[Profile] Muhammad Abbas – Pakistan’s Winter Olympics pride

Muhammad Abbas Alpine Skiing

Height: 168 cm (5′ 6″)

Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)

Date of Birth: February 16, 1986

Age: 23

Nationality: Pakistan from G/B

Birthplace: Naltar, Gilgit – Baltistan

Event Participation: Men’s Giant Slalom

The event will take place on February 21, at 09oo pm PST

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  1. We the people of Pakistan Wish Mohammad Abbass all the best and pray to Allah that he returns home successful. Ameen.

  2. Conguratulations to qualify the winter Olypics and represent Pakistan.
    I wish you all the best for your success in the event and in life.
    God bless you, you are one of our heroes.

  3. Win or loose, It’s doesn’t make a difference to me. I already proud that you are representing Pakistan. Our best wishes and prayers are with you. we are anxiously waiting for 21st to see your performance.

  4. We are all proud of you! May Allah help you succeed and you can perform to the best of your abilities. InshAllah! our prayers are with you. Best Wishes and again really proud of you to represent Pakistan in Winter Olympics.

  5. The lone athlete representing Pakistan in Winter Olympics 2010. The journey has just begun. Wish Pakistan good times ahead. Best wishes and lots of prayers for Muhammad Abbas.

  6. Missed on thing.. Its Muhammad Abbas birthday.. Happy birthday.. Many many happy returns of the day…..

  7. God bless you. Win or loose, It doesn’t make a difference to us. We already proud that you are representing Pakistan.

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