[PT Poll] Will you accept a female governor for Gilgit – Baltistan?

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  1. This is what president has imposed on GB that GB’s governor will be a female but question is can president nominate a female governor for sindh,punjab or NWF or Balochistan.

  2. Now we should come out of traditional discrimination against women.They are as equally capable as men,Those who oppose are people living still the age before Holy Prophet SAW born

  3. Just for the sake of positive discrimination a lady should not be appointed. Considering the power(from which the governor will tap into) the president has at the time in Pak the main aim should be apointing somebody fit for the job , whether male or female.
    But on the other hand as if Mr.Zardari is capable of choosing the RIGHT candidate, things really dont matter to me.

  4. its quite ridiculous that for such a key authority
    appointment are made on gender and region
    bases.Eligibility seems to be totally neglected
    in taking such decisions.

  5. If merit is the priority, we should not make gender a question. We are proud and confidant that our sisters and daughters are as capable and educated as our brothers and sons are. Thus we should welcome any suitable person from GB.

  6. Here comes the speech of CM Sayed Mehdi Shah in lahore
    @ Mr Mehdi Shah why don’t from GB. If your women are not capable to become Governer…..Other women in GB are that much compitent to carry the affairs.

  7. well folks there is no question of accepting or rejecting because one accepts or not the president has to select some body(male female, qabil naqabil, suitable unsuitable what so ever) according to his judgement. now whether it is going to be a Mr-judgement or a Miss-judgement that is quite obvious when by the president. In short if Zardari can be the president of Pakistan then any one can be the Governor of GB.

  8. not bad .i think man particularly army person is more suit able for this post.i suggest brg barkat ali khan can be suitable for this post.

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