“Play Volley ball”, Home secretary GB tells youth of Gojal

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Gulmit, January 7: The young, slim, energetic and athletic home secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan, Usman Younis, has told the youth of Goja to play volley ball, while visiting Gulmit to monitor the relief, search and rescue operations!

According to our reporter the home secretary also said on this ‘occasion’ that he would organize a tournament for the youth.

To the surprise of the secretary, however, the young people listening to him burst with anger condemning the non serious attitude of the home secretary.

“We told him that these are not ordinary times. Over twenty of our brothers and sisters have been killed in a disaster and you should concentrate on providing effective relief to those affected by the landslide instead of worrying about sports”, Muhammad Jaleel of Hussaini village told Pamir Times on phone.

The home secretary will have to revise his book of dos and don’ts, when talking to a people devastated emotionally by the largest single-event loss of life in Hunza Valley.

Representatives of the Progress Youth Front also condemned the non – serious attitude of the administration. Talking to Pamir Times chief organizer of the front said that these words reflect the importance attached to human lives in the corridors of power and influence.

He said that instead of concentrating on reactivating the supply of food and other necessities of life to over 22, 000 thousand people of Gojal Valley the home secretary is worried about making volleys!

He also demanded that flour and other food items shall be imported through the Chinese border. He demanded that the home secretary and the local leaders shall jointly work on reopening of the Chinese route to provide true relief to the people of Hunza valley.

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  1. i am very sad to l read this post,that how our admistration is lazy and foolish.there are more then 22000 people in gojal are worring about their lives he is advising the youth to play football,sahme on u home secratry.we are still searching for our missing dears you are gliving foolish offers.we are completely deatroyed and helplesss

  2. This is the biggest loss of life in the history of Hunza, and all of us are devastate to see the loss of precious lives due to this calamity, and here we are the Secretary for GB, the top bureaucratic tells people to play football. Either the secretary is a greatest fool or it shows utter lack of interest, competence and determination to address the real suffering of people. When he comes to a public gathering he must be pelted with volley balls and all the punches that go into the volley ball should go to his face. What the hell is he talking about? I think he was either drunk when he said this or he must have lost his senses.

    The people of Hunza are by and large a very welcoming people and we don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate good things, and we know when to hold sports festivals, but this is not the right time to forget our brothers and sisters who are buried under the debris and concentrate on something else. This is absolutely revolting that such kind of people from Punjab should rule over our destiny.

  3. This is an irresponsible statement on behalf of this new home secretary. He must realize his responsibility and learn from the youth of Gilgit- Baltistan that sports and other secondary things have no importance at all when a large number of people are in dire need of basic necessities of life. He has no right to play with the emotions of others. This is the dilemma with our society that such people are part of our governing system who have got no sense of responsibility. Hopefully, he would be considerate of others feelings in future.

  4. If this is the right way to deal with an emergency situation than Mr. Usman should go to FATA or other areas, where the Taliban are inflicting catastrophe and disaster, to organize volleyball, cricket and football tournaments…. non-sense and stupid idea. How come this inane dude home secretary of GB. He should know that a single family in Hunza has more educated persons than his entire clan or village. He should talk to them accordingly. Such behavior of the establishment and incompetent non local sifarishi bureaucrats is causing frustration and resentment among the local youth. With authority the government should give them ethics as well.

  5. Irresponsible statement by Usman – He should think of the situtation and pass statement otherwise he is a good man as compared to others.

  6. Ridicolus and ir-responsible statement by Mr.Usman this shows his eligibility that he is not fit his post.If he is so interested in arranging vollyball tournaments he should join sports directorate.The duty and responsibility of home secretary is serious in nature.

  7. This shows how seriously and professionally the administration of G&B are dealing emergency situations.

    I would like to add to the comment of Aejaz, that this genius young bureaucrat should be deputed to the FATA where his services may be utilized best with his ideas.

    It is extremely shameful and i wonder wether it is the policy of the bureaucracy to disgrace the people who are in deep grief and pain or this man was actually drunk.


    There is no one to come for help Thee in bad time

    U r a model society in their right times but nat as a peny in there leisure time.

    Delegates present down to gift their wealth to punjabs, But we are till quite

    Lives lost, body wounded, mother land destroyed, But they are expressing there feelings through alhamras folk dance

    Own powered he thinks, says theirz brothers to play in their sadest days,

    No one is far there to help you, YOU(HUNZAIS) yourself know your self. You are a force of eternal spirit. You are ISMAILIES, Whoz culture is volunteerism as it was yesturday. today n ll b tomorow.

    HE has the POWER who ll help you in this land and that land. HE is the PHALENTHROPIST,

    Gojali Hunzai

  9. Oh guys for God sake come on. Why r v making such a fool of our selves by saying that Mr. Usman asked us to play football. he is the secretray and the DG of disaster managmnet. v r nothing without his suppoort. since the incident he is cuming daily to visit us and sending supplies. lets b focused on our problem. this is not the way. he has also established a relief office for us. lets be greatful and not stupid like is due to his efforts which make the disaster managable and flashpoint for media otherwise it would have gone unsubg and unlemented.

    1. Dear Irfan, the same person was the Deputy Commissioner of Gilgit when the elders and elected representatives of Hunza went to him to tell him about the impending catastrophe some 2/3 years back. He did not do anything drastic to avoid this tragic event. He could have shifted the masses to any other place before hand. No action was taken despite the warnings of any destruction by PT and many other responsible forums. Obviously, the government functionaries were the sole authority do something for our brethren with a pool of resources at hand. But they did not do anything to prevent this incident. No the guilty forces this guy to utter such nonsense dialogues in this hour of frustration. In any civilized society, such culprits would have been brought to justice for the mass murder and criminal negligence.

  10. totally irresponsible and non serious attitude shown by the home secretary. If he was so unable to take any practical steps then at least he should had shown his sympathy to the people which most of the so called ‘leaders’ do in such situation. shameful for him.

  11. irfan alam,
    with all due respect I am highly disappointed by u r comments,
    U r comments greatly undermine the humain degnity of people of GB and Hunza,
    If he has established an office for relief and doing relief work it is his damn duty to do that, for wich he is being paid , he is not doing any ehsaan on us. Try a worst secretery from GB for relief work I am sure he will not only visit but will stay there and phsycally contribute in relief day and ni.
    U say we are nothing with out him, sorry sir ..BUT I am amazed if u really belong to GB region.
    Read our history ,written by our british ,greeks and indians and then read history of Punjab too u will come to know we are something or Not?
    The bravery and trustworthyness of our people is acknowledged by all,
    let me focus on Hunza only , People of hunza Just to capture HUnza – Nagir British had to prepare for One year , employed even Gurkha regements and regular troops , made allience with Raja of punial , and tried every deplomatic way to maintain a peace treaty with chilas and kept them at bay, even after that they suffered heavy losses .(source – where three empires meet) .
    Let me tell u we are great people ,Shnaki ,ghazir, punial ,hunza ,nagir , baltistan just read history and it will speak.
    our love for Pakistan does,t mean we are slaves of beurucrates like Merasi pujabi .
    He deserves to be kicked out of his office for these remarks or ateast he owes a public opology.
    we should demand our CM to take notice of it and take strict action againt this …. home secretory.

  12. The statement reflect the nonserious attitude of the bureaucracy in Gilgit-Baltitan. Its’s condemnable. Is home secretary a local person ?

  13. man what else you can expect from our so called leaders,,,

    has anyone visited the effected area so far ?? where the heck is CM ?? Who actually hellped these people…….People from that area are worrying for missing people but ……………….




  15. Mr. Irfan,

    I am as much hurt and in pain as is every single person from Attabad, after this natural disaster with loss of precious lives of our brothers and sisters.

    We are not fools and we know he is a public servant and we are the public and member of this society who have a moral duty to criticize where we feel thing are not dealt with properly.

    He is supposed to monitor the relief operation because of his official obligation and whatever he is contributing is only official duty but nothing.

    We know the level of competence, efficiency and honesty of the bureaucracy. What we need to ensure is the distribution of the relief goods to the genuine victims of this disaster through our local institutions and never let the local official machinery to loot and plunder as they have always done with the relief goods in the past.

    You have disgraced the commentators by calling them fools. To my opinion you are one of local government functionary because you feel your boss was a target of our criticism and you are trying to please him this way.


  16. Mr usman Yunus said in another context when he was told about the sports problems of Gojal. The comment was picked wrongly, out of context. the reporter and and contributors should have known the true context of his wordings than bragging this and that. There is no doubt that MR Usman has been arranging all relief sorties, evacuations and logistics to diasaster hit area and disaster-prone areas as well through his active coordination with NDMA, NGOs and military. it is easy to crticize someone who is busy in his sincere efforts and plz get into his shoes and certainly you will feel the gravity of siutation. As far pseudo contributor, Mr Riazullah Baig, am afraid he is sending volleys of utter nonsense being seated in cozy rooms of downcountry cities. What if Mr usman said something with is tongue in cheek? is this time to attack a person who has been doubling his efforts to give relief to disaster-stricken people of Attabad? this is time not to divert focus from the real issue of Attabad. The media should not twist facts and it should maintain objectivity.
    And Ali Hakim (another pseudo lacking courage) your comments deserve no applause as you may a young college boy exercising your english language improvement program.
    Omar Faruq

    1. It is absolutely beyond any doubt that, there was a great natural disaster on 4 January 2010 in Attaabad Hunza/Gojal. All of us, rather every one on the earth is shocked and deelpy grieved on this sad mishap, in which precious lives, living and non-lining things have been lost. It is indeed a time of very serious thought and prays. We pray that God Almighty may bless the departed souls and hapless survivals.

      All indications are there that all possible sources and agencies, such as Govt., NGOs, Organizations, public and individuals and Media are rendering all sorts of rescue, relief and other helping operations.

      We should become non-serious on such a grave and apocalyptic situation. All human beings are fallible and prone to err any time any moment. However a word/phrase just emanating out of a mouth does not necessarily entail the very literal meaning. It could be a suggestive and figurative gesture. Brave and sensible nations and individuals always brave all sorts of scenarios and challenges and always tend to the positive and brighter dimension of occurences. We should be the most accommodative and magnanimous people all the times and in all situations. We should not try to make a hell out of nothing and misunderstandings.

      We all must think umteenth time before we utter something. As comments and counter comments never ever yield a healthy and positive environment and result. Let us come forward united and cohesively to extend our all possible resources to the hapless survivals in this chilling cold season and once again pray to God Almighty to bless the departed souls.

  17. according to one of my frends from the affecred village. the people of the village had demanded alternate arrangement before such tragedy occures. Local administration did not lend any ear to the demands. the people also had protest against govt’s non serious attitude towards a lingering tragedy. people also had bycooted the elections but on non local governer GB s promises of doing alternate arrangements they particiapted in the polls.

    i think this is not just a natural tragedy . i say its genocide or mass murder of the people of Atta Abad village.

    We should file FIR against the Wazir Baig,Mehdi Shah,qaira including the karta dharta of the local administration and OFCOURSE BUREUCRATES LIKE HOME SECRETARY

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