additional Secretary (BPS-21) of Secretariat Group. Both have been achievements Oriented Officers of Gilgit Batistan. I have been closely studying Mohammed Anwar Khan. He can be the best because he has the relevant education of Masters Degree in Public Administration from a top accredited American University. He has also Good Governance Training from a top Training Institution of the world situated in Japan. Mr.Mohammed Anwar Khan is one of the few fortunate Administrators of Pakistan who have been conferred one of the highest titles of Japan “Friendship Citizen of City of Utsonomiya Japan” for promotingInternational Relations in 1993. He has also worked as a Diplomat in the United Nations in the year 2000-2001. He has successfully addressed the long outstanding issues of Pakistan Sports Board pending for 62 years within 2 months. He has been Chairman Task Force on Ministry of Sports and Chef de Mission Pakistan ‘s Contingent Common Wealth Youth Games, 2008 in Pune India. No other person from Gilgit has such a high profile as is being enjoyed by Mr.Mohammed anwar Khan

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